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Entrepreneur Magazine South Africa September 2018

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instagram marketing hacks

OVER THE PAST FEW years, Instagram has become a staple part of many eCommerce businesses’ marketing campaigns, particularly because it allows them a visually-focused platform with enthusiastic followers and high engagement. As a platform, Instagram has a large and diverse audience that is happy to engage with brands, resulting in high engagement overall. Research and case studies have demonstrated these benefits clearly, finding that they can translate directly into sales and leads. » 80% of users follow at least one brand on Instagram, with 60% saying they’ve discovered a product or service through the platform. » At least 30% of Instagram users have purchased products they discovered on Instagram. » 65% of top-performing Instagram posts clearly feature products. So, what does this mean for your business? People are happy to follow brands on Instagram, and they’re…

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secrets of scale

ONE OF THE AREAS we consistently cover in each issue of Entrepreneur is growth: What does it mean, what are the secrets of scale, and how do you take your business from R10 million to R50 million to R200 million and beyond? There are so many elements to this question, beginning with fostering a growth mindset and upskilling yourself as an entrepreneur and business leader, to laying the right foundations for a scalable business. In response to these challenges, throughout June of this year, Matt Brown Media hosted a series of events, coined Secrets of Scale, that focused on different aspects of scale. As the editor of a business magazine, it was a topic close to my heart and I found it fascinating how many different perspectives there are around this one key…

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when the customer fixates on price it’s probably not about the money

IF THE PERSON I’m working with can afford the product, but isn’t buying and continues to focus on the money, I realise this buyer has other concerns. While your customer may be objecting to price, know there is something else you might not know. He or she is thinking, “Is this the right product? Is there a better product? Is this the right proposal? Will this solve our problem? Will I use it? What will other people think about my decision? Am I going to really use and enjoy this? Will this company take care of us? Am I better off buying something else? Will something better come out next week? Do I know enough to make a decision? Should we invest in something else? Is this going to be…

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why you should prioritise brand image

SMART AND FREE The truth is that marketing does not need to be an expensive exercise. Here are four marketing basics that can be implemented by every entrepreneur to give their business a solid foundation from which to grow, and which require limited or no funding. It’s surprising how many entrepreneurs pay very little attention to their brand image even though the image is the first thing that customers see. For most start-ups, the focus is the quality of their product or service — as it should be. However, awareness is critical during the start-up phase of a business. Awareness is made possible through marketing that focuses on the brand image of the company. During the start-phase, entrepreneurs often exclude the marketing function because they perceive it to be a luxury expense only enjoyed…

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live like a hero

“Do our heroes fall from grace? Sometimes. However, what makes them a hero is that they fight and crawl their way back to the top. You aren’t a hero because you were once great. You are a hero because you continually strive to be great.” I am a big Batman fan. The 2008 film, The Dark Knight, gave us an iconic line. In it Harvey Dent, who later becomes Two Face, says, “You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” It’s a cutting view of a fall from grace: How our heroes often become vilified through their actions or our perceptions of them. But I would like to suggest a different context for this quote. As an entrepreneur, you must develop certain qualities and characteristics…

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maximising your biggest competitive advantage

BATTLING WITH POOR PERFORMING EMPLOYEES? Your problems might lie in your recruitment process. Successful startups need to get the right people onboard. TODAY, it’s not only about an employee making a good impression with a strong CV and interview; it’s also about the organisation making a positive impression on the sought-after employee. Is your business geared to finding and retaining top human capital? Are you attracting the best of the best? Reputational excellence Employers of choice are finding ingenious ways to market themselves to employees they want to attract into their businesses. Marketing takes place on websites, social media platforms, at education institutions, in annual reports and in the media. Never underestimate word-of-mouth marketing. Here, your greatest supporters are the people working for you. If your employees experience employment positively, what better brand ambassadors to…