Fast Bikes September 2021

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fighting temptation

How would you fill your dream garage? It’s a question I often ask myself on payday, moments before the mortgage, car insurance and kids’ dance class memberships come knocking and decimate whatever pennies I’ve earnt. But a lack of disposable finance doesn’t stop me from dreaming of what could shelter in my garage, alongside my RSV Mille and the twin-shock trials bike I’ve had for more than 20-years. Of course the temptation’s there to rattle off a list of contemporary, high-end sportsbikes; the types that will blow your mind and bank balance in equal measure. There’s nothing wrong with that, and if performance, tech and the latest styling cues are your thing, why the hell wouldn’t you go down that route? As for me, at the ripe old age of 34,…

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SPORTING GESTURE: 2022 KTM RC 8C It’s been more than five years since you could buy a proper sportsbike from KTM. The Austrian nonsense-mongers dropped the ugly-but-awesome RC8 superbike back in 2015, and since then we’ve yearned for a proper full-fat sportsbike in vain. Okay – the Super Duke 1290 and even the Super Adventure 1290 are both properly crackers, and we’re definitely all over them. But perhaps surprisingly for a firm which won four MotoGP rounds last year with its pure-sex RC16 race bike, there’s been little sign of a new, orange, track-ready machine. Until now, that is. Say hello to the RC 8C – a limited edition track-only weapon of a bike, powered by the 890R Duke engine and built by KTM’s close partner, Krämer Motorcycles. Krämer has been making…

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geared up

HPS ISR CUSTOM BRAKE DISC SERVICE We like this a lot. Top Swedish brake firm ISR has launched a new custom manufacturing service that lets you buy totally bespoke brake discs. You can specify your own diameter, offset, drilled, plain, floating, semi-floating or fixed carrier – and the Swedes will bosh them up for you. You can even have special coatings and quality damped floating bobbins. It’s the perfect solution if you’ve built a fancy special, or even just if you’ve swapped a front end or wheel over. They also supply uprated discs in standard sizes and spec for straight replacements. UK firm HPS runs the service, and the prices are very decent indeed – a 300mm GSX-R1000 disc starts from £222 for a straight replacement floating design. There’s an online ordering…

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tried out

SHOEI X-SPIRIT 3 HELMET TESTED BY: TIM NEAVE MILES: 2000+ TIME: 4½ YEARS PRICE: £599.99 (PLAIN COLOUR) WEB: WWW.SHOEIASSURED.CO.UK TEL: 01384 413841 Ever since I started road racing, I only ever wanted the very best protective equipment. The Shoei X-Spirit 3 provides me with exactly that, and I couldn’t be happier to have one on my head when I’m riding. It’s even more reassuring to know that the fastest rider on the planet, Marc Marquez, feels exactly the same way and there’s no denying he’s been the very best test dummy. This lid is built with a shock-absorbent shell with AIM+ and hasa modular EPS liner system with multiple densities, making it ultra-strong yet light weight. The helmet is fastened with a double D-ring and features an EQRS system for emergency helmet removal. The helmet features six closable…

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bargain bullets

It’s true that recently at Fast Bikes we’ve had a lot of new bikes to get to know as the 2021 offerings eventually found their way to these shores. That doesn’t mean we don’t love a nice used bike; in fact, with the price of anew litre bike now starting at the best part of £16,000 for a Kawasaki ZX-10R, the case for a used alternative is a strong one. On top of that, the global shortage of a microchip that is used in pretty much every bike’s ABS system means the waiting list for new machines has never been longer. So, this year more than any other, the second-hand bike is in more demand than usual. We decided to pay a visit to my newest local used bike dealer, Fasttrack Motorcycles,…

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blurring the lines

Here at Fast Bikes it goes without saying that the sportier the bike, the better it usually is. Even so, it’s nice to have a little bit of comfort thrown in now and again; as fun as it is holding on for dear life with a savage superbike, it’s not quite the thing for 600-mile days and a shed-load of touring. And also, let’s not forget about the whole age thing – superbikes these days are getting smaller and more compact than ever, and if you’ve had an ‘entertaining’ life with the scars to prove it, sometimes, it’s time to just move onto that next stage… but that doesn’t mean you have to be boring and head down the GS route, oh no. There are other options on the table…