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Exotic Cars Magazine

October 2018

Exotic Cars Magazine is a high-end lifestyle publication specializing in exotic cars and the luxury lifestyle surrounding them

United States
Exotic Cars LLC
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editors corner

Welcome to our first online edition. We made huge changes to the October 2018 issue. We have been solely online since March 2001 and always wanted to have a print issue since our early days in Knoxville, Iowa and finally reached that goal in April of this year thanks to the generous help of an investor who is now a partner in the company. Due to the massive demand for digital content instead of print, we have decided to move to online publishing. All print subscribers will be given the choice of a full refund of their subscription minus the one or two issues they did receive, or a complimentary two-year subscription to our online publication instead of the one year they paid for. Why is this a better deal? First of all,…

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Mercedes. BMW. Range Rover. Lamborghini. For decades, these names have been synonymous with luxury. Crafted by top engineers and designed to be aesthetically pleasing while also functionally solid, the top European brands have enjoyed consistent market demand both in Europe as well as the United States. Yet as President Trump pushes even harder for increased tariffs on steel and aluminum as well as imported European Union-assembled cars, the question is whether or not some of the wealthiest Americans will still be willing to pay for luxury. The reasons for purchasing a foreign car vary from person to person (that is, if you can get a buyer to give you an honest answer), but the underlying theme is generally the same: luxury and brand appeal. The numbers speak for themselves: the top…

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industry news

The 2018 Paris Show is about to open its doors in a mixed feeling of hate and love to the secular traditional cranking automobile in favour of fast emerging cleaner technologies and new softer driving habits. Times are changing fast as several manufacturers have already dropped their Diesel offers and we are now standing at the crossroads of a major change in motoring and everyone is not ready for it No wonder so many major manufacturers decided to skip the glamorous City of Lights as some large metropolises over Europe, with Paris as a leader; are doing their best to fight air pollution by trying to chase automobiles out of the city with so many restrictions your driving there becomes a miserable experience, Spotlights this year will be more than…

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luxury timepieces

“What time is it?” Several decades ago, had you asked any man this, he would have lifted his wrist to check his watch. He would have read the numbers etched into his timepiece, temporarily mesmerized by the second hand ticking around the watch face to a perfectly synchronized beat. A man’s watch said a great deal about him and was largely considered to be reflective of not just his position in society, but his personality and temperament as well. Today, the smartphone has replaced the watch’s functional aspect, yet the watch remains a crucial part of every man’s wardrobe. A recent Esquire piece noted that a quality wrist watch is the epitome of male fashion due to its classic, understated, and minimalist nature-essentially embodying the archetype of manliness. While watch trends have changed…

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rimac concept one

Rimac Automobili unveiled the production version of the world's first all-electric hypercar, the Concept One, at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. The Rimac Concept One was born of the idea that an electric powertrain can make a sportscar not only faster but also more adjustable, agile and fun. Rimac Automobili was founded to push the limits of technology and electric powertrains - the Concept One combines all the know-how, technology and experience that the company has created since its founding. The Rimac Concept One is powered by four extremely powerful permanent magnet electric motors, one for each wheel, located in the centre of both axles. The architecture is radically different compared to traditional combustion engines so a completely new vehicle platform had to be developed to use all the advantages that…

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off to the races del mar opening day

“And They’re Off” as The San Diego Horseracing Summer Season Begins Opening Day at the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, also known as the Del Mar Turf Club, is considered to be one of the official kickoffs for Summer in Del Mar, California. This year, Wednesday, July 18th was set as the first day of the Summer horse racing season and the day begins with major local news coverage as behind the scenes personnel, such as Mr. Leif Dickinson, the Turf and Landscape Supervisor, makes sure the environment is ready and in place for the first race at 2 pm. The slogan and song originally sung by Bing Crosby, invite you to come to where “the Turf Meets the Surf.” This is the season when locals and those from out of town…