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Fasting Diet Book

Fasting Diet Book

Fasting Diet Book

If you're looking to lose weight fast, then look no further. Our new guide to fasting diets has you covered. Learn all about the different types of fast you can undertake, from 5:2 to juicing. Then, get stuck in with our fantastic selection of recipes, designed to inspire you and make your fast delicious and healthy. From breakfasts to main meals, we've got a huge variety of easy, tasty dishes you can whip up in minutes when you feel a little peckish. You can also use our helpful meal planner to help you decide what to eat, and learn how to manage your calories as you go along. It's the perfect guide to helping you on your fasting journey.

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welcome to the fasting diet book

Fasting has long been a key facet of human eating habits. Whether i’s our hunter-gatherer ancestors going for long periods without a successful catch, or a self-imposed fast for spiritual purification, there are times when one simply does not eat anything. It can be good to take a step back from the traditional three-meals-per-day mindset, and really assess what we are eating. That’s where fasting diets come in. Said to bring about many benefits, including weight loss and improved metabolism, interest in fasting diets has skyrocketed in recent years. But that doesn’t have to mean you give up eating delicious foods – so long as you considerably reduce your calorie intake some days of the week, you can enjoy a normal, balanced diet the rest of the time. Inside this book, you’ll…

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what is fasting?

The concept of ‘fasting’ has been hitting the headlines recently, promising such potential benefits as weight loss, increased energy, an improvement in chronic digestive conditions, and even a reversal of Type 2 diabetes. Usually this comes in the form of ‘intermittent fasting’, of which there are numerous variants, but there are other variations too, such as juice fasting. There is no shortage of new diets year on year, but fasting, in one guise or another, has always been around – long before it became the diet de jour – and its advocates are many, ranging from celebrities and television stars, to well-regarded health experts and clinical professionals. FASTING EXPLAINED So what is fasting? Essentially, it is making a conscious choice to abstain from food. In the strictest forms of fasting, normally associated with…

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other fasting diets

The Warrior Diet www.orihofmekler.com This is another time-restricted fasting pattern, developed by Ori Hofmekler, formerly of the Israeli Special Forces. However, you might find that it’s quite extreme for a fasting diet. You fast for 20 hours a day and then are encouraged for eat as much as you want for 4 hours a day. It’s hard to sustain and isn’t backed up by any scientific evidence, though its core principles are very similar to that of the Leangains/16:8 method. LighterLife Fast www.lighterlifefast.com This is another plan based on intermittent fasting, but uses replacement shakes, bars, meals and soups on fasting days to keep your calorie intake low on two days a week. In its essence it is the same as the 5:2 diet, with Fast Days and Smart Days. On Fast Days, you can…

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top tips for coping with hunger

You will feel hungry on a fast day or fast period to start off with! But there are things that you can do to help you manage your cravings and get through the day. It does get easier with time too. Drink some water Water fills your stomach and helps you feel less hungry. Some dieters also suggest trying fizzy water as the bubbles make you feel even fuller. Distract yourself Hunger pangs tend to come and go, so if you can distract yourself, you’ll probably find that they will go away. Try reading a book or doing a puzzle – anything that engages your brain so you don’t think about your hunger. Plan ahead If you have been feeling very hungry on fast days, make sure that you’re eating enough the day before. Plan your…

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how to fast safely

If you’re going to undertake any form of fasting, you need to be aware of the potential risks as well as the reported benefits. It’s important to do your research before you undertake any new diet regime, and fasting is no exception. We’ve already touched on some of the possible side effects of fasting on the individual diet pages, but here we’ll go into these in more detail, as well as who fasting isn’t suitable for, the possible risks and how to negate these, and key signs you should watch out for. By being more aware of fasting and its effects on the body, you can learn to fast safely and effectively, reaping the rewards without the negative effects. COMMON SIDE EFFECTS One of the most common problems associated with fasting is dehydration. We…

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fasting and mindfulness

There is a reason that fasting is part of spiritual and religious teachings. In these circumstances, weight loss and health are not the point; these fasts are designed to help you get more in touch with yourself and feel a deep sense of connection and peace. Mindfulness is very closely linked to the art of fasting, but it’s something that is not practised enough in today’s busy world. We are often suffering from stress and not enough sleep, all of which is exacerbated by unhealthy diets full of junk and processed foods. Mindfulness can help to reduce stress levels, aid sleep and even be a tool to use in general health and wellbeing. Used correctly, it could even help with weight loss. You can incorporate mindfulness into your new lifestyle in…