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Fairlady May 2020

FAIRLADY is a modern, glossy grown-up magazine that offers great stories and inspired solutions to the busy South African woman.

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ed’s letter

because of Covid-19, I’m writing this letter from home. So far, it seems to be working out pretty well in terms of the magazine (in fact, this month marks our 1000th edition!). And in terms of my household, bar a few minor skirmishes over possession of the dining room table as workspace, we seem to be doing okay too. My husband is also working from home, and the kids (19 and 20) are here too – their university has closed for the forseeable future. I wouldn’t describe what 19 and 20 are doing as working exactly: they’re sleeping, gaming, peering into the fridge while muttering darkly about boomer food choices, wearing headphones, watching endless incomprehensible series, laughing at their phones and (sort of) trying not to blame us adults for…

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things to do in isolation …

WATCH Sex Education This Netflix series is X-rated. Seriously, Mariella, it is not family viewing. Otis is the16-year-old son of Jean, a sex therapist. He’s an outsider, but when Maeve (a fellow student) sees his potential and sets him up as a sex therapist for other learners at school, things change. This show is perceptive, funny, smart and surprisingly moving. Mariella, NOT WITH KIDS. LISTEN TO The Jungle Prince A podcast by Ellen Berry, a New York Times correspondent in New Delhi, who starts investigating stories about the last surviving members of the Muslim royal family of Aboudh, who have been in hiding in the jungle – some say for 10 years; some say since the British usurped their kingdom in the 1850s. This makes for fascinating listening and says something about perseverance and survival,…

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WINNING LETTER UTIS REVISTED As a nurse with long-time experience of working in sexual health, I’d like to comment on the article on UTIs in the March issue. It’s true that UTIs are generally caused by e-coli bacteria which live in the gut, but this does not enter the urinary tract via the mouth. Also, there are different types of e-coli, and the majority are part of a healthy gut flora. You cannot eliminate it through eating probiotics, as implied. The reason women get UTIs more frequently to men is the closer proximity of their urethra to their back passage. The bacteria gets transferred to the urethra either through not passing urine following sex (during sex it’s easy for bacteria to be carried forward from the anus to the urethra – urinating after sex…

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this month’s fabulous prize

Inspired by a generation of freethinkers who are choosing freedom over appearances and diversity over exclusion, Authentic captures the confidence and excitement of a global movement. These progressive scents for him and her open with refreshing citrus notes and a warm woody trail – the result is expressive, truthful, real and authentic. Find Abercrombie & Fitch Authentic (100ml) in selected Foschini stores for R1195. THIS HAMPER CONTAINS: Abercrombie & Fitch Authentic For Him and Her fragrances and a plush tote bag.…

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what we love this month

Charmed, I’m sure Before my birthday each year, my husband starts following me around the shops, telling me to ‘point at things’. The system works: I get things I really want, he doesn’t have to scurry around the shops at the last minute, and I don’t have to pretend to be delighted by a teddy bear in a mug (or whatever the female equivalent of soap-on-a-rope is). This year, I pointed at a rose gold version of Famke’s Fingers Crossed necklace, and I’ve barely taken it off since. I love the delicate engraving and the playful take on a good-luck charm. They are R500 and you can get them online at famke.co.za. – Liesl Gin master general I’m a bit of a craft gin fanatic, but I guess as a Capetonian that’s like…

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patrick melrose

I have always battled to wrap my head around Benedict Cumberbatch’s obsessive fandom – until I saw his performance as the title character in drama series Patrick Melrose. Based on the semi-biographical books by Edward St Aubyn, this superbly crafted series opens with Patrick receiving news of the death of his brutish father. Then, through flashbacks to Patrick’s childhood, it charts his stop-start attempts at trying to find salvation and purpose as he grapples with childhood abuse, a myopic mother, adult addiction and the callous British elite. Watch the first episode, if nothing else, in which Patrick goes to New York to collect his father’s remains and goes on a drug binge so extreme it will make you feel high just witnessing it. The visual storytelling is arresting enough, but it’s Cumberbatch’s…