Fairlady July 2018

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scandi-sleep & counting sheep

I am a minimalist sleeper. If sleep were décor, mine would be Scandinavian. I’ve battled with it at various times of my life for as long as I can remember, and I know there are plenty of you who are in the same position. In a way I’m almost used to it and it hardly bothers me any more: I read, think, mull over things or plan what I’ll do when I win the lotto. (Of course, I have to enter first, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem in the middle of the night.) I’ve learned to recognise the 3am Dreads for what they are and banish them until daylight, when they vaporise all by themselves. And sometimes I get up the following day feeling very directed and…

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what i'm loving this month...

1 THE LITTLE BOOK OF FEMINIST SAINTS BY JULIA PIERPONT This is a great idea and such a lovely book: rather than just a collection of biographies, each of the 100 women featured (the ‘Matron Saints’) is described by an anecdote that illustrates why they were such powerful women – and are still such powerful role models. These are secular saints, but each is awarded a ‘Saint’s Day’ on which they should be celebrated. I’d like to buy a copy for every girl I know. 2 FLEETWOOD MAC’S ‘RUMOURS’ I’m having my own quiet little throwback moment. And damn, it’s a good album! 3 GRAHAMSTOWN NATIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL 28 JUNE–8 JULY Book your tickets at www.nationalartsfestival.co.za– there’s a lot to see, so get in there quickly! 4 FATHERS OF THE FUTURE More than 50% of SA kids…

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this month’s fabulous prize

A Spindel 6.5kg dryer and a luxe winter fur pile throw worth more than R3000! We know and love the Spindel dryer as the eco-friendly #LaundryLifesaver, removing moisture from clothes in a fraction of the time, without the high-energy costs of a tumble dryer – but did you know that Spindel can help your household save water too? Handwashing with grey water is a good way to conserve water. Spindel uses spin power to extract buckets of water that can be reused for your next load. Plus, it won’t damage delicate fabrics and is safe for knitwear. Visit SpindelSA on Facebook for tips and info. WRITE TO letters@fairlady.com…

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you said, wrote & tweeted...

WINNING LETTER What’s in a name? I have been reading FAIRLADY for decades, and over the years I have thought that a name change should happen – that the principle of Eliza Doolittle who had to transform herself to have value in society was no longer relevant. But after reading a really special edition [April 2018], I realised that the magazine celebrates and affirms women in our highest and lowest moments. We have redefined ‘lady’, and we are fair to ourselves and the world. Reading FAIRLADY challenges me to think, makes me smile and may bring a tear to my eye. The magazine is old with wisdom and young with ideas. You might change your look, but don’t ever change your ethos. May we always have to strap ourselves in as we settle in…

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stuff we love this month

MR BEAR & MR CAT How cute are these? When you first see these cups on a shelf, they look like plain white mugs with just a pair of ears on them, but when someone is sipping a hot drink from one of them, you catch a glimpse of the rest of the face, hidden away on the base. They’re actually meant for kids, so they’re quite small, but no one is stopping you from using them as espresso mugs. Sugar & Vice launched this range last year with some wildly popular bunny mugs and they’ve added bears with party hats and smiling kitties to the mix. The little ones go for R175 and a big-and-small mug set for R325. – Liesl Playing it by ear Seven years ago I bought a pair of…

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sweet dreams

Bloom & Bale MARE-ALETNEL Start-up costs: R500 000 Turnover: This is year one. We foresee the turnover to be R1 ,5m She began her career in digital media, but when Mare-Alet Nel gave birth to her first daughter, Isabella, in 2009, it prompted her to re-evaluate her priorities and open her eyes to other opportunities – specifically entrepreneurship. When Isabella turned three, Mare-Alet started looking for Afrikaans educational toys and couldn’t find any, so decided to make her own. She started Diere Maatjies, a range of Afrikaans-speaking toys (they speak when you squeeze the paws!) in 2012, then launched Bloom & Bale a year ago after seeing a gap in the market for good, affordable bed linen. ‘You need to pursue something you’re passionate about,’ says Mare-Alet. ‘That’s why I started Bloom & Bale –…