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Fitness SA Sept/Oct 2014

Fitness magazine covers all aspects of the female health and fitness lifestyle, with dedicated training sections that delve into everything related to gym based-training and various sporting codes. This includes health and fitness product news, trends and techniques, as well as expert nutritional and supplementation information from the industry’s top experts – all delivered in a well designed, attractive looking layout that entices readers to carry on feeding their hunger for information.

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a fitness state of mind

A WHILE BACK, WHILE I WAS IN THE OFFICE, I HEARD A SONG THAT TRANSPORTED ME BACK TO THE YEARS WHEN I SPENT A FAIR AMOUNT OF TIME RUNNING AND CYCLING. I recalled the feeling I had back then: endorphins flowing and a dedicated focus on the task at hand. The sense of belonging and the awareness I had during those times was a turning point in my ‘fitness consciousness’, which is when I made the most significant changes to my health, fitness and body. I learnt that physical exertion wasn’t just a challenge for my body, it also gave my mind the ‘space’ it needed to grow. Many critical business and editorial decisions happened outside of office hours when my mind and body were free to ‘move’ For others this…

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health news

HIGH-FIVE YOUR HEALTH HAVEN’T ACCOMPLISHED SOME OF THESE YET? Add these to your goals list for 2014. No excuses! Start now! • Wake up early for a morning jog. • Lift heavier weights in the gym. • Beat your personal record in the gym, such as the number of pull-ups you can do. • Resist sweet treats. The Centre of Disease Control and Prevention has found that people who exercise for just an hour every day are 40% less likely to experience premature death, compared to those who only get 30 minutes or less of exercise daily. IT’S NOT TOO LATE A study published in the journal Circulation in June has delivered some good news to anyone who started their journey to health and fitness later in life. The scientists conducting the Northwestern Medicine® study found that when adults in…

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our top fitness reads this month

1 RUNNING WITH THE PACK By Mark Rowlands Mark Rowlands has run for most of his life. He has also been a professional philosopher and for him the two - running and philosophising – are inextricably connected. In Running with the Pack he tells us about the most significant runs of his life – from the entire day he spent running as a boy in Wales, to the runs along French beaches and up Irish mountains with his beloved wolf Brenin, and through Florida swamps more recently with his dog Nina. Intertwined with this honest, passionate and witty memoir are the fascinating meditations that those runs triggered. R257 www.kalahari.com 2 MISSING MICROBES : HOW KILLING BACTERIA CREATES MODERN PLAGUES By Martin Blaser Far beneath our skin exists an unfathomable, ancient universe – an internal Eden…

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events & stuff

GREYLING WINS DODO TRAIL The Dodo Trail lifts the veil on the adventurer’s paradise of Mauritius. It’s billed as a trail run, but it is actually an adventure of the highest order. With routes over 50km, 25km 10km, and a 5km fun run, it draws over 1,300 entries from 13 countries. The Extreme Dodo Trail, which covers a distance of 50km with more than 3500m of altitude gain, starts in the shadow on Le Morne Brabant on the south west corner of the island and traverses seven peaks before runners drop back down to sea level off the 550m Tourelle Du Tamarin. Over 50 South Africans entered the Dodo events in 2014, with Salomon athlete Landie Greyling leading the charge. She emerged as the winner of the Ladies Extreme race, completing the 50km…

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supplement news

USN CASEIN The slow digestion and absorption of amino acids has become an essential and highly beneficial element of recovery. Taken primarily before bed, or prior to periods where your body is typically subjected to reduced food intake, casein has been shown to help spare and protect lean muscle by inhibiting the breakdown of muscle tissue. Using the highest grade of micellar casein, USN Casein is highly acid-sensitive, and thickens quickly in the stomach, starting a process whereby valuable amino acids are released over several hours. USN Casein possesses a very different amino acid profile to faster digesting alternatives, with high levels of glutamic acid, a conditionally essential amino acid which plays a valuable role in muscle recovery. USN Casein includes AminoGenR, a designer digestive enzyme that has been shown to improve…

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4 important things to know about exfoliating: 1. Know your product There are two basic types of exfoliators: • Manual exfoliators – Products that physically rub off the dead skin cells usually with small granules.• Chemical exfoliators – Products that slough off dead skin cells using active ingredients such as AHAs. 2. Know your skin type Your specific skin type will determine which type of exfoliating process is best suited for you. Chemical exfoliators are best for sensitive, dry or acne-prone skin as they are the least abrasive. They should only be used once or twice a week. For oily or combination skins a manual exfoliator will work wonders and can be used up to three times a week. 3. Don’t overdo it Don’t be tempted to exfoliate every day as too much can cause the…