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feel yourself up !

Breast cancer survival rates have been on the increase for years, thank God. One of the reasons for that is that it’s no longer thought of as a single illness, each case to be treated in the same way. We now understand that there are different types of breast cancer, each requiring different treatment. And in most cases I know of recently – and there have been a few (one of them a man) – my friends and colleagues who have been diagnosed are treated by a team of doctors rather than just one: oncologists, plastic surgeons, radiologists and, in some cases, psychologists, work together, which seems to work better for everyone. Last year I had a mammogram, and instead of being in and out with an all-clear in 20 minutes as…

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what i’m loving this month...

THE DAWN WALL My daughter, who’s mad about bouldering – it makes me anxious even to write that word – begged us to watch this Netflix doccie. I resisted for as long as I could (is there anything less enjoyable than watching someone clinging to a mountain?), but in the end we did, and it is completely brilliant. Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson attempt to climb a sheer rock face, the Dawn Wall, in Yosemite. It’s about climbing, but it’s mainly about fear and courage and love and friendship – and absolutely inspiring resilience and humanity. I loved it. MIXA Mixa is a French pharmacy body skincare brand for sensitive skin. I’ve tried only the hand cream (which smells lovely and soaks in quickly), and it was so good it made me want…

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you said wrote $ tweeted ...

WINNING LETTER Think twice Twenty-six years ago, before the internet age, I emigrated to Canada with my family. We knew next to nothing about life in our adopted land. We had no Facebook support groups to offer advice, and we learned the ropes by being thrown into the deep end in a country and climate so different from our own. It took perseverance to make Canada home. If emigration is nothing more than a knee-jerk reaction to others planning to leave SA, perhaps you need to rethink your plans. Being in touch on WhatsApp is not the same as hugging your parents or enjoying a family meal together, or celebrating life events with those you love. Emigration breaks up families: it separates children from grandparents and aunts and uncles, and weakens and even…

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12 weeks to sleek with fairlady

Designed by a master fitness coach and a professional dietician, 12 Weeks to Sleek is a scientifically designed eating and exercise plan with proven outcomes, aimed at achieving healthy and sustainable weight loss results. WHAT IT INCLUDES: • An easy-to-follow 12-week exercise plan dedicated to burning fat – complete with video demonstrations of each workout • A detailed 12-week eating programme with inexpensive, healthy food that doesn’t taste like ‘diet food’ and won’t leave you feeling hungry BENEFITS: • Guaranteed results • Simple at-home exercises that require minimal equipment • Customisable menu options designed for ease of use 12 Weeks to Sleek is not only intended for weight loss. but increased mobility. better tone and the development of functional muscles too.The low-kilojoule eating plan is affordable and can be adjusted according to your budget. Sign up at www.12weekstosleek.co.za…

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stuff we love this month this month

Everyday art I love when Mr Price Home collaborates with local artists. Their latest range is a celebration of a South African Christmas and features the work of Michael Chandler: think intricate black-and-white drawings with splashes of gold. Only some of the items are festively themed, and even then the nod to Christmas is very subtle, so you can use these all year round. They’re doing cork placemats, tea towels, dinner plates (R199,99 for a set of four), side plates, scatter cushions and gift packaging. In stores from 10 October. – Liesl DEAD FUNNY Jen is angry. Scrap that. She is pissed off. With pretty much everyone: people who drive too fast, her well-meaning neighbours, her grief counsellor, her meddling mother-in-law, her dead husband and the local police, who have yet to find…

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growing pains

My hair takes quite a long time to grow. I was moaning about this to a friend and she recommended I try Mycro Keratin Madame Madame Smoothing Shampoo. It’s formulated for medium to thick hair (which I don’t have; my hair is fine and oily), but I decided to try it anyway – according to the Edgars consultant, this was going to ‘nurse my split ends’ and strengthen my hair. I’ve been using it for the past two months and was pleasantly surprised by the results. It has indeed sorted my split ends, and my hair has grown faster than it usually does. It also feels a lot smoother, softer and healthier and – big plus – it doesn’t make my hair oily. I now need to wash my hair only…