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Fine Cooking Winter 2006 No.75

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Fine Cooking offers knowledge and inspiration for passionate cooks. The November/December 2020 issue contains recipes featuring seasonal ingredients such as pomegranates, root vegetables, and cool-weather greens, plus easy weeknight dishes for a busy holiday season. Other special sections include three perfect turkeys for Thanksgiving—from a classic brined bird to an asado-style spatchcocked turkey, to soy-miso-glazed breasts—a classic Christmas menu, and a selection of beautiful maple desserts. Every issue of Fine Cooking includes numerous unique and delicious recipes as well as helpful tips and guidelines to ensure that each recipe you try at home turns out as beautiful and tasty as it appears in the magazine photos.

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something for everyone

When holiday time rolls around, not only does your normal routine turn topsy-turvy, but suddenly your usual cooking repertoire seems, well, not quite sexy enough. One day your office might be having a cookie swap, the next your neighbor is having an open house (please bring a dessert). What if, this year, the family's coming to your house for Christmas dinner, or your best friends from college are coming to stay for N ew Year's weekend? It's almost like you have to take on a new identity for every event: The Entertainer, The Baker, The GiftMaker. You need help, you need inspiration, you need recipes! To the rescue comes Fine Cooking's special holiday issue. F or the entertainer, we've got three very different and special menus: A cocktail party where the…

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getting the most from our recipes

Ingredients Unless otherwise noted, assume that • butter is unsalted.• eggs are large (about 2 oz. each).• flour is u nbleached all-purpose (don't sift unless directed to).• sugar is white granulated.• fresh herbs, greens, and lettuces are washed and dried.• garlic, onions, and fresh ginger are peeled. How to follow a recipe • Before you start, read the recipe from start to finish so there are no surprises. • Before actually starting to cook or bake, gather all the necessary i ngredients and equipment. Prepare the ingredients according to the directions i n the ingredient list (see below for more on this). • For determining doneness, always rely first on the recipe's sensory descriptor, such as "cook until golden brown. " Consider any times given in a recipe merely as a guide for when to start…

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Ris Lacoste ("Home for the Holidays;' p. 38) is the awardwinning executive chef of 1 789 Restaurant in Washington, DC, where she has been cooking since 1 995. Despite her busy schedule at the restaurant, Ris volunteers her time for both regional and national causes, including Taste of the Nation, Zoofari, Share our Strength, DC Rape Crisis Center, St. Jude Hospital for Children, and Food and Friends in Washington, and is an active supporter of local farmers' markets. A member of the National Board of Directors for the American Institute of Wine and Food, Ris also serves on the board of and as a mentor for the Marriott Hospitality Public Charter High School. Fine Cooking contributing eDdiotodr Abge igail Johnson ("Ginger Cookies;' p. 44) is the author of many cookbooks, including…

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soft & chewy honey caramels

Fruitcake may be traditional and cookies wellloved, but for a truly special holiday gift, treat your friends to homemade caramels. With a few tools and the recipe on p. 1 6 , you can easily make the best caramels your friends and family will ever taste. This caramel recipe is one of my favorites: It has the buttery sweetness of a classic caramel candy, but the addition of honey lifts the flavor out of the ordinary. The honey also happens to make this recipe more forgiving, helping to keep the caramel smooth. Follow a few rules and success is yours. Caramel candies have a reputation for being difficult. They shouldn't. Sure, there are a few stumbling blocks, but my recipe is designed to help you avoid them. The biggest hazard you face…

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delicious ideas for holiday giving

With a cheese board like this one, your guests won't need to guess which cheese is whichjust identify each by writing directly on the slate with chalk. To build on your gift, give a cheeseof- the-month club membership or a high-quality cheese knife along with the board. Vermont slate cheese platters, $ 1 7 to $30 at J KAdams .com (866-362-4422). A decorati n g kit with a l l the basics W e love how easy i t is t o wrap and give this cake decorating set: All the pieces are packed right in a 9-inch cake pan. Perfect for any baker or novice cake decorator, the 1 4-piece set comes with pastry bags, decorating tubes, pastry tubes, a coupler, an offset spatula, and a bowl scraper. Cake decorating set,…

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10 great gifts in a bottle

A bottle o f something nifty is a great way to say "Happy Holidays, " and any of the ten below, from modest to extravagant, are gifts we'd love to receive . Depending on how much you want to spend, and whether you want to give a bottle that's dry or sweet, there's something here for everyone. If you can't find the specific pick we've recommended, ask a good merchant about similarly delicious examples. ( Retail prices are approximate, and mail order is possible only in states where it's legal. For more information, go to the web sites mentioned, or check with your local retailer. ) dry Easy-s i p p i n g Alsace b l e n d Hugel Gentil, $ 1 1 Gentil, a deliciously versatile white wine , makes a fine…