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magnificently grown up!

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and his soon-to-be ex-wife, MacKenzie, said such great things about each other in the run-up to their impending divorce that you almost want to revoke the right to divorce and insist they stay together. In an interview with his journalist brother Mark two years ago, Jeff described the quality he looked for in a wife and found in MacKenzie: ‘I wanted a woman who could get me out of a Third World prison.’ I really love that as a criterion for a partner. None of that ‘completing’ him nonsense, or obligatory shared interests or being beautiful or accomplished – just someone he knew would be resourceful, strong and sane when the chips were down. Sounds like a proper partnership to me. When they announced their divorce, their statement read: ‘We…

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what i’m loving this month...

SORBET RADIANCE BODY WASH I’m not mad about over-scented soaps and body washes, which is why I like this one. It’s got a lovely foamy texture and a refreshing but subtle fragrance that fades quite quickly: just about perfect, in my view, because it doesn’t overpower or outlast my fragrance. PEAR AND ELDERFLOWER SPARKLING DRINK I spent Dry January on the lookout for a non-alcoholic drink that felt like an occasion, and this did the trick. I love the subtle flavour – and the fact that it only contains 4g of sugar! Their Cucumber and Ginger-flavoured drink is also good. THE MARVELOUS MRS MAISEL (AMAZON PRIME) We nearly stopped watching this at least four times in the first episode because it seemed so twee – and it is – but the story really is about…

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you said wrote & tweeted

WINNING LETTER Cool to be kind In your piece on New Year’s resolutions, Janine Nortje writes that she wants to ‘[just] be kind. Kindness can transform any given moment, someone’s day, outlook or life’. It resonated with me. In 2018, I often saw that people were just not remembering to be kind to each other. Employers were talking rudely to employees who were clueless as to what they had done to deserve the way in which they were being addressed. I experienced it first-hand and saw it happening to others. We all want kindness and it takes far less effort than unwarranted abruptness or rudeness. But somehow we forget the importance of being kind. So I ask all who are reading this, please, please: won’t you try harder at being kind? Marion Krige Ed: Thanks for…

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this month’s fabulous prize

Italian cosmetics brand RVB’s V-Lifting range is designed to counteract the effects of time. The paraben-free products contain a patented 51+3 Hyalu Complex that restores firmness and defines contours. The velvety 24H Tensor Effect Cream stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and strengthens the anchoring structures, the Instant Wrinkle Filler plumps and smoothes and the Remodeling Eye Contour Cream is designed to combat skin relaxation around the eye area. THE HAMPER INCLUDES: V-Lifting 24hr Tensor Effect Cream (50ml), V-Lifting Instant Wrinkle Filler (15ml), V-Lifting Remodeling Eye Contour Cream (15ml). WRITE TO letters@fairlady.com…

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stuff we love this month

MONEY HEIST Don’t let the generic name put you off, or the fact that it’s all in Spanish. Originally named La Casa de Papel (House of Paper), Money Heist is Netflix’s most watched non-English language show and centres around a group of career criminals carrying out the biggest heist in history. The crew of eight break into the Royal Mint of Spain, where they then print rolls and rolls of 50 euro notes while the police try to figure out how to get into their fortress. Decked out in Dali masks and red jumpsuits, the crew is indistinguishable from the hostages, who they have dressed up in the same garb and armed with fake guns. And all the while, The Professor (aka the brains behind the whole operation) keeps a watchful…

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silk road

JUANDI ANDRAG START-UP COSTS: ‘Our start up costs were about R30 000 plus. To get the product right, money needs to be spent on samples. To sell a luxury product, one needs to provide the client with a luxury experience regarding packaging, which is also costly.’ TURNOVER: ‘Enough last year to cover costs for another run and facilitate organic growth of the brand.’ MANTUA IN a world of fast fashion and swiftly fading fads, a silk scarf represents the antithesis of all that, says Juandi Andrag, founder and owner of MANTUA. ‘For centuries, scarves have been worn for traditional, cultural and religious purposes, but also for protection and adornment. We still wear scarves for these reasons.’ The timeless quality of silk goes beyond trends, she says. After 10 years in the food styling industry, Juandi…