Fast Bikes December 2021

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test of time

Bikes are beyond exceptional these days in terms of performance, tech and styling… as I’m sure most of us would agree. It’s crazy to think how rapidly models have evolved over the past decade or two, and who only knows what’s waiting around the corner for us. It’s an exciting time but it never hurts to look back every now and again, to remind ourselves of where our biking roots began. One machine that’s allowed such an opportunity has been Yamaha’s R7, which I’ve covered comprehensively this month, both testing the new parallel-twin version and the original OW-02 that Haga put to good use in World Superbikes 22 years ago. The name’s the same but the differences between both machines are startling…and not just because of the engine configuration. As…

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new metal

PLANET FAST BIKES-NEW METAL, NEWS & REVIEWS SPORTY TOURERS! 2022 Suzuki GSX-S1000 GT and Honda NT1100 The adventure touring sector has pretty much blown traditional sporty tourers out of the water for years now. But is there life in the old ST class yet? Honda and Suzuki certainly seem to think so, with both firms releasing new machinery in the sector for 2022. First up is the Suzuki GSX-S1000 GT – a fully-faired version of the naked GSX-S1000 we rode earlier in the year. This GT version takes the same 152bhp engine and decent chassis package and adds a much more touring-friendly fairing. You also get a 19-litre fuel tank, wide rubber-mounted handlebars and LED lighting, plus extra-comfy seating. There’s optional hard luggage, thanks to a stronger new rear subframe, and a huge 6.5-inch…

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geared up

HPS HEAVY DUTY MOTORCYCLE PADDED WHEEL & TYRE BAGS In our experience, there are basically two types of home garages – either an operating-theatre spec cleanroom with every Snap-on spanner in a neat foam cut-out in the tool chest and a polished floor you can see your face in... or something out of that obsessive compulsive hoarding programme, with a bike hidden behind a mound of kids’ toys, bicycles, an ancient tumble dryer, chest freezer and grubby lawnmower. Whichever you have, these smart wheel bags make a lot of sense. You’ll obviously have spare wheels for all your bikes, fitted with slicks or race wets for trackdays. And these heavyweight bespoke 17-inch wheel bags from HPS will keep them neat and tidy if you have a WSB-spec garage (or keep the cat…

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tried out

SCHUBERTH C4 – PRO HELMET TESTED BY: Charlie Oakman MILES: 2000+ TIME: Three years PRICE: £499.99 WEB: TEL: 01425 620580 A flip-front helmet in Fast Bikes... are you mad? Well, quite – that was my thought at first having visited Bikerheadz on the south coast, and the guvnor Pete pretty much demanded I ride home in the C4-Pro’s predecessor, the C3. I ‘quietly’ succumbed to the benefits of a modular helmet and since 2019, the C4-Pro has been my go-to for longer trips and upright rides. Between the C3 and C4-Pro was the C4. This wasn’t the best, suffering as it did with terrible condensation, which was a possible oversight as they developed the excellent internal comms unit. A mistake maybe, but we all have to make them to improve and the C4-Pro is testament to this. It’s…

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supersport saviour

"THE YAMAHA PROVED DOCILE BUT NOT DULL, SOMEHOW MANAGING TO MAKE ME EEL AS THOUGH I WAS THE BOSS OF IT." Of course, I’m talking about the R7, which has zero to do with the original R7 (OW-02) but hopes to open the door to new riders wanting a slice of sizeable sportsbike sauciness. It’s a fair shout and a worthy addition to the brand’s already extensive supersport line-up, bridging the gap from the entry-level R3 to the all-out R1 – and not just from the point of potency but affordability, too. Hitting UK showrooms from November, the R7 is refreshingly priced at £8200. The question is – what are you getting for your money? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s been hard to escape the online onslaught suggesting the…

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back to the beginning

TECH DATA Where Bruce’s R7 makes a very strong case for being the most important bike of a generation, the original makes a similarly strong case for being the poster bike of a generation. Both are and were hugely important to Yamaha, but for very different reasons – yet for all its iconic status, the old R7 only raced for a couple of seasons and, relative to the amount invested by Yamaha, will probably go down as a bit of a damp squib in terms of results. The year 1999 yielded just one victory and a couple of podiums out of 52 race starts, if you consider that two bikes started each race, and while 2000 was much better, it still only produced four wins and eight podiums on the way to…