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Food & Home Entertaining February 2017

South Africa's most established and trusted food magazine inspires professionals, homemakers, culinary students and food lovers. Even the most sophisticated dishes are made accessible to the reader, and there’s never a shortage of comfort food ideas for the whole family. Food & Home keeps readers up-to-date on trends, faces and places, restaurants, events, gadgets, local producers and gourmet travel destinations.

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risky business

The year is 1997. The venue: the car park of the Leo Macquard men’s residence at the University of Cape Town. The date: 14 February. My precise location? Crouching next to the wheel of a white VW Golf, while clutching 12 red roses. Perhaps this is where I need to explain the situation a little better... For months until then, I had spent 80% of my Sociology lectures stealing sidelong glances at a rather delicious dude – I didn’t know his name, but his tousled golden hair was like spun sugar, his eyes the to-get-lost-in khaki green of Agrinion olives and he was built like a solid block of farmhouse Cheddar. Having exchanged only coy smiles with him, I decided there was no time like V-Day to make my feelings clear.…

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our contributors

JULES MERCER WRITER AND FOOD STYLIST Jules is passionate about sustainable food and inspired by the people who keep us fed: farmers; producers; bakers. She works with farmers on a regular basis with her pop-up Outlandish Kitchen, which allows her to meet amazing people all over the world. “The highlight of visiting The Oyster Lady (p. 28) was getting to taste the oysters straight from the bay, on the raft. Enjoying the fresh harvest so close to the farm itself, with the foragers, was a pretty high moment for a foodie!” TOBY MURPHY PHOTOGRAPHER Toby is originally from Liverpool, England, and moved to Cape Town nine years ago. He thinks SA is the most beautiful, diverse and amazing country in the world. When Toby is not behind the lens of a camera, he can be found…

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it’s a love story ...

Seasonal produce has us longing for feel-good nutrition! We’re using fresh and local ingredients to whip up exciting dishes – from super-quick and easy midweek meals to snacks, salads and dreamy desserts. Our wine ed, Malu Lambert, picked the trendiest wines of the month and paired them with an array of delicious recipes on our website. Dinner for two – or a soirée with friends – has never looked this good! Sign up for our free weekly newsletter to be the first to know about exclusive online competitions, special reader offers and bonus recipes posted nowhere else but online! Experience UCOOK for yourself! Two readers will win a UCOOK Family Box each. Each box is filled with all of the ingredients to cook three meals for a family of four. Visit foodandhome.co.za to…

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dear food & home

I PINE FOR YOU! As I stood in “temptation aisle” in my local supermarket, sandwich in hand, I must have picked up half a dozen little treats along the way – most people in the queue did the same – reading labels, deciding if the peppermints were a need or a must-have... Proud to say, I put them all back. Then, as I got stuck in front of the F&HE October 2016 issue, I instinctively picked it up. I used to be a subscriber to health mags a few years ago, but it was just a ritual; I was so busy that they lay sealed in their plastic sleeves for a whole year and after a clean-out, I promised myself never to pick up another magazine again. I paged through hurriedly…

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win !

NEXT MONTH’S WINNING LETTER WILL RECEIVE A PHILIPS AVANCE JUICER, WORTH R2 400 The easy-to-use Philips Avance Juicer extracts up to 10% more juice than a regular juicer, thus offering more nutrition from the same amount of fresh produce. The juicer features QuickClean technology, allowing for hassle-free cleaning and prepping, making for a stress-free lifestyle at home and on the move. philips.co.za Email foodhome@caxton.co.zaand share your food experiences. F&HE reserves the right to edit letters and award prizes based on merit.…

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what we’re loving on

@cookieandkate Could there be any greater combination than wholesome “real” food and a pooch giving new meaning to the words “puppy eyes”? Kansas City resident, Kathryne Taylor reminds us that unconditional love can come from a four-legged furry friend. Her “mystery mutt”, Cookie, also the “chief crumb catcher”, makes friends wherever she goes by just being herself. @cleaneatz The love that Torontonians, best friends Greta Epstein and Jamie Milne, have for one another can only be topped by their shared passion for delicious and nutritious food. This mouth-watering gallery of all things good for you yet yummy gets even better with the girls’ very relatable pun: “Give up carbs? Over my bread body.” @dessertmasters Dessert is love and even the staunchest of no-sugar cynics will be dumbstruck by the works of art featured here. It’s…