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crazy collectables

Since it’s Plastic Free July, I want to talk about those little plastic collectables some supermarkets hand out at the till. I’m not a fan. I understand they’re designed to appeal to your kids so they’ll beg you to shop there, which in itself is a cynical idea. But it’s the thought of all those tiny bits of useless plastic being frantically collected only to be thrown away when the craze is over that I find really unappealing. We all know what plastic is doing to the world – why are we still doing stuff like this? A while ago, one supermarket went into partnership with some of its suppliers to make little plastic replicas of their products so kids could build and stock their own miniature supermarkets. I totally get…

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what i’m loving this month...

DA LUCA MINI This 200ml Da Luca Prosecco Mini is the perfect size for a bit of a bubble if you’re the only one who feels like a little sparkle at the end of a long day. Of course you’re not going to use a straw, though – just pour it into a glass like a grown-up. The food at this eatery is super fresh and beautifully prepared – I’ve discovered what freshly made wasabi really tastes like: gorgeous, but not to be tampered with – and there is a really good winter special on. It’s a lovely treat on a cold winter night. GLASS JARS WITH SPECIAL LIDS! Along with my weakness for kilims, I have a bit of a thing for glass bottles and jars. And I love these new Consol glass…

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you said ,wrote $ tweeted...

WINNING LETTER For you, Mom The article by Melanie Carstens about her mother’s death [For you, Mom, May 2019] opened an emotional wound I thought was long healed. Just before my mom died 17 years ago, I had reached a period in my career when I was always ‘busy’. I (grudgingly) made time to take my mother shopping every Wednesday. But this particular week, I changed it to Friday as I had a stressful meeting to attend. When I came out of the meeting, I was told that my mom had been trying to call me. I phoned her, and she said: ‘Where are you? You were supposed to collect me for shopping.’ My pent-up stress boiled over and I replied harshly about how I couldn’t just drop everything to help her. My last…

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this month’s fabulous prize

Instant Pot is designed to make cooking easier: it’s a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan, warmer and yoghurt maker all in one neat appliance It cooks your favourite comfort foods in just 30 minutes, from stews, curries and soups to pulled chicken and even cheesecakes, locking in flavour and turning out tender meat. The stainless-steel inner pot means there aren’t any chemical coatings. Plus you can get inspiration from Instant Pot’s recipe-sharing communities. www.instantpot.co.za ☞ WRITE TO letters@fairlady.com…

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stuff we love this month

CITRUSSCENT Ihave been a fan of Jo Malone for the longest time, but my all-time favourite, hands down, is their Orange Blossom scent. It’s one of those fragrances that transports me right back to my childhood: it reminds me of sitting on a hot slasto stoep in a wet swimming costume (having finally gotten out of the pool), peeling a big, juicy orange. I can almost feel the oily spray of the peel filling my nose and the sun baking on my back as I bite into the orange flesh. So every spray of that heavenly orange blossom makes me incredibly cheerful. And it now comes in the prettiest of peachy-pink bottles. Caryn PRETTY HANDY There’s probably something a little bit odd about having two hands dangling from your ears, but I just…

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dutch treats

My Dutch boyfriend has recently been introducing me to some of the childhood treats he enjoyed while growing up in the Netherlands. Due to seasonal differences, most of these are normally enjoyed in December – but these are so good I’m more than happy to celebrate Christmas in July! Here’s a little trick for eating stroopwafels: balance one on top of a warm cup of tea or coffee and let the steam soften the caramel syrup in the middle. This is definitely my favourite ooey-gooey treat, and you can find them at Woolworths or Spar. Poffertjes are a must when we go to just about any market – we always manage to find them! These small, puffy pancakes are normally served with powdered sugar and butter, but you can also have them…