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do it just for the fun of it

I saw a sobering statistic the other day: in two years, there has been a 37% increase in people being admitted to hospital for eating disorders in the UK. I think that’s really shocking, don’t you? And I don’t believe it’s restricted to the UK, either. I know I sound like a boomer here (probably because I am one, as our kids are fond of reminding me), but I’m sure this massive increase has a lot to do with the ‘perfect’ lives constantly being showcased on social media that inevitably invite comparison – which in turn, inevitably, results in feelings of inferiority, isolation and shame. I’m increasingly struck by how hard we all are on ourselves, about everything – from what we look like to the choices we make about how we…

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what i’m loving this month...

AFARI BEAUTY PRODUCTS Margaux Knuppe was assistant beauty editor at FAIRLADY for a while, and she had an incredible understanding and knowledge of product ingredients and what they were really capable of. Now she’s taken all that knowledge and experience and created her own high-end skincare range using Bulbine frutescens, a flowering plant indigenous to Southern Africa. Traditionally used as a remedy for skin injuries thanks to its anti-inflammatory qualities, it also stimulates collagen synthesis – exactly what my dry skin needs! The Protecting Day Cream worked wonders for me. Have a look at the whole range on afari.co.za I think it’s fabulous. THE BOOK OF ICHIGO ICHIE BY HÉCTOR GARCÍA AND FRANCESC MIRALLES ‘Ichigo Ichie’ is defined as one of those tiny, perfect moments in life that we often only acknowledge in…

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you said, wrote & tweeted...

WINNING LETTER Sisterhood FAIRLADY has been a part of my life since I learnt to read. Roll on the years… I employ a domestic worker who is an elderly widow with adult daughters she supports, plus their children, as well as children from her late husband’s second wife. That is her life. My highly successful daughter has battled infertility for years and has decided to keep it private, so I have not been able to share the sadness of not having grandchildren (yet) with friends.Recently, when her latest attempt at IVF failed, my domestic worker found me in tears. I confessed I had a secret and told her about it. She put her arms around me and, in tears, shared her secret too. It transpires her ‘daughters’ are not her biological children –…

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this month’s fabulous prize

A Maison Berdoues hamper, worth R3190! Maison Berdoues has been developing perfumed creations for more than a century, applying French high perfumery’s hallowed practices. Each of Berdoues’ Grand Cru fragrances is an expression of a particular world region and offers a unique interpretation of its identity, stirring memories and kindling the imagination and desire for voyage. The fragrance’s incomparable balance and intensity remain intact as the hours drift by. Maison Berdoues Grand Cru fragrances are available at Foschini stores and online at www.foschiniforbeauty.co.za THIS HAMPER INCLUDES: Péng Lái and Azur Riviera fragrances (100ml) INSTAGRAM: @berdouesgrandscrussa FACEBOOK: Berdoues South Africa / WEBSITE: www.berdoues.com ☞ WRITE TO letters@fairlady.com…

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stuff we love this month

THE MUSHROOM EFFECT When an enthusiastic friend first offered me a mushroom chip, she could see I was unconvinced. A whole mushroom as a crispy chip? Huh-uh. But eventually – after a LOT of insistence on her part – I caved and put it in my mouth with no intention of swallowing. I was gobsmacked! It was delicious – crisp and flavourful. Well, only the box is left! A must-try. favesfoods.co.za – Janine Skin makeover I’d never had problematic skin, until this year. Stress and a hormonal imbalance took their toll and I started noticing a few pimples here and there. My skin seemed to be both oily and dry. I decided to try the Nimue 12 Week Challenge. Nimue says, ‘If you can’t ditch your foundation in week 13, we will give…

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my abundant, juicy life

With the legendary Diana Ross for a mother, you’d think Tracee Ellis Ross (47) had it made from the start – that’s showbiz royalty by blood, after all. Not so. ‘Being the “child of” meant you were sort of riding on the coat-tails of your parent,’ she says. ‘It would unlock the door, then people would sit on the other side… waiting for you. Like: “She’s no Diana Ross.”’ She does, however, admit to living a charmed life: Tracee attended elite schools in New York and Switzerland, and graduated from Brown University with a BA in Theatre Arts. After that, she worked briefly as a model and as fashion editor at Mirabella and New York magazines, before finally landing her debut lead role in the comedy television series Girlfriends. The wildly successful…