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for the love of...

Not to sound too much like the Grinch here, but to me Valentine’s Day is one of those days – like New Year’s Eve – where there’s enormous pressure on all of us to behave in a certain way, and I don’t like it. New Year’s Eve? Obviously you must want to party until dawn. Valentine’s Day? Must be time to go out for a wildy overpriced dinner, then. (Incidentally, does anyone else think the cost of eating out has got completely out of hand?). Most of the time I don’t really want to do either of those things – what I really want to do is put some loud music on, cook a meal and have a few lovely people over for supper. But on ‘celebration’ days, apparently that’s not…

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what i'm loving this month...

ORYX TINY SALT AND PEPPER SET I have a bit of a salt habit (I blame boarding school) and a deep love for black pepper, which is why I love this little salt and pepper set. It’s small enough to fit in my handbag and subtle enough to hide in my hand while I fling it all over a meal I probably shouldn’t. Guilty secret maybe – but it really is perfect! DOMAINE DES DIEUX CLAUDIA BRUT 2012 MCC I really believe South Africa produces some absolutely fantastic fizz – right up there with the rest of the world – and this particular sparkler won Best South African MCC both at SA’s Amorim Cap Classique Challenge and at the Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships 2018. It is gorgeous: dry, with tiny bubbles…

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you said, wrote & tweeted...

WINNING LETTER Stigmatised I want to say thank you so much for your November article on depression [‘Runaway depression’]. I was recently hospitalised for borderline personality disorder, severe anxiety, bipolar and depression. I admitted myself as I’d noticed I wasn’t coping. There were some very successful business people in the hospital with me, people you’d never expect to be there. Many wished they had admitted themselves earlier, but avoided it because of the stigma: going to a mental hospital must mean you’re a nutcase. Unfortunately, depression isn’t visible. It reminds me of the old saying: ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, which a lot of people forget. I hope your article has helped others realise that this stigma makes it harder for those who need to seek help. Kristen Ed: One of the many…

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this month’s fabulous prize

The MelanoVine™ skincare range combines technologically advanced active ingredients that combat the signs of ageing, fight free-radical damage and minimise hyperpigmentation to give you more radiant, youthful-looking, even-toned skin. With its ability to target the root of the problem and deliver visible results, this skincare line is considered light years ahead of its time. THE HAMPER CONSISTS OF a Brightening Milk Cleanser, Brightening Conditioner, Recovery+ Night Treatment, Solution+Concentrate and Brightening C+ Day Protection. For more info, go to www.theravine.co.za WRITE TO letters@fairlady.com…

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stuff we love this month

HIT THE SACK This is probably the best birthday present I’ve ever received! These huge FatSak beanbags have found their way into most of my family’s households, starting with my pregnant sister who’s in her third trimester and is planning for comfortable nighttime feeds. Then my other sister bought one for her two-year-old’s playroom, and finally it made its way to my bedroom as a comfy spot where I can unwind, watch series or have a quick snooze. We’re all obsessed. www.fatsak.co.za Caroline In graphic detail I was a bit worried that this graphic adaptation of Anne Frank’s diary (R295) wasn’t going to live up to the original – there was no way they would be able to cram in all those diary entries. But I think the point is not to compare…

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posh nosh made easy

I recently tried out the newest meal-kit delivery service, Like a Chef. Started by Jolin Judd, the Cape Town-based operation works with talented chefs to create recipes and box up everything you need to make them yourself. Where possible, they use organic ingredients and everything is pre-portioned to minimise food waste. Your box is delivered to your door in an insulated ice box so everything stays fresh for up to eight hours. (They’re looking into eco-friendly packaging, but until then, they encourage customers to place all packaging back in the box and return it to be recycled.) I tried out the chicken pot pie from their wholesome range and it was easy to whip up. The recipe cards come with handy tips. From R600 a box; likeachef.co.za Charis…