Fairlady January - February 2021

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ed’s letter

Like most of you, I’m sure, I’m completely delighted to be leaving 2020 – that cheating, sleazy, no-good heartbreaker of a year – behind. But if I’m honest, there are also a few things I’m grateful for: • I’m glad we got the chance to spend proper time with Twenty and Twenty-One before they move out for good. It was a privilege, and they were fabulous, funny, irreverent company. Plus it was quite relaxing not lying awake at 3am wondering if they were okay and when they were coming home. • Working off-site. Of course I miss seeing my colleagues every day, but being 100% in control of my own life and time has been liberating. • My morning walk. Thanks to no commute, I’ve started to go for a walk in the…

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what i’m loving

Drs Özlem Türeci and Ugur Sahin The married German-Turkish physician couple who made the breakthrough in the Covid-19 vaccine – first, because they’re just so damn clever, and second, because, on the day they got married, they went to the lab first, then popped out to the registry office, then went straight back to the lab again. I imagine they didn’t even need to change out of their white lab coats. I love having people like that in charge. Heavyweight podcast In Heavyweight, Jonathan Goldstein goes back to the moment in someone’s life that changed things for them forever; a moment that continues to weigh heavily on them – hence the name. These are ordinary people with broken relationships, regrets and what-ifs; things they’ve done or didn’t dothat continue to have an impact…

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WINNING LETTER WHAT 2020 TAUGHT ME Like almost everyone else around the world, I had my fair share of unexpected disappointments and challenges last year, the worst of which was the unexpected loss of my handsome, fit, healthy, hardworking brother to a stroke in August. Both my sister and I had already gone through the trauma of retrenchment. I experienced my first month without a salary in July, after consistently working for 38 years. But being unemployed paled in comparison with the sadness that I now felt. The weeks that followed were mostly a blur filled with tears, disbelief and the deepest loss I have ever known. At my brother’s deathbed we were asked if we would consider organ donation. My sister and I didn’t hesitate to say yes, but it took a…

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this month’s fabulous prize a nuxe hamper, worth r3515!

Experience the luxury of precious skincare with NUXE Nuxuriance Gold, an extraordinary product range that plumps up your skin to look firmer, stronger and smoother. More than 92% of the ingredients in these four products are of natural origin. Infused with golden micro-reflectors, they illuminate your complexion, making it glow with radiant life. On top of all that, they smell really wonderful: a sophisticated combination of floral and fruity notes with a musky, woody base.…

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what we're loving right now!

SUMMER SKIN Ah, my favourite season, signalling warm days, frilly frocks and bikini weather... The combination of lockdown and winter had not been kind to my skin, and I figured buying myself a little treat was a great way to celebrate summer. I’ve started using Healing Earth Marula & Neroli Body Polish, and it has revolutionised my night-time shower routine. After just one scrub, I could already feel the difference. The crushed grapeseed gives your skin a gentle exfoliation, and your body feels silky smooth and deeply nourished thanks to the marula oil, neroli oil and jojoba oil. The floral, fruity scents fill my apartment with a relaxing aroma. Heaven in a tub! Buy it online at healingearth.co.za for R594,55. – Caroline STOCKPILE STAPLE Last year, waaay back in Marchtember – time seemingly…

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style icons

Bonnie Mbuli ACTRESS, AUTHOR AND QUEEN OF THE UNDERDOGS ‘My style is practical – it reflects the functionality of what the roles in my life demand of me while allowing space for expression and self-discovery.’ Mali Langa INTERIOR STYLIST, BUSINESSWOMAN, PHILANTHROPIST ‘My style is sophisticated and elegant. I try to portray the right image for a businesswoman and philanthropist, but still keep it unique, trendy and exciting.’ Karen Dudley CHEF, FOOD WRITER & FOOD ALCHEMIST ‘My style is best described as colour-centric and vintage inspired. I play with colour – I find it so interesting, the way colours sit next to each other. It’s not necessarily about bright shades; it’s more about the way they speak to one another.’ PHOTOGRAPHS: SIBUSISO MASEKO; THEMBA MOKASE; SUPPLIED…