Fast Bikes February 2021

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new beginnings

So that’s it, 2021 ‘s here. A year of promise, after one so horrendous it deserves drinking out of the history books. I for one am keen to forget it, and focus on all the good times ahead. Call me an optimist, or even deluded, but I always try to look for the positives and focus on the things that matter most, like meeting up with family, having fun with friends and riding a motorcycle at every given chance. If last year taught me anything, it’s how significant the little things are and that’s a lesson I’ll never look to forget. It was hard not being able to ride on a trackday when the sun blazed over my local circuit, and even harder not being able to bury my father…

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2020 bike sales finish on a high

We love seeing good news, especially after the crazy year that was 2020. According to the Motorcycle industry Association (MCIA) who hold all the data and figures for this type of thing, the year ended with sales almost at 2019 levels – which is absolutely brilliant news, considering I the effects of Covid. Oh, and for us sportsbike nuts, sales of sporty machines have risen by a whopping 18%, which is brilliant to see! HONDA UNVEIL THEIR CRF300L AND CRF300 RALLY If you’re on the hunt for something a bit dirtier, then Honda’s CRF300 duo might be right up your alley. Both bikes now give you 10% more power and 18% more torque than last year’s model, thanks to a beefier, 286cc single-cylinder engine. It also comes equipped with reworked gear ratios,…

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triumph and bsb: pioneering a new era of supersport

We’re not sure about you lot, but we got pretty bloody excited when Triumph let out the news that the official factory was going to make a return to national-level racing in 2021, with the potential to step up to the world stage in 2021 if all goes well. Short of a new, non-limited Daytona (which we’ve been told isn’t going to happen – boo), it’s probably some of the coolest news that could’ve come out of Hinckley since they announced their Moto2 expedition a few years ago. But how are they doing it, and is it a good move? Well, we caught up with Stuart Higgs (British Superbike series director/head honcho), alongside Triumph’s man in the know (and product officer) Steve Sargent to find out, and we’re glad to report…

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five minutes with... steve sargent – triumph’s product officer

FB: With Triumph’s commitment to Moto2 in GP and now this, you’re really turning the Street Triple into a naked with some serious racing credentials, is this the final nail in the Daytona’s coffin now? SS: “We get asked this a lot, but we did say that the final format of the Daytona was the Limited Edition Moto2 765c, when we launched it. We stand by that still.” FB: Ah, okay. So just how much of this Supersport knowledge comes from working with and supplying the engines in Moto2? SS: “To be honest, the majority of parts come from the Moto2 development, but we have to remember that this is not quite Moto2 in terms of performance and it will be a step down, so different in many ways.” FB: Was it the plan…

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geared up

MUC-OFF RAINPROOF ESSENTIALS CASE If you’re heading out on two wheels over the next few months, chances are you’re probably going to end up getting a bit cold and wet. And if you do run into some rain, then you’re going to want to keep all your bits nice and dry, which is where this little Rainproof Essentials Case from Muc-Off really could come in handy. Internally, the case features a soft divider so you can throw in essentials like your phone and credit cards, while there’s also a zipped pocket to fit smaller bits, like keys and coins. It’s then protected by a tough, water-repellent fabric. RRP £19.99 OXFORD PRODUCTS HARDCORE XC13 CHAIN LOCK With winter upon us and more bikes going into hibernation as the weather gets grim, there’s never been a better…

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keis g601 heated gloves

TESTED BY: Carlos MILES: 1500+ TIME: Three months PRICE: £199.99 (plus £82.50 battery pack) WEB: Winter months… I mean, who invented those bloody things? Well whoever or whatever it was, it certainly wasn’t with bikers in mind. Getting wet and cold while out trying to enjoy two wheels is no fun at all, which is why a proper set of winter kit is an absolute must – starting with a good, solid, toasty set of gloves. I absolutely love a heated grip, but they aren’t on most of the bikes we ride nor are they always warm enough to keep that wind-chill at bay, so a set of proper gloves was a must for this year; and with the new tech advancements nowadays, they just had to be heated. Not just heated though, they…