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use the force

Calibre (formerly JB Attachments) has announced a new and improved version of its Ramtilt multi-coupler that it says boasts improved performance and responsiveness thanks to significant design modifications. The Ramtilt multi-coupler lets you switch attachments quickly and safely, and JB says the new design achieves maximum retention of breakout force that is generally lost when adding an attachment. This is achieved by the use of single-acting displacement cylinders with full-size rods, which return some of the force back into the lifting arm. The tilting coupler also allows for attachments to be tilted up to 45 degrees from centre in either direction, and the multi-coupler design in the base is versatile enough to handle various attachments in the same class with different pin centres. The Calibre Smart Valve is standard on the new coupler. This…

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fresh legs

Bobcat US has given the popular M series compact track loaders and skid-steers a mid-generation update with the release of the M2 series in North America. Bobcat says the refinements added to the M2 series are primarily aimed at improving the comfort of operators. One of the most noticeable additions to the new models is the ‘low-effort’ controls. A new hydrostatic pump system reduces the level of control-lever effort needed by as much as 25 per cent, improving operator fatigue levels. Noise exposure for operators has also been an area of improvement on the M2 series, with larger front and rear cab isolators to suppress machine sound. Rubber isolators sitting between the cab and the loader frame help dampen vibration further and the cab’s door seal has been redesigned to be a tighter…

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urban warrior

Yanmar’s new V4-7 compact wheel loader is now available in Australia through local distributor Tutt Bryant Equipment. The V4-7 is a low-noise model weighing in at just over 3.5 tonnes and powered by a 30.5kW 4-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine configured to Tier 4 emissions standards. With a total length of 4425mm and a width of 1690mm, the machine’s compact dimensions make it suitable for cramped urban construction sites. The operator’s station has the option of an enclosed cabin or open canopy design, both with full ROPS/ FOPS protection. The loaders are fitted with air-conditioning as standard, and Yanmar says the floor entry to the vehicle is 70 percent larger than its predecessors. An LCD display inside the operator station displays machine information in real-time and has the option of linking with Yanmar’s SmartAssist remote-monitoring platform. The…

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making it big

This fully-Australian-owned company now designs and manufactures any size of bucket and every conceivable attachment for excavators, loaders and dozers. How many times have you had your bum in the seat of an excavator, loader or even ran a truck and dog or a low loader and said to yourself, “If only this machine could do …” The long and lonely hours spent in solitary confinement wedged into a cab on a construction site or lonely highway for weeks or months on end certainly allows your mind to wander freely and come up with some crazy — and/or brilliant — ideas. Plenty of ideas, and designs, have come from farmers, miners and earthmover operators, but very few actually make it to an engineer to draft the design and place it in the hands…

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double team

Boart Longyear has shown off its new LF160 drill rig and FL262 Freedom loader, a combination it says is ideal for contractors who want to target sophisticated surface drilling exploration without compromising on safety. The drill-and-loader combo has been developed by Boart Longyear as a solution for drilling contractors and allows for totally hands-free rod handling with no operator intervention required to trip in, align rods or connect to the top head drive. The company says that contractors will have more leeway on the contracts they can bid for thanks to the reduced risk of injury. “The new Freedom series is aptly named,” Boart Longyear product managing and marketing director Monika Portman says. “Because drillers’ safety and productivity are front-of-mind in the design, the combination of the LF160 drill rig and the LF262 Freedom…

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no more tiers

Hyundai Construction Equipment has announced the introduction of de-tiering kits that allow Hyundai dealers to adjust machines for markets without strict diesel emissions regulations, such as Australia. Hyundai Construction Equipment has launched its Stage IV/Tier 4 HX/HL excavator and wheel loader lineup which meet the latest in European and US regulation standards. Preceding the new machines were the Stage III B/Tier 4 interim 9A series. It’s for these models that the de-tiering kits have been introduced. As US/EU customers upgrade to the new models, the previous models are expected to be sold as used machines overseas. The de-tiering kit allows modifications to be made to the diesel engines to allow the use of high-sulphur fuels, before the machine is shipped to countries outside the US and the EU. “Hyundai excavators and wheel loaders last…