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Farmer's Weekly 25 June 2021

Farmer’s Weekly is an agricultural magazine based in South Africa, targeting the whole of Southern Africa. The magazine is committed to advancing the interests of the region’s farmers and its agricultural industry by serving as a mouthpiece for the industry and by keeping its readers informed of the latest developments in the agricultural sector.

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will covid-19 be the wake-up africa needs?

I was disappointed by the issues raised by government and private-sector leaders in the agriculture industry during a recent webinar on the future of agriculture in Africa, which was presented as part of the BBC Insider Series. There was nothing misleading about what the presenters said, but they had precious little to say that hasn’t been said many times before. Venkataramani Srivathsan, regional managing director and CEO of agribusiness Olam, referred to the long-standing failure of African governments to make good on promises made in the 2003 Maputo Declaration on Agriculture and Food Security to commit 10% of national government spending to agriculture. As he rightly pointed out, this lack of spending by African governments lies at the root of many of the other challenges that have impeded significant growth in…

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how climate change is fuelling the spread of invasive pests

“Since their domestication approximately 10 000 years ago, crops have been threatened by a multitude of pests that cause yield losses, often leading to starvation and social unrest. On average, between 10% and 28% of crop production worldwide is lost to pests. In addition, each year, plant diseases cost the global economy more than US$220 billion (almost R3 trillion) and invasive insects at least US$70 billion (R950 billion). Post-harvest losses also occur, with the worst of these taking place in developing countries. Besides losses, the presence of mycotoxins (toxins produced by fungi) in food and feed can severely threaten the health of humans and livestock. There is evidence to suggest that climate change and global warning will facilitate the introduction of unwanted organisms. The key findings of the report, ‘Scientific review…

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food systems

19 to 21 July (online) The UN Food Systems Pre-Summit brings together the youth, farmers, civil society, researchers, policy leaders and ministers of agriculture, environment, health, nutrition and finance to deliver the latest evidencebased and scientific approaches to food systems transformation from around the world. All interested parties are welcome to attend. Visit un.org/en/food-systems-summit/pre-summit. CONFERENCES, WORKSHOPS AND EXPOS 28 TO 29 JULY Aquaponics and Smart Greenhouse Technology Conference, Radisson Blu Hotel, Sandton. (Delegates may also attend online.) Email Connie Mamabolo at connie@mathematraining.co.za, or phone her on 011 862 4001. 11 TO 12 AUGUST Bushveld Dorper Club Warmbad Livestock Show, Bela-Bela. Phone Annetjie van Wyk on 063 546 2005. COURSES AND TRAINING 24 TO 29 JUNE Beef Cattle Farming and Management Course, George. Phone Rothman Livestock Training Services on 064 506 0720, or email admin@rltsafrica.com. 28 JUNE TO 2 JULY Through the Bushveld,…

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twin studs for double success

According to this father-and-son team, who did well at both shows and sales, listening to judges was as good as attending a cattle-breeding course. Two herds are better than one, as they give you a double shot at the show sales. This is the opinion of Danie le Roux of the farm Kameelpan near Broedersput in the far Western Transvaal [now North West]. He farms Simmentaler cattle with his father, Apie, who began his well-known Jahdal stud in 1977. When Le Roux came to the farm after completing his military training and wanted to work with the same breed, he and his father decided it would be best if he ran a separate herd, which he began in 1983 under the name of Damaran Stud. “Running the two studs involves extra book work, and…

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jennifer ward oppenheimer research grant commences with its third year

Applications for the 2021 Jennifer Ward Oppenheimer (JWO) Research Grant are now open for submission. The JWO Research Grant is an important initiative that seeks to support early-career African researchers focused on innovative research that will contribute to the advancement of environmental and allied sciences, as well as address relevant African issues of current and future importance. The JWO Research Grant begins its third year with impressive momentum, having garnered almost 220 applications from researchers from 26 African countries in 2020. The third JWO Research Grant follows the awarding of the inaugural grant in 2019 to Dr Hayley Clements for her pioneering research titled ‘Quantifying the biodiversity planetary boundary for Africa’, and to Dr Bernard Coetzee in 2020, who was awarded the grant for his work on ‘Reducing vector-borne disease risk by…

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trending in agriculture

MOST POPULAR ON FARMERSWEEKLY.CO.ZA ROOIBOS FARMERS HOPEFUL THAT ORIGIN STATUS WILL LIFT WEAK PRICES Despite farm-gate prices for rooibos currently being under pressure, farmers have expressed optimism about the EU’s acknowledgment of South Africa as the designation of origin of rooibos. Read the full article at bit.ly/3cv55fZ, or scan here: Posted: 8 June 2021. Follow us at @FarmersWeeklySA FROM LINKEDIN @FarmersWeeklySA After a post about Agriculture’s language problem, followers shared their views on the matter. Posted: 3 June 2021. READERS’ COMMENTS Michelle Lesur: “Thanks (FW editor) Denene. Agriculture has such a powerful place in helping build our country.” Donvae Hooker: “A powerful message. Thank you.” Alex Jenkins: “Thank you for the bravery it took to post this. As a technical dairy specialist in the field, who can’t speak Afrikaans, this is close to my heart. It is an easy issue to define…