Fairlady November 2018

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burning issues…

I gave up smoking a million years ago, and every day I’m grateful and glad that I managed to do it. But even so, there’s something about it that I miss, and it’s got everything to do with what features ed Liesl Robertson describes in her excellent piece on page 44: it’s about gossip. When I first started working in magazines, for the first six months my desk was in the passage, which I thought was the height of glamour. Everyone smoked then, and everyone smoked at their desks. Which I was happily doing one day when I noticed that my rubbish bin was on fire. The vice-president of the company happened to be walking past and he chivalrously tried to stamp it out, getting his expensively shod foot caught in…

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what i'm loving this month...

THE BODYGUARD If things get stressful for me while watching TV, I always get up and make tea. And I made a LOT of tea while we watched this excellent six-part British series. Not to give it away, but: David Budd is a soldier back from duty in Afghanistan when he is assigned to protect the Minister of Home Affairs. Psychologically damaged by the war, it’s unclear whether he plans to protect her or kill her (she refuses to apologise for sending troops to Afghanistan). This is sharply written and brilliantly acted, and it manages to keep you guessing all the way through. LOTS of tea. ELIZABETH ARDEN SUNFLOWERS Summer, sun, sea, simplicity: something about this lovely light scent just makes me happy. WHERE D’YOU GO, BERNADETTE? BY MARIA SEMPEL This was making waves a…

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you said, wrote & tweeted...

WINNING LETTER A sight for sore eyes Being severely visually impaired, I haven’t read a magazine for years. I usually pick one up in a waiting room, flip through and choose the most colourful page without black and white lines on it, bring it close to my face and try to make out the shapes. Then I swish towards the back in the hope of finding a large-print Sudoku to keep my brain amused for a few minutes in my blurry world. Then in June my husband bought me a copy of FAIRLADY; I’d recently downloaded a ‘scan and read’ app (KNFB Reader) on my iPhone and thought this would be a nice way to try it out. I read the mag from cover to cover – from adverts to articles on…

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this month’s fabulous prize

Few things are more powerful than the memories created by smell. The two primary scents by Spalicious were created to personalise the treatment your body needs: Grapefruit & Thyme has a therapeutic, energising effect, while Fig & Pomegranate will calm, de-stress and soothe. With more than 40 products of various fragrances, Spalicious is good for body and mind. HAMPER: Mandarin & Sandalwood Dry Body Oil Spritz, Muscle Relief Gel, Hydrating Hawaiian Coconut Oil, Silky Soft Hand Therapy, Silky Soft Body Therapy, Wild Ginger & Honey Self-Heating Sugar Scrub, Cranberry & Elderflower (Ltd edition gift set), Pina Colada Smoothie and Lavender Cuticle Oil. WRITE TO letters@fairlady.com…

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stuff we love this month

OVER THE RAINBOW Everyone loves diamonds. Well, at least I know I do, even though I can’t exactly afford them at the moment. But what I can get, at a fraction of the price, is this gorgeous new scent from Cartier, inspired by the sparkle of a perfectly cut diamond. Cartier’s in-house perfumer Matilda Laurent wanted to bring to life the liveliness and intensity of a diamond, so she mimicked the seven colours of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) in her choice of seven florals: tulip, honeysuckle, narcissus, ylang ylang, hyacinth, lily and violet. The result is elegantly seductive. The packaging is true to the brand: nothing dramatic but enough to make the intended statement – it’s about diamonds, and diamonds are exclusive! You’ll definitely need…

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green queens

‘Straws are a luxury. We don’t need them.’ Roxy Louw Roxy’s crusade is personal. ‘I started surfing when I was 12 and I love the ocean,’ she says. ‘This journey started for me when I was picked up by Oakley [eyewear] and started travelling the world. I’ve spent a lot of time on beaches over the years, and I’ve noticed a lot of plastic build-up. I recently went to Bali with Parley [an environmental organisation that drives awareness about plastic threats to the sea] for an ocean school project. It was the first time I’d been back in 10 years and I was shocked: as I was surfing and paddling, I was grabbing plastic. It’s just everywhere – the beaches are covered in plastic. Parley recycles the plastic and makes goodies from…