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happy new year!

1. When I start putting my dreams on paper, they become goals – but every year I fail to achieve them. Cheers to a new year and another chance to get it right! – Tasneem Larney 2. Make time for yoga because it’s my happy place. I often put it off because I’m too tired in the evenings, but always feel more refreshed when I actually go! – Crystal Matthews 3. This year I’m going to force myself to learn to go to sleep before our kids get home at night (as JK Rowling says, worrying just means you suffer twice); I’m going to write more, read more, walk more and stress less – and I am going to track down the best carrot cake in the country. Tragically, I seem to have developed…

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you said wrote & tweeted...

WINNING LETTER Magical articles I don’t usually write in, but I felt I had to send a letter to tell you how your magazine has touched my life. No fireworks, but definitely a spark, which led to a flame that’s shining brightly. I loved the June issue, especially the article about hygge [‘Let’s do the hygge’]. I’m lighting candles way more often now. I also enjoyed the article about the magical Midlands – I love that part of the world. We’ve always stayed there for a couple of nights on our way back to Johannesburg from the south coast. It’s the highlight of our trip. Next time I go, I’ll stop at the retreat centre in Ixopo for a few days. I also tried out the DIY beauty products and gave my friend a…

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this month’s fabulous prize

Mon fragrance a femininity – strong, free and sensual, as inspired by Angelina Jolie.The fresh oriental fragrance gathers its exceptional individual ingredients from across the world: carla lavender from Provence, sambac jasmine from India, album sandalwood from Australia and vanilla tahitensis from Papua New Guinea. Mon Guerlain tells the essence of a story replete with worldly experiences and nourished by success and generosity. The hamper includes a Mon Guerlain EDP (50ml) and a Mon Guerlain perfumed body lotion. ☞ WRITE TO letters@fairlady.com…

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home & dry

‘Just getting something off the ground is a great feeling. Having people believe in you and your products is also fantastic.’ Puremix Cocktails started out producing alcoholic cocktails and drinks, but when Sebastian decided on a lifestyle change, he shifted the business into the non-alcoholic market. ‘We decided to sell only handcrafted premixed non-alcoholic cocktails made to order. It really widened our market, because a lot of people don’t drink but still love the cocktail experience. And the choice is still there: you can always add your favourite spirit.’ ‘We offer classic cocktails as well as our very own signature cocktail creations,’ Sebastian says. ‘We also design cocktails for clients who want something bespoke for weddings, product launches or corporate branding events.’ Puremix Cocktails are popular with caterers, event companies, wedding planners, hotels,…

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stand & deliver

‘Ifmy voice is making any contribution – and I don’t know whether it is or isn’t – I’m preaching to the choir,’ says Magda. ‘Jacob Zuma isn’t listening to what I have to say.’ The precarious state of the economy is the reason Magda is speaking out against corruption. ‘Our economy is in real trouble! I hope I can help make people less complacent about what is happening as it affects every one of us; it affects our savings and investments, it affects our future.’ ‘We’ve got a captured National Treasury, and we have a Minister of Finance who would rather take selfies than run the economy. He delivers his maiden budget and says openly: “I have no plan. Here are the numbers. It’s terrible, I know. I’ve got no plan, no ability to…

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‘what i learned when i stopped drinking

NADINE THERON (30) MULTIMEDIA JOURNALIST ‘I started doing Dry January about five years ago. Every year I did it I thought, “This is awesome!” My birthday is at the end of February, so I’d go dry until then. Eventually I started doing “Ocsober”, too. By 2016, I’d go dry almost every second month. By silly season, there were loads of events with free drinks, and things started escalating. I thought: “I can’t drink at all these events; I just can’t drink so often during the week.” It became tiring. So I decided I’d drink only on special occasions (Christmas, my dad’s 60th, New Year), but after December I decided to leave it altogether because it’s so hard to decide what’s a special occasion and what isn’t. I gradually drank less and less, and…