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22 October 2021

Farmer’s Weekly is an agricultural magazine based in South Africa, targeting the whole of Southern Africa. The magazine is committed to advancing the interests of the region’s farmers and its agricultural industry by serving as a mouthpiece for the industry and by keeping its readers informed of the latest developments in the agricultural sector.

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africa’s future at the mercy of climate change

Limited access to vaccines and the slow rate of vaccination in most African countries are contributing to the continent experiencing a slower recovery from the recession that was caused by the outbreak of COVID-19. However, these economic troubles will not evaporate when the impact of the pandemic starts to diminish. In fact, over the next few decades, climate change may cause even greater economic hardship for people across the continent. The World Bank, in the latest edition of Africa’s Pulse, its biannual economic update for the region, said that sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) was set to emerge from the 2020 recession (sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic) with growth expected at 3,3% in 2021. This was 1% higher than the April 2021 forecast. However, the organisation warned that recovery remained vulnerable given the…

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the barriers preventing farmers from investing in technology

The views expressed in our weekly opinion piece do not necessarily reflect those of Farmer’s Weekly. This article is an excerpt from the Inmarsat report titled ‘Industrial IoT in the time of COVID-19’. To download the full report, visit inmarsat.com/en/insights/enterprise/2021/research-programme-2021-industrial-iot-covid-19. “Investment in technology to bolster food production increased sixfold between 2012 and 2019, reaching US$20 billion (about R300 billion). Technologies such as genetic crop enhancement, precision agriculture and computational biology are germinating answers to one of humanity’s greatest challenges: how to feed a growing population while limiting the adverse effects on the environment. The Internet of Things (IoT) is playing a key role for agricultural businesses across the entire production cycle, and is providing visibility and automation across production and supply chains, enabling businesses to operate remotely, yet in an informed manner. Of the…

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The focus of the Commercial: Mushroom Substrate Design, Cultivation, Marketing and Business Planning course is on available technology to cultivate a range of gourmet, exotic, speciality and medicinal mushroom species, with emphasis on substrate design, specialised cultivation and climate control requirements, as well as business plan information. Priority will be given to shiitake, enoki, nameko, pioppino, lion’s mane and shimeji cultivation. Visit mushroomacademy.com, or email registration@mushroomacademy.com. CONFERENCES, WORKSHOPS AND EXPOS 18 TO 19 OCTOBER Animal Feed Manufacturers’ Association Symposium (online). Visit afmasymposium.co.za. 21 TO 22 OCTOBER Africa Strategy Execution Conference (online). Visit africastrategy.co.za. 11 TO 12 NOVEMBER 4IR Agritech Conference, Protea Hotel, Stellenbosch (can be attended online). Email Connie Mamabolo at connie@mathematraining.co.za, or phone her on 011 862 4001. COURSES AND TRAINING 19 OCTOBER Subtropical and Minor Crop Workshop, Swellengrebel Hotel, Swellendam. Email Marlise Coetzee at dns@southerncrosstrust.com. 20 OCTOBER Profitable Boer Goat Farming,…

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queen of the veld

Two well-known cattle breeders from Limpopo advised other farmers not to overlook the Nguni, as this article revealed. When Bisse Reed and his son Doug, of Duiwelskloof [now Modjadjiskloof], Limpopo, sold their well-known herd of Brahman cattle in February this year, they had already gone a long way towards establishing a fine herd of Nguni cattle. “While we were still at the height of our Brahman enterprise, we began to take notice of the Ngunis,” says Doug, a veterinarian. “We read scientific publications about them and looked at the work being done on this breed by reputable, independent researchers. “All pointed to the conclusion that this breed offered several significant advantages. Some people suggested that this could be the most productive cattle breed in Africa.” He says it has been claimed that the Nguni produces…

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Crop production correction Greetings! I‘m a crop production lecturer at a local college of education and was interested in the article titled ‘Growing Brussels sprouts: Part 1’ (FW, 10 September). I noticed some errors in the article under the subsection ‘Indoor transplants’. It is stated that seedlings should be transplanted outside after the danger of hard frost has passed in early May. However, in South Africa, the first frost can be expected at this time, since May is an autumn month in the Southern Hemisphere. So, the text is actually referring to the Northern Hemisphere, where May is a spring month and when the frost should be coming to an end. The article also says that seedlings should be grown in late March, six weeks before the last frost. Again this is…

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trending in agriculture

MOST POPULAR ON FARMERSWEEKLY.CO.ZA CHEMICAL COMPANY BLAMED FOR ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE AFTER RIOTS A criminal case has been opened against United Phosphorus Limited in connection with the chemical spill that ensued after the company’s factory was burnt down during the civil unrest that occurred in KwaZulu-Natal in July. Read the full article at bit.ly/3AhCow4, or scan here: Posted: 5 October 2021. Follow us at @FarmersWeeklySA FROM FACEBOOK #Worldanimalday In celebration of #Worldanimalday, we asked our followers to post photos of their beloved animals. Posted: 5 October 2021. PHOTO OF THE WEEK benica_Wa_molimi @benicathefarmer “We go through a lot. Farming is emotional.” Via Twitter. Posted: 3 October 2021. AGRI NEWS FROM AROUND THE WORLD NESTLÉ ADMITS UK SUPPLY CHAIN ISSUES AHEAD OF CHRISTMAS The maker of Quality Street has said it is experiencing some supply chain problems in the UK ahead of the Christmas period. – bbc.com FLORIDA, US,…