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Cruising Helmsman August 2019

Cruising Helmsman is devoted exclusively to all types of cruising under sail. We focus on cruising destinations and how to get the most out of them, provide expert advice for the practical sailor and have a range of real-life accounts from seasoned cruisers and their on-board experiences.

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to the sydney boat show – “break a leg!”

FOR me one of the joys of sailing is its unpredictability. One moment you may be enjoying your serenity and solitude, but then who knows what disaster may lurk just around the corner. Read the story on page 54. Over my time in sailing, plus reading historical transcripts and reading the stories sent in to Cruising Helmsman by its readers, sailing is littered with tales of unexpected consequences and events turning on random occurrences and snowballing into potentially disastrous outcomes. A privilege of being the editor of such a well-known and, thankfully, still respected magazine is getting the offer to present to many cruising clubs around Sydney. When I was first asked I was not only chuffed but also curious: what could I possibly talk about? It turns out I have plenty to…

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big breeze for the beneteau pittwater cup

GLOOMY skies had heralded the brisk sou’wester that arrived before racing started, but ended up just right for swiftly migrating the entire 23 boat fleet around the track. Bombolo won the spinnaker division of Flagstaff Marine’s 2019 Beneteau Pittwater Cup. Had she not have won that division it would not have mattered, for the crew easily got the vote for largest contingent on board; apparent when the entire ‘football team’ swung the legs over the side for the reach back across Broken Bay from Lion Island to West Head. In second place was Matthew Graison’s First 50, Bullrush. This was the first ever race for the new owner, who had previously had a First 40.7 for just four weeks before realising he loved the Beneteau experience so much he upgraded. Colin McKeith’s…

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boost for vic. boating

THE Boating Industry Association of Victoria (BIAV) is delighted with recreational boating investments contained in the Victorian state government’s 2019-20 budget. “The Andrews Labor Government has delivered an unprecedented level of investment,” said Steve Walker, CEO of BIAV. “A $39.6 million investment targeting much needed boating infrastructure improvements is coupled with a $7.6 million investment to abolish state-wide boat ramp fees and review boating infrastructure management on our bays. “This once in a generation investment will see recreational boating bloom across Victorian waters due to boating access, infrastructure, management and maintenance improvements. “The Labor state government is delivering on its promises to recreational boaters and our industry,” claims Walker. “This is the third tick out of the four we need. The state government’s proposed amendment to ensure the full return of regulated marine fees…

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b&g sponsor arctic whale

B&G announced a collaboration with the Arctic Whale Project, whose aim is to research and broadcast the effects of marine plastic pollution on the ocean and the threat it represents for marine mammals such as orcas and dolphins. The Arctic Whale team will utilise research methods that are easy to visualise and document. Amongst other things, the team will use drones to capture whale breath samples and take tissue samples from blue whales to check if they contain nanoplastics. More traditional research methods such as microplastic trawling and mapping of macro pollutants will also be used, as well as conducting hydrophone recordings to better understand the biology of the species. The research will be done in cooperation with the University of Iceland and the University of Oslo. The Barba sailboat is fully…

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clipper returns to airlie

FOLLOWING the positive economic impact of its previous visit, the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race will once again return to Airlie Beach to launch the second Whitsundays Clipper Race Carnival. This will be the third consecutive edition of the Clipper Race to feature the Whitsundays. The Clipper 2019-20 Race fleet and hundreds of its international crew members are due to arrive in early 2020, with the eleven 70 foot ocean racing yachts to be berthed at the recently rebranded Coral Sea Marina|Resort. Regarded as one of the toughest challenges on the planet, the Clipper Race is the only event that trains everyday people to make six ocean crossings, covering six continents, testing them to the absolute limit. With 40 per cent of crew having no previous sailing experience before signing up,…

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best of the web

SINGING MY SONG By far the top story over the past few months has been the loss of the 40 metre yacht My Song washed from the deck of a transport ship. Of all the stories we post over a single month on mysailing.com.au, it has been a long time since one issue dominated the click count. At last check a full ten percent of traffic went to the page regarding this story, which is an astounding amount. As is per usual with social media, wild theories and accusations abounded in no time. People were conjecturing why the yacht was not being sailed to its next destination; how could the ship’s crew be so amateurish in tying the yacht and its cradle to the deck and many more. All of which is pointless thinking…