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ELLE Decoration Country No. 8

Explore the most inspiring homes in the countryside: from coastal hideaways to rural havens in the latest edition of ELLE Decoration Country. This beautifully crafted and stylish book showcases the interiors, lifestyles and houses of those who define contemporary countryside living. Discover 15 of the world’s most beautiful homes as well as 50 beautiful and useful essentials that will turn a house into a home. This coffee-table staple is a must for all lovers of modern country style.

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United Kingdom
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BE IT A TINY A-FRAMED COTTAGE or an imposing country estate, the common thread that joins the enviable abodes featured in this issue of ELLE Decoration Country is that they are all distinctly personal sanctuaries, and wondrously original as a result. For Danish editor and stylist Marie Monrad Graunbøl, weekends at her compact island summerhouse (p50) are refreshingly simple: ‘It’s quite a relief to have to adjust to such a small space,’ she says. ‘It makes you realise how little you actually need.’ Gaetano Besana’s sprawling, maximalist home (p144) in northern Italy is a different story altogether. Lined with an eclectic mix of botanical inspirations, it’s a fittingly immersive interior for a nature-loving former photographer who swapped the fashion industry for farm life. What’s your idea of a personal haven? If…

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postcard home

On my globetrotting adventures, inspiration comes in many shapes and forms: a tuk tuk ride, a glimpse of a foreign kitchen, a leaf on a cobbled street, a shrine and its offerings, or a storm brewing over a loch. I constantly have a list of the top five places I want to travel to, with destinations jostling for position. I gather information from history books on explorers (anyone with a hint of eccentricity is a welcome find), magazines, newspapers and friends on Instagram and Pinterest. All it takes is a single new discovery – a hotel, a craftsperson, a trade fair or speciality flea market – and that’s a good enough excuse to book a ticket. For most of us, a trip abroad is a thing to cherish, so to have…

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fired by creativity

I first met Stefano in 2003. I’d just finished a year’s work experience in a Florence printing house, following five years’ study at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze. I had returned to my hometown of Lucca in Tuscany, where I was working on a restoration project. On one of my lunch breaks, I visited a local market and found Stefano selling his pottery. I bought a white jug with a black handle and gave it to my mother for Christmas. Today, we can’t help but laugh when we pick up that jug. He was just starting out, and you can tell because the thing is so heavy. After more than a decade at the potter’s wheel, Stefano is extremely skilled and his jugs are so light compared to…

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how does your garden grow?

PAINTERLY PLOT Garden designer Luciano Giubbilei is renowned for creating timeless outdoor spaces. For the last four years, he has been collaborating on an experimental border at Great Dixter in East Sussex Creating a garden is like planning a painting; I bring together the right proportions of plants, colour, texture and light to create a pleasing composition (right; Laurent Perrier garden for Chelsea Flower Show 2014). Simplicity comes from the repetition of plants. When I completed a meadow-like garden for a private residence in Morocco (top) a few years ago, I planted 18,000 Pennisetum alopecuroides, a fountain grass with bottlebrush-like flowers. If you look closely, you can see they’re planted in squares, creating a rhythm. You always need one key plant to make a strong impact and the rest of the garden can be…

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season of the shed

THE OPEN-AIR SHELTER Enjoy your garden to its fullest with a cabin that celebrates the view Belgian designer Filip Janssens created this outdoor room in the grounds of his home (filipjanssens.be). Eschewing the usual spot at the bottom of the garden, he positioned his stylish studio in the middle of the lawn so that when its two glass doors are rolled back, he can enjoy views in both directions. Furnished with a daybed, built-in storage cupboards and a decked seating area, it has a deluxe lounge appeal. An excellent off-the-peg alternative is the ‘Zen Light XL double’ modular pavilion by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba for Exteta (£42,746; exteta.it). It comes with solid wood floors, but the slatted Canadian red cedar wall and roof panels have completely open sections for an airy effect;…

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little idyll

Kitted out with a compact sofa upholstered in coarse linen, an old table with a terrazzo top, and a double bed tucked in the eaves, this tiny A-frame cottage belongs to Copenhagen-based editor and stylist Marie Monrad Graunbøl, her husband and their two daughters, who spend weekends throughout the summer here. Surrounded by a dense garden filled with blackberry bushes and larch trees, the house features only the bare necessities, all carefully picked to fit its sharp angles and 45-square-metre proportions. ‘It is quite a relief to have to adjust to such a small space. It makes you realise how little you actually need,’ says Marie. ‘We had to come up with a few resourceful solutions, such as the portable hotplates in the kitchen that are meant for camping, but this…