March 2020

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guest list

The stylist AURELIA DONALDSON Aged 18, Donaldson became a stylist’s assistant, inspired by her childhood spent on shoots with her photographer father and model sister. She has styled for Louis Vuitton and Markus Lupfer and also runs her own fashion consultancy agency. She styles The Joy of Sex on page 156. WHAT’S YOUR BIGGEST FASHION MISTAKE? ‘As a teenager, I lived in a baby blue mohair jumper that left a trail of fluff wherever I went.’ THE MOST VALUABLE STYLE LESSON YOU’VE LEARNED? ‘The best-dressed people have a uniform. Now I rarely veer from black Celine trousers and cashmere jumpers.’ The wordsmith ALEXANDRA JONES Romanian-born Alexandra moved to South Yorkshire aged six, unable to speak a word of English. By 11, she had read the entire young adult section of her local library. Now a…

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elle uk

Editor-in-Chief, ELLE and ELLE.com/uk FARRAH STORR Creative Director TOM MEREDITH Executive Editor (Digital) NATASHA BIRD With special thanks to KERRY POTTER FASHION Group Luxury Fashion Director AVRIL MAIR Fashion Bookings Director CHLOE RIDLEY Fashion Features Editor SARA McALPINE Fashion Editor FELICITY KAY Accessories Editor MOLLY HAYLOR Fashion Assistants CLEMMIE BROWN, JULIA HARVEY, LOIS ADEOSHUN Fashion Interns CHARLOTTE HARNEY, JACK O’NEILL With special thanks to WHITNEY HARRISON FEATURES Associate Editor/Culture Director LENA DE CASPARIS Features Director HANNAH NATHANSON Senior Editor KATIE O’MALLEY News Editor (Digital) OLIVIA BLAIR Fashion Writer DAISY MURRAY Features Assistant BECKY BURGUM Social Media Manager AMY BREWSTER TRAVEL & LIFESTYLE Travel & Lifestyle Director SUSAN WARD DAVIES Contributing Interiors Editor JACQUI CAVE ART & PICTURES Art Director ALBY BAILEY Art Editor ZOYA KALEEVA Designer SONIA RUPRAH Deputy Picture Editor JAMEELA ELFAKI With special thanks to DIANA EASTMAN BEAUTY Group Luxury Beauty Director KATY YOUNG Beauty Editor JENNIFER GEORGE Beauty Editor (Digital) GEORGE DRIVER Beauty Assistant CHARLOTTE BITMEAD PRODUCTION Chief Sub-Editor CLAIRE SIBBICK Deputy Chief…

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look back to move forward

The other day I received a reminder from Instagram about what I was doing exactly three years ago to the day. According to the image it presented me with, I was basking under the rays of a foreign sun with a 1O-yard grin on my face. I look happy, relaxed, carefree. Was I? I couldn’t tell you, to be honest. Though the fact I had chosen to share this image with the world would suggest it was an important moment in my life – one at least worth saving for posterity. In years to come, each of us will have thousands of images like this – a roll call of curated photographs documenting our lives. We will scroll upon them, sometimes by accident, and there they will be, a slide show…

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great expectations

I bet you wish you were a real one,’ the shopkeeper said, his eyes flicking from me to the surname on my bank card. And then, just like that, he broke into song: ‘If I were a rich man,’ he trilled. ‘All day long I’d biddy-biddy-bum, biddy-bum…’ Nearly two centuries after escaping from a ghetto in Frankfurt, where 13 siblings lived in a house measuring 3.6m wide, the Rothschilds have become synonymous with great wealth, the name carrying as much weight and history as that of Rockefeller or Getty. They worked their way, largely through banking, into the warp and weft of society and business. Over time, they moved beyond finance into science and academia – and excelled in those areas, too. When I looked at these illustrious achievements, I felt…

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on the cusp... emily beecham

Emily Beecham forgot her toothbrush for last year’s Cannes Film Festival. She can, perhaps, be forgiven. She was enjoying a lie-in in her east London flat when she got a call to say she was needed back on the red carpet within the next few hours. The consummate professional grabbed a bag and whizzed to Gatwick just in time to catch the last available flight. En route, she’d frantically sorted out the Chanel sequinned number she was wearing at the festival when legendary director Alejandro González Iñárritu announced her as the winner of the Best Actress award for her part in indie cinema hit Little Joe, out this month. ‘I thought I might have been hallucinating,’ she laughs, recalling the most surreal day of her life. ‘At one point, I…

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art to adorn... antonia showering

With her first solo exhibition opening at the Union gallery in Bethnal Green this month, 28-year-old painter Antonia Showering is the new darling of the London art world. Using a style called ‘pentimento’, she stacks compositions and colours to create her epic canvases. ‘All my paintings are trying to capture the ephemeral nature of memory,’ she says. ‘I work on them until I feel the emotion of what I’m trying to convey is tangible.’ “I FIND IT SAD PARTING WITH PAINTINGS, THEY’RE ALL SO PERSONAL” Growing up, Showering was encouraged by her architect grandfather to pick up a sketch book, with artists Amedeo Modigliani and Alice Neel her biggest influences. She went on to study at Chelsea College of Arts, City & Guilds and Slade School of Fine Art. ‘What drew me…