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Fairlady February 2020

FAIRLADY is a modern, glossy grown-up magazine that offers great stories and inspired solutions to the busy South African woman.

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how do you make love stay?

It being Valentine’s month, on page 58 we answer a question that’s been asked through the ages: how do you make love stay? I don’t think there is only one answer – but in a world where fewer people are choosing marriage or even opting for long-term relationships, is it still even a valid question? I hope it is. I absolutely believe that one should immediately leave a relationship that’s abusive in any way (see our story on pathological narcissism on page 46 as an example). But I think that in a mutually supportive relationship you will need to push through some not-so-good – maybe just slightly flatter – bits to get to the real reward: a long, deep love that constantly renews itself. Singer, songwriter, musician, poet and artist Joni Mitchell puts…

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what i’m loving this month...

ZOZIBINI TUNZI Our new Ms Universe, who said this: ‘I grew up in a world where a woman who looks like me, with my kind of skin and hair, was never considered to be beautiful... I want children to see their faces reflected in mine.’ When asked what the most important thing to teach girls today was, she said: ’Leadership.’ Ladies, it’s love. THE STORY OF GARDENING BY PENELOPE HOBHOUSE WITH AMBRA EDWARDS This book is an informed look at gardening through the centuries, not only in terms of their design and structure, but also the obsession with various plants, advice on how to get it right and exquisite images that act like fertiliser for your brain. I am not a gardener, but I am fascinated by people who are. My favourite story…

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you said, wrote & tweeted...

WINNING LETTER BOREDOM LOADING… Suzy touched on something we seem to have forgotten about – the art of being bored [Ed’s letter, December 2019]. Reading this on a Sunday afternoon just before the holidays, I’m looking forward to being bored out of my mind in the weeks to come. And while it is true that holidays are filled with fun, cooking, people, dancing and travelling, I will INSIST on some essential summer holiday basics. This includes sleeping in, being in my pyjamas the entire day, lounging next to the pool with a book, taking naps and (best of all) having nothing to do. Being an event planner, I look forward to giving my brain a break by planning as little as possible. I am comfortable with being bored, as my body demands it.…

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this month’s fabulous prize

A Diego dalla Palma hamper worth R3135! Diego dalla Palma is synonymous with skincare professionalism. Advanced skincare products and treatment methods are the outcome of research and development in close collaboration with dermatological and pharmaceutical faculties at the world’s leading universities. Cutting-edge cosmeceutical ingredients are combined with natural plant extracts, which are selected for their specific action to obtain the best results and take care of every skin type and condition. HAMPER CONSISTS OF: Draining Anti-Cellulite Thalasso Scrub (500g), 3-in-1 Total Body Cream (200ml), Dry Anti-Cellulite Oil (150ml) and Anti-Gravity Serum (125ml) diegodallapalma.com / FACEBOOK: RVB Cosmetics South Africa / INSTAGRAM: @diegodallapalmaprofessional_sa WRITE TO letters@fairlady.com…

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12 weeks to sleek with fairlady sign up here!

Designed by a master fitness coach and a professional dietician, 12 Weeks to Sleek is a scientifically designed eating and exercise plan with proven outcomes, aimed at achieving healthy and sustainable weight loss results. WHAT IT INCLUDES: • An easy-to-follow 12-week exercise plan dedicated to burning fat – complete with video demonstrations of each workout • A detailed 12-week eating programme with inexpensive, healthy food that doesn’t taste like ‘diet food’ and won’t leave you feeling hungry BENEFITS: • Guaranteed results • Simple at-home exercises that require minimal equipment • Customisable menu options designed for ease of use 12 Weeks to Sleek is not only intended for weight loss. but increased mobility, better tone and the development of functional muscles too. The low-kilojoule eating plan is affordable and can be adjusted according to your budget. Sign up at www.12weekstosleek.co.za…

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stuff we love this month

FUDGED RESULTS We did an informal tasting of these packs of Quinnies Homemade Fudge in the office, and (after much debate) came to absolutely no consensus about which flavour was the best. Some voted for the sweet, creamy white chocolate fudge. Others chose the coffee fudge – the hint of coffee tempers the sweetness nicely. The milk chocolate fudge was also popular, and a fairly vocal group preferred the traditional vanilla fudge to all the others. So if you were hoping for some kind of specific recommendation, we’re no help at all. Available from quinnies.co.za Liesl Over the moon Although everyone in the office was joking that I got a prison tattoo, I think this hand-poked piece of art was well worth the teasing. Through her initiative, Moon Magic, local tattoo artist Nichole is…