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FineScale Modeler September 2017

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FineScale Modeler teaches you to build models of aircraft, armor, ships and more. Clear articles show you how to assemble, paint, and finish the latest model kits. Every issue includes unbiased reviews of kits that were built and tested for accuracy, product announcements, tips from the experts, and a gallery of readers’ models.

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... and then i read the instructions!

Disaster doesn’t loom over every modeling project, but it can strike at anytime, at any skill level. And let’s admit it, it has bitten us all. We’ve all dumped paint, dropped and lost a key piece, or broken it before or after finding it. Possibly we’ve even dropped a finished model! I have a problem with instructions (my wife would likely confirm this) — I often don’t read them. But even when I do, I seem to miss a step here or there, especially in the painting process. So repainting often is required. While not exactly a disaster, it’s a time suck — and who needs more of those? Our Mark Hembree notes that getting the decals wrong is at the top of his list of mistakes. Adverse paint reactions would be next,…

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scale talk

Workbench photos Must have ability to multitask This is my building space. I am currently working on three projects at once: the USS Constitution, a Tiger I mid-build, and a 109G. I love seeing everyone’s workbench photos. Keep sending them in! – Gerald Mosier Walnut Grove, Mo. The proud owner of a man cave Here’s my fun place: a 20- x 14-foot man-cave apartment in my backyard. It’s totally stuffed with all sorts of things. There are so many models in display cases crammed in there, I couldn’t show them all. – Ronald Carvalho New Braunfels, Texas Gets to build every day You’re looking at my studio. I am 73 and have been modeling since the age of 15. Since I retired, I devote three to four hours a day to building. This gives me structure (important when you are retired), is really…

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new products

Spotlight Academy strikes hard with new Eagle Hot on the heels of its 1/72 scale F-4J and F-18F, Academy has produced a newtool F-15E (No. 12550). Unlike the previous smallscale aircraft, the Strike Eagle is not molded in multicolored plastic and doesn’t include stickers in addition to waterslide decals. However it shares push-together engineering and outstanding detail and options with the Phantom and Super Hornet. Fine recessed panel lines and rivets mark the airframe surfaces. In the cockpit, raised controls and dials detail the instrument panels and side consoles with decals providing switches and MFD screens. Full-length intakes start with detailed ramps and end with fans; at the other end the exhausts have jetpipes and simplified nozzles without the turkey feathers. What’s a Strike Eagle without ordnance? The kit features AIM-9 and AIM- 120 missiles…

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weathering a desert spitfire

Floyd Werner describes Eduard’s 1/48 scale Spitfire Mk.IXc as probably “the best kit he’s ever built.” Adding Eduard’s aftermarket Brassin cockpit and engine improved the kit’s already good detail without overly complicating construction. In no time at all, the model was ready for painting. After applying the kit’s precut masks to the canopy, he wiped the model with Testors Plastic Prep and sprayed the clear parts with interior green to match the cockpit. Alclad II Gray Primer and Microfiller revealed a couple of trouble spots to be fixed; a final coat provided a smooth foundation for the camouflage. “It is the perfect primer,” he says. “Covers and dries quickly; it’s the only one I use.” To make the underside more visually interesting and start weathering the top, he pre-shaded with Tamiya NATO black.…

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painting beards

D warves and facial hair go together like Peaches and Herb or hobbits and rings. A great example of this can be seen on Robot Rocket Miniatures’ (www.robotrocketminiatures.co.uk) 1/12 scale bust, The Long Road. The resin dwarf is a gem with terrific detail that allows you to go crazy with colors and textures. I used new handmade paintbrushes from The Brushman, David Jackson (thebrushman@hotmail.co.uk) He provided me with samples of several brushes and they are amazing! As I proceed with the dwarf ’s hair, you’ll notice I did not add any specific shadow colors to the hair. Instead, the previous layers act as shadows, and I think the hair looks more natural for it. Paints used Scale 75 Fantasy & Games Shrapnel Red SFG-36 Scale 75 Fantasy & Games Chink Orange SFG-37 Scale 75 Fantasy &…

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turn out a terrific t-26

A lthough not celebrated like the famous T-34, the T-26 light infantry tank played a critical role in the Soviet army from the early 1930s through World War II. When the Germans invaded the Soviet Union in 1941, the USSR had more T-26s in its inventory than any other tank. HobbyBoss’ 1/35 scale T-26 Model 1938 (No. 82497) looks right and has plenty of detail, but the complex suspension is fragile with fine features that are easily broken or lost during cleanup. I added fishing sinkers inside of the hull to keep the wheels flat on the Friulmodel metal tracks (No. ATL-45) I used in place of the kit’s individual-link plastic tracks. I added extra bolts to the hull and fender mounts, and used sheet styrene in place of incorrect photo-etch…