Fairlady July - August 2021

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editor’s letter

Sleep is sometimes an issue for me, if not always a problem. My lovely dad also occasionally battled to sleep, and I’ve got fantastic memories of the two of us sitting cross-legged on the floor while he played records (yep, that long ago) into the early hours – Miles Davis, Aretha Franklin, Herb Alpert, Frank Sinatra, Mahalia Jackson… I wouldn’t give those sleepless nights up for anything. These days when I can’t sleep (often at full moon, although everyone assures me that’s nonsense), I’m usually quite calm about it. I write stuff in my mind, map an approach to something I haven’t had time to think about properly, work out how I’ll spend my lotto winnings despite not having a ticket… the kind of thing we all do before sleeplessness suddenly…

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WINNING LETTER TOO LOCAL, NOT LEKKER I have been reading the latest issue of FAIRLADY and I have finally found the time to draw your attention to something: how Cape-focused it is with regard to recommendations and persons interviewed for the magazine. I let it go mainly because I love the articles and the excellent research that goes into producing many of them. I excused the Cape focus based on the fact that most of your staff are based in Cape Town. I’m sure you can see the bias of the magazine towards Cape-based producers and experts. While anyone can buy many of the products featured using online shopping, I think the rest of the country’s excellent talent suffers from lack of exposure. I just don’t think it’s fair to the many talented people…

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this month’s fabulous prize

An Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules hamper worth more than R4 000! Ceramides help maintain the integrity of the moisture barrier, the skin’s first defence against signs of ageing. Elizabeth Arden single-dose serums make skincare effortless: to target your needs, twist open a capsule. Choose from Advanced Ceramide Capsules for nourishment, Vitamin C Ceramide Capsules for radiance, Retinol Ceramide Capsules for wrinkle-smoothing, and Hyaluronic Acid Ceramide Capsules for hydration. Powerful alone, transformative together. THIS HAMPER ALSO INCLUDES: The new Ceramide Micro Capsule Skin Replenishing Essence…

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what we're loving right now!

Wool activewear sounds like a peculiar concept, right? I first became interested in it after reading about a study done at the International Space Station: six sets of lightweight shorts and shirts were tested for exercise and rated on durability, comfort and overall performance. The top fabric? Merino wool. ‘We chose wool because it has really interesting properties in drying, and actually after it gets dry it doesn’t smell,’ said Nasa’s resident textile engineer Evelyne Orndorff at the time. I found a local wool activewear brand, Core Merino, owned by the agricultural company BKB, and I’ve since become a big fan of their T-shirts, long-sleeved tops, yoga pants and even undies. I basically llived in them during lockdown. Rest assured, fine merino wool clothing is nothing like the itchy jerseys…

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style icons

Amanda Mbongwa BUSINESSWOMAN, FOUNDER OF FITFANATIC ACTIVEWEAR AND MOUNTAINEER ‘I’m up on the mountains every weekend. Because I am super active, I live in lounge- or activewear. I’m always in something comfortable – but it has to be stylish also.’ Jackie Fitzgerald FOUNDER AND CREATIVE DIRECTOR OF STORY DESIGN COLLECTIVE ‘For everyday wear I love a tomboy/menswear-inspired look, as in collared shirts, trousers, blazers, brogues and simple makeup.’ Katherine-Mary Pichulik FOUNDER, CEO AND CREATIVE DIRECTOR OF PICHULIK ‘I love classic sculptural lines with vintage, eclectic or nostalgic details.’…

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the why the which & the wardrobe

Amanda Mbongwa What makes your line of activewear unique? It’s good quality, it’s stylish, it’s comfortable – and it’s manufactured in the foothills of the Drakensberg. Beautiful activewear can motivate you to be more active – do you agree? That’s partly why I started making my own activewear. When you look good, you feel good. Gyms are full of mirrors – when you look at yourself, you want to feel confident. Any favourite jewellery pieces? I’m not really a jewellery person, but I have two pieces that I wear a lot: a green and gold ring and a gold pendant necklace. I saw the ring at a second-hand shop, and the colours just spoke to me: green and gold. The gold, obviously, for majesty, for kings and queens. And green for life. The…