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and breathe!

This is the best job in the world (fact). And nothing hammers that reality home quite like assembling the latest and greatest of sportsbikes in readiness for a test quite like no other. For the past two weeks solid we’ve clocked some serious miles, reached some ludicrous speeds and had endless laughs (mostly at Tim) as we’ve bode to define which sportsbike is most worthy of your wonga; on road, on track, on the dragstrip, and down the pub. We’ve even had these weapons on the dyno (in order to have more ammo for return pub trips), in a bid to get to know these bikes better than a politician knows how to avoid answering a question. It’s been hard work, it’s been relentless... but it’s also been the best test…

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what’s in a name?

PLANET FAST BIKES – NEW METAL, NEWS & REVIEWS Almost everything about the new 2021 Yamaha R7 makes perfect sense. A faired sporty variant of the excellent MT-07 roadster is a no-brainer for the firm on a number of fronts. It already has a lively engine and chassis package to transfer over. The R-series family is well established, with options in the 125, 300, 600 and 1000cc sectors. The Supertwin/Minitwin race class is arguably much livelier than the 600 Supersport sector. The current entries – Kawasaki’s Ninja 650 and the elderly Suzuki SV650 – look vulnerable to competition (though the pricier Aprilia RS660 offers a higher performance option). And Yamaha dealers get to offer sportsbike fans a well-priced, decent-performing option between the R3 and the R1 without having to go for…

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geared up

HEL RADIAL MASTER CYLINDER For some reason, braking systems seem to be one of the weakest areas of new bikes, even in high-end in machines – crazy when you think how much research and development has gone into them. But then again, they can be improved fairly easily, with one of the best changes being to upgrade your master cylinder to one like this Hel design. Being CNC machined from solid billets of 6082-T6 aluminium, Hel Radial Master Cylinders are actually finished and assembled by hand, which allow you to get your ideal ratio and fit for your machine. They come with either a standard or folding lever, and are available in a variety of different finishes and options. RRP £239 AGV PISTA GP-RR FUTURO If you want the helmet Rossi, Miller and Morbidelli…

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ultimate sportsbike 2021

While some people planned to celebrate the end of lockdown with a fresh haircut, a pint of bitter and a quick trip down the vaccination centre, here at Fast Bikes we had different intentions. Call us narrow-minded (we’ve been called much worse), but for the past few months we’ve been scurrying around, calling here, emailing there and generally pestering the entire motorcycle industry in a bid to pull off the biggest, fastest and most audacious sportsbike test of 2021. Of course, we’re talking about Ultimate Sports Bike; a test so thorough and broad that the only question you’ll be pondering once you’ve digested what advice, tech and data we have on offer is how you’re going to secret your new purchase past your better half. That, I’m afraid, is a query…

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7th kawasaki zx-10r

It seems harsh having to place the updated ZX-10R in last position, especially when there’s nothing wrong with it. Apart from the rider aids being infuriatingly impossible to understand and navigate, it doesn’t have any bad habits. It’s no less comfortable than the others and it’s got more power than you’ll ever need, delivered in a smooth and refined way. It’s got superb electronics and good quality suspension. It’s just that the others have that little bit more of everything that makes them even more intoxicating and exciting on the road than the ZX-10R. In isolation, the ZX-10R is brilliant because it is, and that’s before you consider its price tag – which we don’t for Ultimate Sportsbike. The lower gear ratios in the first three gears and different final drive…

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6th yamaha r1m

Much like the Kawasaki, the Yamaha R1M is just beginning to show its age, only in the case of the Yamaha it’s doing so with an ace card up its sleeve – an engine with a crossplane crankshaft and a sublime suite of rider aids. We ranked the rider aids as the second best on this test, which by default means they are the second best set of rider aids on any bike. It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise; Yamaha claim they are lifted from Jorge Lorenzo’s 2012 M1 MotoGP bike. Thanks to setting the crankpins at 90 degrees apart from each other, not only does the Yamaha have a genuinely unique and brilliant power delivery, but crucially – and call me shallow here – it sounds amazing, which matters…