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tips from a broad

I love everything about travelling: reading up on the destination, working out which route and what flights and when and where – all that. Right up until the day before we actually leave, which is when I desperately want to cancel everything and just stay at home. I like my life, is how my thinking goes at that point. I like my family and my friends and my stinky dogs and my home. Why should I leave all that behind to go somewhere else? Specially somewhere that involves flying? So I totally understand Carol Poolton’s ‘The Truth About Travelling’, on page 62. The only difference between us is, once I’m actually there (wherever ‘there’ is), I love it again: the different light, food, smells and language – all of it. It’s…

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what i’m loving this month...

LIZZO: SINGER AND FLAUTIST This woman is incredible. My kids first introduced me to her song ‘Truth Hurts’, which is funny and brilliant: ‘Why are men great ’til they gotta be great?’ she asks sunnily. It’s rappy and rude, and I loved it. At the same time, they played me her amazing version of ‘A Change is Gonna Come’, and I was amazed by her versatility. But that wasn’t the half of it: Lizzo is a classically trained flautist, a rapper, a force for body positivity and a previously homeless person who is taking over the world. I think she’s extraordinary. MORGAN TAYLOR ARE YOU LION TO ME? NAIL POLISH I probably buy nail polish based on the name more than the colour, which is missing the point – but this is a…

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you said, wrote & tweeted

WINNING LETTER One step at a time Thank you for the article titled ‘Baby steps, big changes’ in the April issue. I read it over and over again. It’s funny how we often overlook simple blessings and plunge towards some distant goal. People continually put happiness off until they ‘lose that weight’, ‘get that promotion’ or ‘start that business’. But as James Clear points out, having goals has no bearing on your chances for success; even unsuccessful people share the same goals. The key is to commit to the process. This article motivated me to start doing something about my financial situation. I decided to save R50 a day to pay off my debts. It may seem like a drop in the ocean, I know, but that is my way of committing to tiny…

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this month’s fabulous prize

QMS Medicosmetics’ formulations are based on research-led, collagen-enhancing technology. The collection is designed to improve the appearance and long-term wellbeing of your skin. The QMS Deep Cleansing emulsion is gentle yet intense to remove impurities; the QMS Freshening Tonic, a gentle purifier, balances the skin’s natural acid mantle; and the QMS 24H Cream is a highly effective moisturiser formulated to provide 24-hour skincare. More info: www.futurethis.co.za THE HAMPER INCLUDES: Deep Cleansing emulsion (200ml), Freshening Tonic (200ml), 24H Cream (50ml) ☞ WRITE TO letters@fairlady.com…

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stuff we love this month

Burt’s balms At any given time I have at least eight lip balms knocking around in my handbag, so when I say that this one is my new favourite, you should know that it’s quite a competitive category. Burt’s Bees has just launched in SA and the lip balm is its flagship product – one is sold every second! This one smells delicious – like coconut and pear – is 100% natural, cruelty-free and really hydrating. I also like the lip shimmers – the formula is still hydrating, but it adds a hint of shimmery colour to your lips, and a nice overall sheen. You can buy Burt’s Bees products (there are also amazing hand creams, cuticle balms and other goodies) from Takealot.com: it’s R75 for a lip balm and R99 for…

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afro chic

‘My creations are for an urban woman who appreciates quality products and quality design – her wardrobe and her home are extensions of who she is,’ says Aaliyah Makoni. ‘She’s a woman who isn’t afraid to express herself with colour.’ Aaliyah isn’t kidding about that last bit: her patterned range of handmade bags, pouches, fabrics and homeware makes you stop in your tracks to take a closer look at the unique, vivid designs. ‘I started sewing because I wanted some new clothes to go back to varsity with after the holidays,’ the Zimbabwe-born businesswoman says. ‘But my mom said, “If you want new clothes you’re going to have to work for them”.’ They were living in a small mining town in Botswana at the time, and Aaliyah knew that finding a holiday job…