Fairlady November - December 2020

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ed’s letter

Well, here we are, almost at the end of the weirdest year I can remember: lockdown felt endless, but at the same time it feels as if one minute it was March and the next it was October, and now we’re hurtling towards Christmas and 2021. The festive season is usually all about family, friends and fun for me, but my socialising muscle seems to have atrophied through lack of use – I can’t remember how to do it properly any more. What did we all do? What did we talk about pre-Covid and before Netflix became a common language? Luckily, I think I know the cure: sun, proper time to read and reconnect, no deadlines – and buckets of bubbly, obviously. I know I’m not alone: I think pretty much all…

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what i’m loving

Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love Nick Broomfield’s documentary is about singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen and his relationship with his muse, Marianne Ihlen, which started on Hydra and faltered as a result of his growing fame (and unstoppable womanising). It’s fascinating for a whole lot of reasons: his egotism and selfishness – but also his kindness and insight; Marianne’s elusiveness (she remains a cipher); and the children who were casualties of their parents’ unexamined hedonism and pursuit of artistic freedom. Catherine Gillespie of Mother Shucker Oysters My lovely brother suddenly got married a short while ago – no shotguns involved, just a beautiful love story – which, obviously, I felt we had to celebrate instantly with oysters and champagne. Catherine, who usually delivers only on a Friday, went out of her way to drop…

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WINNING LETTER FIERCE AND FABULOUS FAIRLADY I recently took a four-day break from the real world to clear my head. I’d turned 40 and needed some time to figure out my next move. Tired, overworked and overweight after lockdown, I dragged myself to the local hydro to sip on juice, sleep and think for a few days. My sparkle was gone. I felt like a worn-out rag. On my way out of town, I grabbed a copy of FAIRLADY to keep me busy through the tech-free dinners. The first line of the article ‘Life’s a Drag… and So It Should Be’ [Sep/Oct, 2020] stopped me in my tracks: ‘If you allow someone else’s negativity to affect you, it’s because YOU forgot you’re fabulous.’ And that was it! I realised I had forgotten how…

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what we’re loving right now

JUST GORGEOUS Gorgeous George is the first hotel in Cape Town to join the Design Hotels stable, a unique collection of 300 privately owned and operated hotels in 60 countries. We did this issue’s fashion shoot there, and… wow! The lighting and furniture have been sourced from David Krynauw, Studio 19 and more, and there are murals by David Brits in every room. You’ll definitely find me there, enjoying a cocktail and the city view from the Gigi rooftop bar, or taking a dip in the pool. gorgeousgeorge.co.za – Annelee ROOM WITH A VIEW Not quite able to afford that beachfront property or the loft with a view of the mountain? Cara Saven’s new Collab range of wallpapers makes it easier: she turned local illustrator Lucie de Moyencourt’s black ink paintings of Cape Town…

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style icons

Zodwa Kumalo-Valentine WRITER, EDITOR, MUSIC SELECTOR ‘I love feeling comfortable in my clothes. I generally go for simplicity, clean lines, great tailoring, then something a little loud and unexpected – whether it’s in the cut, colour or print.’ Sarah Jane Valken OWNER OF CLOTHING, JEWELLERY & HOMEWARE STORE JANE VALKEN ‘Even though I use prints a lot, I am generally quite classic in my design and prefer not to clash different prints. I would almost always mix a floral or a stripe with a plain colour.’ Bont lefeela Mogoye FASHION STYLIST, DIGITAL CREATOR, ENTREPRENEUR ‘My style is a reflection of my personality and life journey: flamboyant, yet chic. I like to experiment with print, colour and textures – your clothes should never be boring! I like to evoke positive emotions in people through my style.’ Sandy Rogers FOUNDER & OWNER…

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ask the experts

Zodwa Kumalo-Valentine What was the last thing you splurged on? A pair of black high-waisted leather pants from a vintage seller on Instagram. And a summer dress from Superella. Is there any trend you wish would disappear forever? I pay attention to trends, but the rebel in me always tries to avoid them. I tend to stick to what suits me and what I feel like wearing at the time. Which item do you buy over and over because you know it looks good on you? Frocks, frocks and more frocks – whether they’re deconstructed, simple and classic or feminine and flowy – usually with soft and/or loud prints and colours. Any inherited pieces that are sentimental to you? No. But most of my favourite pieces are pre-loved. Which vintage stores would you recommend? Ooh…