Fast Bikes April 2021

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springing into action

It’s been a long, hard winter but in a few weeks’ time it’ll be spring, hopefully lockdown will be lifted and we’ll be back out there doing what we love best; blitzing around on bikes. It’s an exciting time, and the thought of renewed freedom has made me think long and hard about where I’d like to go riding, and what bikes I’d like to blast around on. Typically, we’d be balls-deep in launch season by now, but even that’s been put on ice and it’s not looking to thaw any time soon. But such is life, and I know we will eventually get the chance to try out all of 2021’s new offerings. There are some real corkers in that mix, with the latest revelation being the introduction of…

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the ’busa is back

In the world of us sportsbike fans, there’s perhaps never been a debate fierier than that of the hypersports category and the machines within; you know, really starting with the old Hayabusas, and ZZR1400s from 20-odd years ago. They split opinions deeper than even the whole Brexit shindig did, as we seemed to either absolutely adore their silly power figures, or completely despise the big, chunky things. Yet no matter where you sit on the sporty scale, you’ve got to at least admire them a touch; I mean, sure, they were fairly hefty and chunky back in the day (and still are), but they did absolutely crazy things in terms of speed. And now for 2021, the legend in Suzuki’s corner is back. And yes, it’s just as big as…

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geared up

ARAI QUANTIC HELMET On the hunt for an Arai, but fancied waiting for something new? Because if so, you’re going to like this. Arai’s Quantic is a new model for 2021 aimed at sporty touring riders, meaning it gives race-derived performance, but with added comfort. It’s the first full-face lid from Arai that has gone through the new, rigorous ECE R22-06 helmet testing standards, and is manufactured by hand from Peripherally Belted e-Complex Laminate Construction – which basically gives the shell a load of strength, while a softer, multi-density EPS inner liner works to absorb impact energy. There’s a new 3D Arai logo duct, F1-based dual tear-ducts and even a one-piece rear spoiler, while the VAS MAX vision visor comes with a pinlock as standard. Oh, and the insides have even…

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tried out

4SR CUSTOM AIRBAG READY ONE-PIECE SUIT TESTED BY: Carlos MILES: 1000ish (and one crash) TIME: Nine months PRICE: £1300 WEB: When it comes to riding gear, there’s three things I really look for: the safety, the fit and the appearance. In all honesty, I probably care about each of ‘em in fairly equal measure, and they all matter a hell of a lot more than usual when racing for some reason, which was why I decided to kit up in a set of 4SR’s Racing Power Airbag Ready suits for last year’s season. And yeah, before you ask, of course I went for custom colours…there isn’t a single off-the-peg suit in this world that keeps up with my vibrant and silly colour schemes. Plus, it’s bloody cool being able to choose exactly what you want,…

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the twin is dead… long live the twin!

Ah, Ducati. Even though I’m not an old git just yet, for me it’s always been a brand synonymous with twins; I mean, when I was a nipper the look and sound of Dad’s old 916 sitting in the garage was one of the reasons I ended up constantly wanting to get out on two wheels. Something about them is just special, and I can’t quite put my finger on what…which is strange, considering I’ve actually owned an 899 Panigale and still have a V2 race bike in my life – both housing glorious Italian twin-cylinder powerplants. Yet even so, back in ’18, Ducati ditched their V-twin configuration in their Panigales, and now in 2021, it looks to be the final nail in the coffin of their twin-cylinder big-bored beasts, as…

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what the 1299 panigale r final edition celebrates

If you are talking about the end of an era, the 1299 Panigale R Final Edition really does mark the curtain being drawn on a remarkable run of not only race success but also showroom sales. So what exactly does it celebrate? Although they enjoyed a fair chunk of race success before, it was in the World Superbike Championship that Ducati really made their name and that was down to the Desmoquattro motor, which first arrived in the Ducati 851 after a bit of development as a 748cc motor in a bike that raced at the Bold’Or in September 1987. Designed by Massimo Bordi (while he was at university in Bologna), the Desmoquattro was Ducati’s first four-valve head (hence the name) using the desmo system that also incorporated water-cooling. With the newly…