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Farmer's Weekly 06 March 2020

Farmer’s Weekly is an agricultural magazine based in South Africa, targeting the whole of Southern Africa. The magazine is committed to advancing the interests of the region’s farmers and its agricultural industry by serving as a mouthpiece for the industry and by keeping its readers informed of the latest developments in the agricultural sector.

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corruption a top worry for youth

Young people in Africa are surprisingly optimistic about the future, given the high rate of youth unemployment across the continent. However, as results from a recent survey show, this generation is also disillusioned with corrupt, democratically elected governments and likely to prefer stability over democracy. The Ichikowitz Family Foundation, a leading African foundation encouraging active citizenship across the continent, recently released the African Youth Survey 2020. The results were based on 4 200 in-depth, face-to-face interviews of Africans aged 18 to 24 years across 14 countries in East, West and Southern Africa. According to the survey, African youth tended to be more optimistic about the future of the continent than the future of their own countries, with 63% unhappy with their own countries and 49% unhappy with Africa. While the risk posed by…

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the politics behind sa’s property clause amendment

It is hard to comment on a draft constitutional amendment that is apparently not in its final form. But the stakes surrounding the proposed change to Section 25 of the South African Constitution are too high to wait until the governing ANC sets out exactly how it wants to alter it. As the draft Constitution Eighteenth Amendment Bill is currently worded, Section 25(2)(b) would be changed to provide that ‘a court may, where land and any improvements thereon are expropriated for the purposes of land reform, determine that the amount of compensation is nil’. In addition, a new Section 25(3A) would be inserted, authorising Parliament to set out the circumstances under which such an order could be made, subject to the Constitution. Existing commentary on this proposal has tended to split into two…

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breeding pigs

CONFERENCES, WORKSHOPS & EXPOS 23 TO 27 MARCH Aquaculture Association of Southern Africa Conference, Stellenbosch University.Email deidre@iafrica.com. 26 TO 27 MARCH Environmental Waste and Landfill Management, Emperors Palace, Johannesburg.Email admin@maphosam.co.za. 31 MARCH TO 1 APRIL The Water Show Africa, Sandton Convention Centre. Email Brian Shabangu at brian.shabangu@terrapinn.com. 13 TO 14 APRIL The Solar Power and Wind Renewable Energy Show, Cairo. Email Prima Castelino at prima.castelino@terrapinn.com. COURSES & TRAINING 4 MARCH Breedplan/Genomics, Ebuhlanti Wagyus, Marble Hall.Email office@lrf.co.za. 4 MARCH Lucerne Hay Grading, Cradock. Email Sunet Vermeulen-Fenthum at sunet@lusern.org. 4 TO 5 MARCH Aquaponics and Smart Greenhouse Technology Masterclass, Irene Dairy Farm, Centurion. Email connie@empiretraining.co.za. 5 MARCH Cattle: Pregnancy Awareness, Muldersdrift. Email Lily Rothman at office@rltsafrica.com. 16 TO 18 MARCH Engineering, Management and Operation of Extrusion Plants, Extrusion R&D Centre, Potchefstroom. Email Jaco Beetge at jaco@cfam.co.za. 16 TO 18 MARCH Pigs: Artificial Insemination, George. Email Lily Rothman at office@rltsafrica.com. 21 TO 22 MARCH The Building…

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always keep trying!

People are usually hesitant to grow a food garden as they may feel that the crop will fail, but look what I have grown over my 51 years here in Pinetown in my small back garden! I started with a packet of bush beans and a bag of compost, but failed miserably when most of the beans were pulled out as they emerged by hadedas, and the rest were devoured by locusts. I ended up with only two plants that gave a scanty crop of fresh green beans! However, this did not deter me as I was determined to grow my own food crops. I continued putting in the effort, and now grow 41 different food crops and herbs. My latest additions are bananas and the aubergines. My three apple trees I planted…

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archives from our

16 SEPTEMBER 1970 Drought adjustment 50 YEARS AGO The following article was an abstract from a study concerned with the adjustments made by people who remained on their farms in Mills County, Texas, during a period of prolonged drought (1950 to 1957). It explained that the results of this study could be applied to South Africa to plan future programmes for drought areas. Traditionally, the study area has been largely dependent upon agriculture. From census sources for 1950, 1954 and 1959, certain statistics can be obtained that may be used in determining what happened in agriculture in the area as a whole for this period. In 1950, Mills County had 1 061 farms and ranches, as contrasted with 893 in 1954 and 767 in 1959, declines of 16% and 14% respectively. With essentially the same…

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sa risks losing differential us trade agreements: part 1

In February, the US adjusted the list of developing and least developed countries it will consider for special and differential treatment. Under the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) countervailing duty (CVD) law and the subsidies and countervailing measures (SCM) agreement, least developed and developing countries are allowed to implement specific levels of product-specific and sectoral support, because any related trade-distorting measures are normally considered to be too small to have a significant impact on global markets. For example, special treatment under the CVD law means that governments that are considering reciprocal and countermeasures through a ‘countervailing duty’ investigation must terminate such an investigation if the amount of the subsidy is less than a 2% ad valorem tax, or if the size of imports from the country is less than 4% of total imports. In…