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Fitness SA September - October 2016

Fitness magazine covers all aspects of the female health and fitness lifestyle, with dedicated training sections that delve into everything related to gym based-training and various sporting codes. This includes health and fitness product news, trends and techniques, as well as expert nutritional and supplementation information from the industry’s top experts – all delivered in a well designed, attractive looking layout that entices readers to carry on feeding their hunger for information.

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bikini basics

“I do resistance training in the gym about 4-5 times a week, with minimal cardio. I walk every day and do sprints twice a week. I love to stay active outside the gym and get fresh air.”COVER GIRL JANNA BRESLINA I've been in this business for 14 years. In that time I have witnessed fitness trends come and go, seen new research change the way we think about nutrition, and experienced how technology has helped reshape the way we track, benchmark and record our fitness. Over the past few years the fitness magazine team have put numerous spring and summer issues together, always with a focus on getting leaner and fitter (faster) to achieve your best summer body. I think it's safe to say that we have explored every possible angle in…

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LAETITIA DEE, Life Coach CEO & founder of Laetus Life, Life Coach, weight management coach (HFPA), motivational speaker, and Supashape ambassador. Holds a BA Psychology Degree. www.laetuslife.com JAMES PATRICK Photographer Arizona-based commercial and editorial photographer specialising in sports, fitness, commercial and fashion. jamespatrick.com •fitmodelguide.com CINDY ELLIS, Photographer As a former competitive fitness athlete and an active CrossFit competitor, Cindy’s ability to capture the human body and movement is unrivalled. www.cindyphoto.co.za RICHARD COOK Photographer Owner of Flashback Studios in Randburg, Joburg. Richard is the official USN Face of fitness photographer. He shoots predominantly magazine and advertising work on Phase One equipment. WILNA APPEL, Head coach and owner, CrossFit PBM CrossFit coach, trainer and competitor – 2012 female runner-up in Africa Regionals and member of 2014 Africa Regionals Team Champions. www.crossfitpbm.com LIL BIANCHI KIMBLE Head coach & owner of OTG Athletic World Champion…

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top reads this month

CARALISHIOUS NUTRITION & LIFESTYLE GUIDE By Cara-Lisa Cara-Lisa is a health blogger, fitness enthusiast, wellness coach, and founder of the Caralishious brand. After overcoming years of struggle in her relationship with food and body image, it is now her passion to help heal others. This book is a complete food and health how-to guide that helps readers reconnect with their body, understand the fundamentals of whole-food nutrition, eat in a way that works to better energy, health, wellness and vitality, and adapt to a sustainable way of eating that is free from fads, yo-yo dieting and restrictions. R650 www.caralishious.com THE HEALTHY LIFE Kindle Edition By Jessica Sepel Jessica Sepel is a young Sydney-based nutritionist with a hugely popular health blog. Her philosophy is simple: good health starts in the kitchen. Her focus is on fresh produce,…

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power up

BARRE 180: FUSING BALLET, YOGA AND PILATES Virgin Active South Africa has launched a new class called Barre 180®, which delivers a fusion of ballet, yoga and Pilates. The class is 45-60 minutes of ballet-inspired workout routines, but with a twist. Although it’s classic-inspired, the class is set to the latest upbeat music to create an energetic feel. Barre 180® begins with a free-flowing ballet-inspired warm-up, followed by sections that are dedicated to pure ballet, body conditioning, and intense cardio, with the class ending with a beautiful stretch. After the warm-up members can expect full-body workout fun with elements from ballet, Pilates and yoga. Most of the class takes place on a barre (some members will use a portable barre) that is designed to build flexibility and strength in the legs,…

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events calendar

VIRTUOSITY GAMES 16.6 The Virtuosity Games allow athletes to benchmark their performance and progress, while also bringing the CrossFit community closer together. The format builds on the concept of ‘what gets measured, gets improved’. The team format encourages athletes to support each other’s efforts. DATE: Saturday, 3 September 2016 VENUE: CrossFit Platinum, 66 6th Street, Linden, Johannesburg Visit virtuosity.co.za/events for more info. CELL C DAY OF RACES POWERED BY REEBOK The streets of Cape Town will be buzzing with excitement when eager runners gather to take on this 5km route. The theme is ‘find your fit’ and runners will certainly be able to find a start wave that suits them best. Entrants are encouraged to be social by taking photos and videos at designated points on the route and sharing them to the event’s social media…

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tech junky

SUUNTO SPARTAN ULTRA The Spartan Ultra is the next generation multi-sport watch from Suunto. This GPS-enabled device, hand-made in Finland, is suited to both athletes and adventurers as it is water resistant to 100m and sports an extremely durable colour touch screen with a wide viewing angle to deliver great visibility in bright sunlight. The watch is built with a glass fibre-reinforced polyamide casing, sapphire crystal glass and a grade-5 titanium or stainless steel bezel. For adventures, the Suunto Spartan Ultra offers guided route navigation, barometric altitude with FusedAlti™, a digital compass, and a competitive battery life. With FusedSpeed™, heart rate measurement and an in-built accelerometer, the device also accurately tracks training and provides versatile insights on progress for a multitude of sports. It offers dozens of preset sport modes, including…