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Health & Fitness
Diabetic Living

Diabetic Living Fall 2018

Diabetic Living helps people with diabetes take control now! See how to thrive—what to eat, how to lose weight, how to achieve good blood sugars, what to know about medications, how to avoid complications, and more. And yes, you still can enjoy your favorite foods! All recipes are tested in the Better Homes and Gardens Test Kitchen.

United States
Meredith Corporation
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4 Issues

In this issue

2 min.
we talk a lot about habits in this magazine.

But we don’t always talk about the “why”—the reason we work to make those habit shifts. Health, of course, is the primary reason. We know that building healthier habits around food, exercise, stress, and sleep can help improve well-being and make diabetes easier to manage. But there’s another answer, a more important one, and to get to it we have to dig deeper. Why do we want to be healthy? The answer is different for all of us, but it comes down to what matters to us most. I’ve been thinking about my own “why” lately. And I realized a disconnect. One of my biggest “whys” is to spend more time outdoors. I moved to Vermont because of it. And I have plenty of access: a bike path around the corner,…

2 min.
remake: your supply case

the problem The bag that came with your meter isn’t functional. Your supplies end up forgotten or scattered, making it inconvenient to test when you’re on the go. the remake Get organized with these stylish cases created by people with diabetes. THE UNIVERSAL SUPPLY CASE This inexpensive and easy-to-clean case has designated spots for your meter, insulin pen, test strips, glucose tabs, and an insulin vial, plus a mesh pouch for lancets and medications and a larger flat pocket for wipes, emergency information, and credit cards. The deluxe version has a lined “trash bin” for used test strips. Universal Supply Case, 7.25″ x 4.5″ x 1″ ($25+), sugarmedical.com THE JAMES DIABETES COMPACT CASE This clutch-like case looks like a small purse or wallet and fits test strips and a glucose meter, with room for prep pads, medication, syringes,…

1 min.
remake: your breakfast

the problem You rarely have time to make breakfast, let alone sit down and enjoy it. the remake Use whole-wheat toast as your vessel to create a healthy and quick morning meal or snack. avocado egg toast 1 slice whole-wheat toast¼ avocado, mashed1 fried egg¼ tsp. pepper⅛ tsp. garlic powder1 Tbsp. sliced green onion1 tsp. Sriracha 271 CAL, 18 G CARB. strawberry-kiwi cheesecake toast 1 slice whole-wheat toast1 Tbsp. cream cheese2 Tbsp. nonfat strawberry Greek yogurt½ kiwi, peeled and sliced1 strawberry, sliced 187 CAL, 25 G CARB. pistachio & peach toast 1 slice whole-wheat toast1 Tbsp. part-skim ricotta cheese½ peach, sliced1 Tbsp. chopped pistachios1 tsp. honey⅛ tsp. cinnamon 193 CAL, 29 G CARB. PHOTO: CARSON DOWNING; STYLING: JENNIFER PETERSON…

1 min.
remake: your workout

the problem You like being active at home, but you always put off exercise when something else comes up. the remake Stick to your goals and stay motivated with live-stream classes that you join at a set time. Yogaia WHAT TO EXPECT Live yoga classes with friendly and motivating teachers. Classes range from 5-minute strength sessions to hour-long energizing sets. You can even receive feedback from your teacher by turning on your webcam (don’t worry—only the instructor can see you). Book classes ahead of time to receive reminders. Yogaia also offers recorded classes. THE COST 14-day trial available; memberships from $9.99/month. yogaia.com Daily Burn WHAT TO EXPECT A new, live 30-minute workout each day at 9 a.m. (Eastern time). Classes are a mix of cardio and strength, are designed for all fitness levels, and require no equipment. Daily Burn also has…

3 min.
remake: your numbers

the problem You’re having trouble sticking with a lifestyle change. the remake Do what this man did and find someone who will keep you accountable. THE CRISIS In June 2017, William McLeod’s doctor ran out of patience. McLeod’s 65th birthday was looming. His A1C had been a roller coaster for almost 20 years, and with his latest reading at 8.9 percent, he was running out of time to keep diabetes from doing long-term damage to his body. His doctor wanted to put him on insulin. McLeod asked for one last chance to manage his diabetes without it, via a data-based health coaching program called Livongo that he’d just heard about through his insurance plan. THE CHANGE Livongo provided McLeod with a “smart” glucose meter and paired him with a certified diabetes educator, Diabetic Living advisor Toby Smithson, M.S.,…

3 min.
remake: your snacks

the problem Your snacks never leave you feeling satisfied. the remake These protein- and fiber-rich snack combos can help you feel fuller, longer. Homemade options ⅓ cup Tuna Salad Spread +1 cup cucumber spears146 CAL, 10 G CARB, 4 G FIBER, 11 G PROTEIN. ⅓ cup Black Bean Dip +1 cup sliced red bell pepper157 CAL, 23 G CARB, 7 G FIBER, 8 G PROTEIN. ⅓ cup Tahini-Yogurt Dip +½ small whole-wheat pita172 CAL, 22 G CARB, 2 G FIBER, 10 G PROTEIN. Store-bought combos Short on time? These options are just as satisfying. 2 Tbsp. hummus +5 Wheat Thins Hint of Salt99 CAL, 12 G CARB, 3 G FIBER, 3 G PROTEIN. 1 Tbsp. peanut butter +1 cup apple slices152 CAL, 19 G CARB, 3 G FIBER, 4 G PROTEIN. Tuna Salad Spread 6g CARB SERVES: 4 TOTAL: 5 min. 1 avocado, mashed2 Tbsp. low-fat…