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Fitness SA July - August 2015

Fitness magazine covers all aspects of the female health and fitness lifestyle, with dedicated training sections that delve into everything related to gym based-training and various sporting codes. This includes health and fitness product news, trends and techniques, as well as expert nutritional and supplementation information from the industry’s top experts – all delivered in a well designed, attractive looking layout that entices readers to carry on feeding their hunger for information.

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switch gears

I’ve been travelling a lot recently which means everything about my fitness routine has had to change. However, this offered me the opportunity to change my workouts and try a few new moves that are more suited to my current suitcase lifestyle. That basically means body weight exercises or any workout aid or device that will be light and small enough to pack into my travel bag. When I knew that my schedule was going to be turned upside down for the best part of three months I had to investigate alternatives for my training. It brought me back to the more basic moves, but they’re also the most effective ones. I’ve also had to embrace fitness equipment that I’ve previously overlooked (if you didn’t already know, I’m a ‘free-weight’ girl,…

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LAETITIA DEE, Life Coach CEO & founder of Laetus Life, Life Coach, weight management coach (HFPA), motivational speaker, and Supashape ambassador. Holds a BA Psychology Degree. www.laetuslife.com WILNA APPEL, Head coach and owner, CrossFit PBM CrossFit coach, trainer and competitor – 2012 female runner-up in Africa Regionals and member of 2014 Africa Regionals Team Champions. www.crossfitpbm.com JAMES PATRICK Photographer Arizona-based commercial and editorial photographer specialising in sports, fitness, commercial and fashion. jamespatrick.com •fitmodelguide.com SARAH HALL, Biokineticist Biokineticist and online coach specialising in exercise rehabilitation, running, contest prep and exercise modification. Also a competitive bikini athlete. www.sherifftraining.co.za MARIO VAN BILJON, Microbiologist Co-founder and CEO of Scientific Sports Nutrition (SSN), and founder of Body Guru. A competitive IFBB bodybuilder.www.ssn.co.za ABBY CLARK, Life coach Rebar Fitness co-founder, personal trainer, coach, blogger and writer, NPC Bikini Champion, and founder of www.TheBikiniCompetitor.com. NICOLE SEYMOUR, Coach and trainer Multiple national…

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health news

5 WORKOUT SECRETS 1 Be consistent: No exercise programme works if you don’t do it consistently. 2 Follow an effective exercise programme based on your goals, genetics and level of proficiency. 3 Set realistic goals. 4 Use the buddy system – you’re more likely to stick with it and see results. 5 Find a routine that fits your life. SOLAL® IMMUFEND™ Solal®’s Immufend™ is a new range that treats the causes and symptoms of colds and flu. Immufend™ products can be used separately or combined depending on the need. For instance, Immufend™ Immune Defence can be topped up for a few days with Immufend™ Cold & Flu if symptoms such as a runny or blocked nose develops and/or with Immufend™ Cough & Chest for coughs and chest congestion. Use Solal®’s Immufend™ range daily, even when healthy, to help…

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our top fitness reads this month

1 THE STRESS CURE: THE ANSWER TO A 21ST CENTURY PANDEMIC By Patrick Holford and Susannah Lawson. In this book Holford says that modern-day living and the stress that comes with it has hijacked our ancestors’fight or flight response, putting us on non-stop high alert. This chronic stress shuts down proper digestion and the repair of the cells. In The Stress Cure he explains that the way out of the stress trap is to address both your body, your mindset and your habits to learn to build stress resilience and to increase your energy levels to deal with challenging situations. This involves diet, nutritional supplements, exercise and lifestyle changes. The book examines why we become stressed in the first place, how the stress response is unique to each of us and why…

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industry news

NIKE FREE-RANGE EXPANDS IN THE 11TH YEAR OF THE POPULAR NIKE FREE FRANCHISE, NIKE INTRODUCES THREE EVOLVED RUNNING STYLES: THE NIKE FREE 3.0 FLYKNIT, THE NIKE FREE 4.0 FLYKNIT AND THE NIKE FREE 5.0. The new models take the next step toward harnessing the natural motion of a runner’s feet and body – not by adding, but by honing down to the design features that give runners a more natural running experience. The collection features redesigned uppers engineered to work holistically with the shoe’s natural flexibility. Nike Free takes a research-based, body-led approach to the sole that allows the foot to sit close to the ground and move as nature intended. The hexagonal flex grooves on the outsole of all three Nike Free running shoes provide a fuller range of motion, letting the…

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liquid calories

About the author: Dani Waterston is a competitive Bikini athlete and fitness model, an E-Fit brand ambassador, and a consulting nutritionist. She also holds a master’s degree in psychology. This combination of knowledge and experience has helped her create a foundation that enables her to understand health and fitness on a deeper psychological and emotional level. OUR BODIES DON’T REGISTER LIQUID CALORIES IN THE SAME WAY AS SOLIDS. ”More often than not I get a sheepish smile followed by a confession…“I drink a lot of coffee”,“I have a few diet drinks a day”, or“lots of tea and water”. Then, inevitably, comes the final question:“Oh, by the way, just how‘bad’are energy drinks and alcohol?” Based on these common responses it is safe to say that, in essence, many people may be consuming sufficient liquid each…