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on august...

Hiraeth (said, ‘he raai’) is one of those tricky words that’s difficult to translate into English because we don’t really have the same concept. My understanding is that it means a longing for a sense of belonging that you won’t experience again: a home you’ve left, a lover that’s gone, a time that’s passed… an undefined regret and sense of unease. I always think of this word in August because it’s such a strange month: it’s still way too cold to be spring, but winter is theoretically nearly over. August is an unsettled kind of month, which is why, every year, my friend Heather emails her team to remind them that although they may think they hate her, their colleagues and their jobs, they really don’t: it’s just August and…

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what i’m loving this month...

VEEP I know this is about five years old, but I’m a bit slow when it comes to TV. We’re only on season two (although at an average of two episodes a night, it won’t take us long to blitz our way through all seven). It’s funny, smart, foul-mouthed – and probably a little too close to political reality to be comfortable, but that’s also what makes it so compelling. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is extraordinary as US vice president Selina Meyer: needy, arrogant, selfish and ambitious. She’s a joy to watch. ZAMANI SAUL, NORTHERN CAPE PREMIER When he took over, he said he’d buy 27 new ambulances for the province instead of new cars for his provincial executive – and he did. Then he moved out of his expensive new office to take up…

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you said, wrote $ tweeted...

WINNING LETTER Homesick I recently found myself in an international au pair situation which made me doubt many things I’d believed to be true about myself – for instance, that I’m a radical optimist. During this period of self-discovery I bought FAIRLADY online. This made me feel so connected to SA and kept me positive. I made another discovery – with the help of FAIRLADY, I discovered a passion for teaching and the field of entrepreneurship. I’m qualified in both Business Psychology and teaching, but I haven’t started a career yet. It dawned on me that I’m perfectly educated to bring about a huge emphasis on entrepreneurship in SA schools. So I gathered all my FAIRLADY issues to collect the inspiring articles about local entrepreneurs to use as a starting point. This got me…

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this month’s fabulous prize

Quatre en Rouge Eau de Parfum, the new chypre fruity creation by Boucheron, is an oriental fruity fragrance with a flash of mandarin, blackcurrant and mysterious Davana. Jasmine, the signature scent of Quatre fragrances, suffuses the bouquet with a sexy aura and a hint of wood, releasing an irresistible veil of musk where top notes of red apple, pear, tangerine and bergamot intermingle. It’s an ode to voluptuousness and sophistication – an exhilarating fruity floraltrailthat evokes bh ot joy andrefinement. Available at Dis-Chem pharmacies. HAMPER: Boucheron Quatre en Rouge EDP (100ml), Boucheron Quatre en Rose EDP (100ml) and a Boucheron evening bag. ☞ WRITE TO letters@fairlady.com…

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stuff we love this month

PURPLE REIGNS Being the only blonde in the office has its perks: you get first pick when anyone launches a purple shampoo! So when Kérastase brought out a new range of haircare aimed specifically at blondes, I didn’t need to call dibs. My favourite products in the range are the Blond Absolu Bain Lumière (R330), an illuminating shampoo, and the Blond Absolu Fondant Cicaflash (R450), which is a milky lavender gel that acts like something between a masque and a conditioner (you leave it in for 3-5 minutes). Both these products are infused with hyaluronic acid, so they pack a real punch in terms of hydration but without weighing the hair down – and that’s saying something, as my hair is very fine. I also liked that the shampoo lathers nicely, and the…

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‘i did it anyway’

Although she’d been working as an actress since 1995, Sarah Paulson always felt that she wasn’t quite getting the ‘right’ roles. ‘I thought success looked like a particular thing,’ she says: ‘You have to have a When Harry Met Sally moment like Meg Ryan, or go from Mystic Pizza to Pretty Woman like Julia Roberts.’ Meanwhile, nobody could quite figure out where Sarah belonged. ‘Was I a leading lady? Was I a sidekick? Was I a character actress? No one really knew what to do with me.’ That was partly to do with her quirkiness and humour, and partly to do with her refusal, off-screen, to be anyone other than herself. Four years ago, Sarah’s personal life became a juicy tabloid story when it was revealed that she had been…