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Earthmovers & Excavators Issue 313

Earthmovers & Excavators is the earthmoving and civil construction industry’s most important business tool, with the multi-platform media brand relied upon as the No.1 place to search, compare, buy and sell construction machinery, new and used.

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made for aus

JCB Construction Equipment Australia has introduced the 30-tonne JS300 excavator, a rugged model built to withstand local conditions while boosting fuel efficiency by 25 percent. “The JS300 incorporates the tried and true elements of other JCB models to create a superstructure that comes with all the improvements and benefits of our larger range, but in a more compact body,” JCB CEA national excavator product manager Deon Cope says. He says the JS300’s hydraulic tank has had a maximum sight gauge capacity boost of 40 percent to 238 litres, allowing the excavator to work in extreme conditions and temperatures. “This machine has been built with Australian conditions in mind. It can withstand the hottest and harshest environments, reach peak performance when faced with demanding jobs,” Cope says. The excavator’s body is equipped with a house…

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pump it

The new 3PS triple hydraulic pump system from Komatsu Forest enables forestry machine operators to perform several tasks simultaneously, allowing them to harvest more in less time. The system consists of three hydraulic pumps split into several circuits, which allows the use of several high-power hydraulic functions at the same time. Not only does this guarantee hydraulic power, Komatsu says, it also results in fuel savings for the owner “as fuel consumption per processed cubic foot is considerably lower compared to a harvester without a triple pump system” The new system consists of a transmission pump and two separate pumps which are only used for the machine’s working hydraulics. Those working hydraulics are split into high- and low-pressure circuits. “For processing tasks that require a great deal of oil – or hydraulic power –…

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control & conquer

A partnership between Trimble Navigation and ATI has seen the release of the GCS900 3D Grade Control System for ATI’s Level Best PD series grading boxes on skid steer loaders. The combination allows small contractors access to the same 3D machine control that has been making life easier for the big boys. “The collaboration between Trimble and ATI Corporation reinforces our commitment to providing small contractors with construction technology to make them more productive,” Trimble Civil Engineering and Construction marketing director Ryan Kunisch says. “With Trimble GCS900 now available on Level Best Grading Boxes, contractors have a 3D machine control solution for their skid-steer loader, regardless of the manufacturer.” The GCS900 is an automated machine control system that can be attached to graders, dozers, excavators and a number of other construction machines. Using a…

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measure master

Brisbane-based Australian Diversified Engineering (ADE) has released the ECO Spray Premium System for measurable dust suppression on mining haul roads, a product it says is a world-first that can save millions of dollars and billions of litres of water every year. Dust suppression is a precise and important task. Spray too much water and the road becomes a slippery mess and a major safety hazard for the 500-tonne plus trucks that use the road. Spray too little, however; and clouds of dust can obscure the road causing it to be shut down. Waiting for the dust to settle and the road to re-open can cost $1.5 million per hour. ADE says its Electronically Controlled Operating (ECO) Spray Premium System is the only water truck spraying system that allows operators to set a specific…

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owner operator

Kubota tractor, excavator and grounds care equipment dealer Godings has split from parent company Norwood and consolidated into one branch at Rockbank, Victoria, headed by new owner Adrian Williams. “Norwood decided in consultation with their distribution partner Kubota, that the business would be suited better to an owner operated model and presented me with an opportunity to purchase the business,” Williams says. “We then consolidated the business to run out of the single branch at Rockbank, which ensured minimal disruption to our existing customers.” He puts an emphasis on the fact that Godings is now locally owned and operated, and says the staff have been quite excited at the new opportunity and have happily gone across to work for him. “Most staff were offered a role,” Williams says, “and the fact that I had…

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topcon tweak

Topcon has made its highest-accuracy Millimetre GPS positioning system for fine grading and paving projects better-performing and easier to use with the release of the LZ-T5 laser transmitter. Australia is one of Topcon Positioning Group’s top markets for Millimetre GPS technology, which can improve the vertical accuracy of traditional GPS measurement and machine control systems by up to 400 percent. The LZ-T5 is the latest upgrade for Topcon’s Lazer Zone system, which combines zone-beam laser technology with the accuracy of a robotic total station and GNSS positioning. “When Topcon introduced Millimetre GPS technology a decade ago, we expanded the advantages of GPS technology into high-precision applications and created an economical option for our 3D machine control customers to further increase their productivity,” Topcon Construction Business Unit general manager and senior vice president Murray…