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here we go!

Just like that, the sun is shining and the ‘new metal’ floodgates have opened…at last. My god, it’s been a long winter and, like me, you probably think this is a moment that’s felt an eternity in the coming; waiting patiently for the possibility to get back out on bikes and finally learn 2021’s offerings on a deeper level than their press releases. As I’ve said before, there are some very tasty new prospects on the cards this season and two of the first candidates to cross our paths are Suzuki’s Hayabusa and Yamaha’s MT-09 SP. You could not get much more different offerings if you tried, but both proved epic platforms for their own unique reasons. Johnny bagged the ‘Busa and fully embraced not only the novelty of a…

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triumph’s ev prototype goes up a notch

PLANET FAST NEW METAL, NEWS & REVIEWS key figures for the TE-1 ► 177bhp ► 109Nm of Torque ► 18,000rpm rev limit ► 220kg ► 0-80% charge in 20 minutes It seems like a lifetime ago that Triumph first told us that they were going down the electric route, and it’s a different one to imagine, as you never quite know how it’s going to turn out. There’s always the worry it’s going to be a big, chunky, lump that just doesn’t cut the mustard in terms of performance or usability, and that costs a pretty penny too – or that they’ll just go down the easy commuter route and leave the high-spec stuff out of the equation. Thankfully, Triumph have just updated us all on where they’re at with their project and it looks like they really…

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geared up

TRANSLOGIC MULTI CHANNEL QUICKSHIFTER There’s a lot of tech in this world that we’d be more than happy to live without, but for us at Fast Bikes Magazine, a quickshifter definitely isn’t one of them…especially when they come as well equipped as the Translogic ‘shifters do. Used at nearly every level, from trackday riders to Moto2 and World Endurance, the Translogic range comes equipped with DSC dual channel sensors, a tiny multi-channel ECU and MotoGP seamsess shift simulation which makes the gear change so smooth it feels as if you’ve almost got a super expensive GP gearbox sitting in your machine. Translogic QSXi Intellishift Quickshifter systems are plug & play for most applications, which is ace as it means that there’s no need to order or pay for any additional harnesses.…

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tried out

SHARK RACE PRO GP FIM TESTED BY: Carlos MILES: 3000 TIME: 9 months PRICE: £779.99 (plus a Rich-Art Concepts spray job) WEB: I’m always pretty precious with what I stick on my noggin, and if I had to choose one item that was going to break the bank and be top spec, it would definitely be the ol’ melon protector. That’s exactly why I got myself an all-singing, all-dancing Shark Race R Pro GP FIM. After using Shark’s Race R Pro for a couple of years previously, I was impressed. It withstood tens of thousands of road and race miles, two crashes and a whole load of abuse, and with just a bit of cleaning both inside and out, it was absolutely spot on. Once that was retired though? Well, I opted for the GP FIM…

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suzuki hayabusa: greener, cleaner, meaner...

With an opening sentence like that you could be forgiven for being disappointed to learn that the very vast majority of those new parts are there to help make the Hayabusa kitten friendly, and not to please the internet ‘experts’ or even current Hayabusa owners by adding to the already excess of power in the name of pub ammo and nothing else. The outpouring of negativity and outrage from the internet when Suzuki announced the details of this, the third-generation Hayabusa, was staggering. For me the reaction was more of a reflection on how high our expectations are these days rather than the accusation that was levelled at Suzuki for being lazy and missing a trick. I believe it’s thanks to just how far manufacturers are prepared to go to…

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…and then there’s guy’s ’busa!

To my knowledge at the time of writing, the most powerful Hayabusa doing the rounds is Guy Martin’s 830bhp turbo-charged weapon that he’s using to try and hit 300mph in a mile from a standing start. As chance would have it, I found myself in the position to have a go on it which I reluctantly took. I say ‘reluctantly’ because who in their right mind wants to sit on top of such a bike and try to do something with it?? I only managed three gear shifts to reach fourth gear, and managed to balls two of them up, but I still somehow hit 219mph in the mile according to his datalogger. That night I didn’t sleep very well so in an attempt to try and clear my scrambled brain,…