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Farmer's WeeklyFarmer's Weekly

Farmer's Weekly

19-26 April 2019

Farmer’s Weekly is an agricultural magazine based in South Africa, targeting the whole of Southern Africa. The magazine is committed to advancing the interests of the region’s farmers and its agricultural industry by serving as a mouthpiece for the industry and by keeping its readers informed of the latest developments in the agricultural sector.

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how much time do you need, mike?

Just a few months after being appointed director general of the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) in 2016, Mike Mlengana delivered an address at the Agri SA congress in Pretoria in which he was frank about the failures and shortcomings within the department. Being new in the job, he could not be held accountable for the problems he spoke about, which included DAFF’s poor track record in implementing its own programmes, as well as the poor support services provided by inadequately trained extension officers. He said at the time that the department’s extension officers could not provide much-needed support to smallholder and emerging farmers because they were, well, clueless when it came to agriculture. “They can’t tell a Bonsmara from a Brahman,” he joked.During the first week…

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farmer's weekly

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replacing pesticides with biological control

“Pesticides, which have been promoted aggressively, are a global human rights concern, and their use can have highly detrimental consequences on the enjoyment of the right to food. Defined as any substance or mixture of substances of chemical and biological ingredients intended to repel, destroy or control any pest or regulate plant growth, pesticides are responsible for an estimated 200 000 acute poisoning deaths each year. No less than 99% of these fatalities occur in developing countries, where health, safety and environmental regulations are weaker and less strictly applied. While records on global pesticide use are incomplete, it is generally agreed that application rates have increased dramatically over the past few decades.Despite the harm associated with excessive and unsafe pesticide practices, it is commonly argued that intensive industrial agriculture,…

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farmer’s diary

6 TO 9 JUNE Cannabis Expo THE CANNABIS EXPO IS THE GLOBAL MARKETPLACE FOR EDUCATION AND BUSINESSES SERVING THE CANNABIS INDUSTRY. THE LARGEST TRADE AND CONSUMER EXPO OF ITS KIND IN AFRICA, IT INCLUDES PRESENTATIONS BY EXPERTS IN THE INDUSTRY. TOPICS RANGE FROM LEGISLATION AND GROWER PERMITS TO CROP PROPAGATION. CONFERENCES, WORKSHOPS & EXPOS 5 TO 8 MAY SETAC Africa Biennial Conference, Cape Town International Convention Centre.Visit saf2019.setac.org. 14 TO 16 MAY Power Gen Africa, Cape Town International Convention Centre.Visit powergenafrica.com. 21 TO 23 MAY Southern African Manufacturing Expo, Nasrec, Johannesburg.Visit localmanufacturingexpo.co.za. 29 TO 30 MAY Agripreneurs Conference, Emperors Palace, Kempton Park.Visit agripreneurs-conference.com. 6 TO 7 JUNE Hortgro Technical Symposium, The Lord…

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dealing with mange in horses

Dear Dr Mac, Please could you offer me some advice about managing grass mange.My elderly gelding has just moved to our new plot and has an abundance of long grass; he previously only had access to relatively short grazing. I recently treated him with 11ml of injectable Ivermectin, based on the advice of other horse owners in the area.It is now a few days later, and he seems to be suffering from severe mange. His face has large, crusty, bare patches that sometimes bleed. Can I treat him with Ivermectin again? Kind regards, Casey Blum Dear Casey, Ivermectin as you’ve administered is a good treatment for mange, which is caused by mites or seed ticks. However, your horse may not have had mange. At this time of year, the…

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please help rehome loving dog

This reader asks that anyone able to provide a home for her bull terrier cross, please contact her urgently. Last year, I lost my life partner and have since been solely responsible for looking after our four dogs. However, I am now in the process of relocating, and as much as I would like to keep my bull terrier cross, McPaw, I just can’t. He turned three years old in January. He is the sweetest thing, and would make a perfect farmer’s dog. He is a dog that is best on his own, without any other dogs, and loves his person or people. I want to find him a loving home that will give him all the love and attention he needs. He is worthy of running the fields…