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Food & Home Entertaining July 2018

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CAULIFLOWER VELOUTÉ WITH BRUSCHETTA Serves 4 – 6 EASY 1 hr WHAT YOU NEED 1 large cauliflower, cut into florets 30ml (2 tbsp) SPAR Extra Virgin Olive Oil SPAR Salt and freshly ground SPAR Black Pepper, to taste 45ml (3 tbsp) SPAR Salted Butter 1 onion, finely diced leaves of 2 fresh thyme sprigs 5ml (1 tsp) SPAR Dijon Mustard 750ml (3 cups) SPAR Chicken Flavour Stock, prepared according to packaging instructions 250ml (1 cup) SPAR Long Life Cream 10ml (2 tsp) SPAR Lemon Juice chopped fresh chives, to garnish bruschetta, to serve (optional) HOW TO DO IT 1 Preheat the oven to 180°C. Place the cauliflower on a roasting tray and drizzle with the olive oil. Season to taste. Roast in the preheated oven until the cauliflower is soft and cooked through, about 30…

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Jacques Pépin, an acclaimed French chef, once compiled an imagined Bastille Day menu in tribute to the late Julia Child, the woman who introduced French cuisine to America – or rather, decoded it. In Jacques’ words, Julia was “a missionary for good food for all… she was the most significant emissary for French cooking in the 20th century”. As I read these words, it struck me that Jacques could have bestowed this high praise on a fellow countryman – after all, it’s not as if France is short of home-grown chefs extraordinaire – but he chose to say this about an American. This got me pondering on other culinary maestros whose stellar careers were launched from the springboards of foreign cuisine… for instance, Elizabeth David, the late British cookery writer. Having…

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AN EASTER feast I get so thrilled when I receive my copy of Food & Home Entertaining every month. I am very passionate about cooking, and I love trying out new recipes. This Easter, I made the delicious Rooibos, honey and vanilla Easter cake with cream-cheese icing from the April 2018 issue. I only used one layer – which fed eight of us – and opted to freeze the rest for a rainy day. My favourite part was decorating the cake myself – it matched our table decor, which had pink hydrangeas. It was a hit, of course! Thank you for lighting up my day, F&HE . Your magazine is by far the best food publication in South Africa. Caryl Smith, Durban Caryl, we’re delighted that you made this cake with success!…

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The new Epicure range from Wüsthof takes the lightness of a Japanese knife and pairs it with the quality and safety of German design. Setting new standards in function and performance, the organic fibre and resin handle of the Wüsthof Epicure range combines the comfortable feel of wood with the robust properties of synthetic material. The shape of the handle is designed to fit the natural movement of the hand, providing an ideal grip. With the Wüsthof Epicure range, balance meets sustainability and precision. For more product details, visit wusthof.co.za.…

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When I saw the article on Afrikoa and Italian pastry chef Antonino Allegra in the April 2018 issue of Food & Home Entertaining , my heart just.... melted. Here is an Italian stallion who realised that Belgian and Swiss chocolates are getting global praise, while it is Tanzania, in Africa, that should be lauded for supplying the cocoa beans. He decided to do something about it – cutting out the middlemen to empower the farmers and create sustainable futures for all who are involved in this thriving industry. Back home, the diversity of his products caters for our rainbow nation, with halaal, kosher and vegan options included in his offerings. In the feature, his chocolate mousse cake Easter egg with its gold shimmer took my breath away. If it were…

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menu suggestions

Sunday lunch CAULIFLOWER SOUP PAGE 57 BOEUF BOURGUIGNON PAGE 94 VANILLA PANNA COTTA WITH STRAWBERRIES AND MERINGUE PAGE 67 PATIENCE What I especially love about these dishes is that you can make all three of them on Saturday and refrigerate overnight. This way, you’re stress-free on Sunday, with the whole day ahead of you to relax and spend quality time with friends and family. What a treat! vegetarian feast CHARGRILLED WINTER SALAD WITH HOLLANDAISE SAUCE PAGE 57 VEGETABLE QUICHE PAGE 45 ALMOND, COCONUT AND MACADAMIA BLISS BALLS PAGE 103 SAMANTHA A healthy menu that will keep you on track during the thick of winter – the quiche is packed with veggies and is absolutely delicious, while the winter salad is ideal to serve as a weekday meal. Be sure to make enough bliss balls to add to your lunch box for…