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Cosmopolitan South Africa April 2020

COSMOPOLITAN magazine is one of the most successful women's glossy magazines in South Africa; an indispensable read for a tribe of loyal Fun, Fearless Females.  COSMO is the magazine for woman in her freedom years, the ambitious young woman’s bible.  The dominant force in the young girl’s life, from guys to beauty, sex, careers, fashion and money matters. It encourages women to embrace all that it means to be fun and fearless. Please note: this digital version of the magazine does not include the covermount items you would find on printed newsstand copies.

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ed’s letter

‘If you haven’t heard of TikTok, where have you even been?’ These were the words I overheard in the office one day, when we began brainstorming our annual Influencer issue. Ears pricked and feeling sheepish, I surreptitiously searched the app store and hit download. That same evening, I was glued. Social media’s answer to Britain’s Got Talent, TikTok is a video-sharing platform used to create short lip-sync, comedy, dance and talent videos. One minute you’re watching some guy in Canada do impressions of celebrities stubbing their toes, and the next you’re seeing a couple from Johannesburg play Hacky Sack. With a mission ‘to inspire creativity and bring joy’, TikTok has more than 1,5 billion downloads globally, surpassing both Facebook and Instagram as the third-most downloaded app in the world (WhatsApp…

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your manicure is literally all we need to tell what kind of drunk you get

Self-care is peeling off the entire gel nail at once. THE MANI Round and pastel THE DRUNK Homebody Your version of lit on a Friday night: downing ‘nice’ red on the rocks in a glass that says ‘you can’t sip with us’ while filling your Superbalist cart with R6 000 worth of stuff you won’t buy and Pinteresting engagement rings. THE MANI Press-on French tips THE DRUNK Impulsive You start at a dive bar, meet a dude whose friend has bottle service at da clurb, rally the troops and Uber to the VIP room, blow your paycheque on top-shelf tequila shots, then dip 20 minutes later for an impromptu D appointment. THE MANI Accent nail THE DRUNK Nostalgic You video an excruciatingly long Instagram Story of your friends dancing to Taylor Swift’s 22 before asking your high-school BFF (for…

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where do you rank on the passive-aggressive scale?

Your roomie left her dishes in the sink, per usual. You… 49% Channel my energy into hate-scrubbing her dishes. I’m washing mine RN anyway. 43% Send her a text dropping some fake news that our neighbours have mice. 8% Toss them on her pillow. Hope you like snoozin’ with week-old pesto, bb! While swiping on a dating app, you match with someone who previously ghosted you. You… 15% Send them a Walking Dead meme. Hello, zombie. 17% Text ‘U up?’ but then unmatch when they’re DTF. 68% Do nothing. They suck. You find out your ex is still using your Netflix account. You… 67% Wait until they’re on the last episode of The Crown to change my password. 26% Ignore it. I’m low-key using their Amazon Prime anyway. 7% DM them all the spoilers. Your sis is posing in your fave puff-sleeve…

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what your facetime body language says about you

1 Your face is never entirely visible Your mouth is hidden, but your commitment issues are showing! You have a shy, indecisive streak. 2 You’re doing your makeup RN Instead of beautytutorialling on YouTube, you force allow your friends to watch as you talk and Beautyblend. If they call you out for multitasking, you just tell them to take notes. 3 Your mug is MIA Is that you, Miranda Hobbes? You’re the wise friend who is a little socially anxious and just wants to stay in and order takeout. Everyone comes to you when they need a snuggle or answers to life’s biggest struggles. 4 You’re never not in good lighting Your Google Cal is flawless, your hair is flawless-er, and you aim to impress harder than a golden retriever. 5 You go for the full arm stretch You’re…

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singer, songwriter and fashion enthusiast langa mavuso on letting love lead the way through his music

I REALISED I WANTED TO BE A MUSICIAN WHEN: I would sit at the back of the hall in Orlando, Soweto, watching my parents rehearse with the choir that they used to be in. I learned their entire repertoire and I just yearned to be on that stage with them. MY PRE-PERFORMANCE RITUAL STARTS WITH: A cup of ginger tea, and a silent prayer on my own and then with the band. FAVE SONG TO PERFORM: Vivid Dreams. It’s a fun number that gets the audience dancing. THE LAST PERSON I TEXTED: My mom. She sent me her OOTD so I had to be her hype man. MY PERFECT DATE: Brunch at a market on a Sunday and a long walk afterwards. ON TOP OF MY PLAYLIST RN: I just discovered Curtis Mayfield, so I’m having a major moment with his…

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we know who you should unfollow on instagram – do you?

SMASH THAT UNFOLLOW BUTTON Dump ’em. When we all implode from climate change in approximately three months, you’ll rest easy knowing you unapologetically kept a tightly edited following. UNFOLLOW THEM GENTLY Tap unfollow and duck for cover. Aunt Carol and that girl from school selling permanent lipstick probs won’t realise you did them dirty. If they do, they’d believe your ‘Weird, I was totally following you!’ speech. MEH – SLEEP ON IT Let their fate hang in the balance a little longer. But the next time they post something about their husband being their best friend, go with your gut. KEEP THEM AROUND Unfollow now and you might never get into that treasure trove of protected oversharing again! Also, if they’re a reliable source of validation when you post anything, who are you to deprive your fan…