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June - July 2019

Published two-monthly in South Africa by crafters for crafters, Craftwise Magazine is loaded with step-by-step projects to inspire people who love to creative pretty things. Project themes are wide ranging, including mosaics, paper crafts, upcycling, beading, recycling, jewellery, mixed media, ceramic painting, chain maille, stained glass, kids crafts, pewter, decoupage, painting, scrapbooking and more. Six issues a year.

South Africa
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1 min.
hello all

Winter is here and I'm glad we live in our part of the country. The weather the last week has been absolutely amazing and it feels like summer! The sea is calm and Mosselbaaiers are starting the annual lookout for the whales that are due to start coming into the bay. The sunsets are typical winter sunsets - a beautiful pink and orange glow. Well, now that I have you all very jealous and possibly wanting to pack your bags and move down this way - let's have a look at how we are going to keep your fingers busy this winter. There are really yummy knits and I am off to the local wool shop to stock up on my yarn! A lovely cabled bolero that can be worn by…

3 min.
wrap cardigan

Requirements 15(17,19) Balls African Expressions HARMONY 50g: Colour - 2057 4.5 mm Knitting needles 4.5 mm Circular knitting needle 3.5 mm Crochet hook 3 Stitch holders 2 Buttons TENSION: 19sts x 26 rows = 10 cm over stocking stitch using 4.5 mm needles. ABBREVIATIONS: alt = alternate beg = begin(ning) cont = continue dec = decrease foll(s) = follow(s)ing inc(s) = increase(s) k = knit n(s) = needle(s) patt(s) = pattern(s) p = purl rem = remain(ning) rep = repeat rev = reverse R(W)S = right(wrong)side R(W)SF = right(wrong) side facing R(W)SR = right(wrong) side row st(s) = stitch(es) st st = stocking stitch skpo = slip one, knit one, pass slipped stitch over tog = together BACK: Cast on 89(99, 109)sts. 1st row: (RSF) k1, *p2, k3 rep from * to last 3sts, p2, k1. 2nd row: P1, *k2, p1, k1, p1, rep from *to last 3sts, k2, p1. Rep these 2 rows until work measures 37(38, 39)cm end with a WSR. SHAPE…

8 min.
octavia the little mammoth

Requirements • 35 cm x 38 cm Viscos fabric• 12 cm x 15 cm paw pad fabric• 8 x 16 mm red discs (for arms and legs)• 2 x 20 mm wooden discs (head)• 4 x T-pins• 1 x Cotter pin and washer• 1 Pair 14 mm black glass eyes• 4 cm x 4 cm ultrasuede for eyelids• 1 eyelash cut in half• 21 cm x I cm white cashmere fabric for tusks• 9 cm x 10 cm long white fur• 6 cm pipe cleaner for tail• Brown embroidery thread for stitching across trunk and matching embroidery needle• Good quality doll stuffing (Fibrefill)• Pellets for weight (glass and plastic)• Tacky (fabric) glue and toothpick Optional: • Usual sewing supplies• Copic E44 pen, Berol crayons and sand colour inky pots (optional)• Strong thread for…

6 min.
lekker by die see!

To carry the sea-theme through I thought to add in some fish and text to resemble a scribble on the beach. The words “Lekker by die see” immediately came to mind. Not only do they have the obvious translation from Afrikaans of “Lovely at the sea” but it is a smart-alecky way of telling someone that they are taking it easy instead of doing their job. So the idea for the mosaic was born, but a beautiful mosaic loses effect if it's not well finished. I looked at various frames on Google for inspiration. Driftwood would have been ideal way to finish a sea mosaic but living 700km from the ocean, real driftwood was out of my reach. At our local collectibles shop I found a frame made out of old…

3 min.
little barns

Requirements An assortment of off cuts: ± 20 cm wide strips. I used a variety of different ones, but you can use less if you wish 50 cm of white fabric 50 cm of red fabric. I used a few different ones to make up the right quantity, but you can go with one colour if you wish Rotary mat, ruler and cutter Sewing machine and usual sewing requirements Spray starch Seam allowance: ¼" Finished size: ± 17½" x 32½ How to Copy the foundation patterns 8x. You will have to mirror four of the patterns so that four of the barns face the opposite way. Cut out the individual sections and pin the patterns for each barn together so that you don't have paper all over the show. Before you start making each barn take a minute to decide if you…

2 min.
striped cardi

Information Garment size 91-97 cm Materials: Rowan Alpaca Soft DK 50 gr. balls x 6 (8, 9) MS SCHACHENMAYR Textura Soft 25 gr balls x 4(4,5) C One 3,25 mm circular needle (150 cm)and one 4,00 mm circular needle (150 cm) 4 buttons Measurements: To fit 91-97(101-107, 110-117)cm bust. Garment measures: 100(110, 120) cm. Length from top: 62 cm. Sleeve seam: 30 cm. Tension: 21sts to 10 cm over stocking stitch using 4 mm needle. Abbreviations: alt = alternatebegin = begin(ning)inc = increasedec = decreasegst = garter stitchk = knitp = purlst.st = stocking stitchpatt = patternst(s) = stitch(es)rem = remain(ing)R(W)S = right(wrong)side GARMENT IS KNITTED IN 2 PIECES AND JOINED AT THE BACK! LEFT SIDE (Body and sleeve) ** With 4 mm needle cast on 70sts and work 8 rows in gst (k every row). Join C and work in stripe sequence 1, inc…