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Food & Home Entertaining May 2017

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embark on a foodie adventure with f & he and trasvel league

THE TRIP AT A GLANCE Eight days of pure gastronomic bliss | Departure date: Monday, 31 July 2017 Tour ends: Monday, 07 August 2017 | All flights, accommodation, meals as stipulated and transfers are included Here are just some of the highlights to look forward to… SIEM REAP, CAMBODIA • Dinner at Chanrey Tree restaurant serving traditional Khmer cuisine • A Cambodian cooking class • A visit to a farm to learn about dragon fruit. plus lunch at a Khmer house • Sunset cocktails and canapés on gondolas through the Angkor Archaeological Park • A sunrise tour to the Angkor Wat temple and the Ta Prohm temple SINGAPORE • A set lunch at the one-Michelin-starred restaurant. The Song of India • A visit to Chinatown. including a tasting at an authentic Chinese tea house • Exploring the local food market • A seafood…

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baking blind

The most difficult topics are the easiest for me to write about. While this may sound counter-intuitive, I’ve realised it makes perfect sense - when emotions run high, my fingers fly over the keyboard as I clatter out my feelings on a page. The particularly emotive subject of my late mom is no different. When it comes to my relationship with her, I think it's only fitting to describe it through a culinary analogy: that of baking, which is chemistry not only in the precise quantities required for a successful result, but in the interactions and reactions of the ingredients. Did I mention that unless your oven thermometer is perfectly calibrated too, you may never know why a recipe you followed to a “T” didn't turn out as it should? I…

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my find of the month

Just like my mom, I have an unabiding passion for beautiful crockery and flatware, much to the detriment of my bank account and cupboard space... the launch of the Haus range by Hertex marks this quality fabric brand’s extension to homeware, which their creative director and head homeware buyer, Katrin Herrmann-van Dyk says, “felt like a natural progression... considering our experience and influence in the industry”. Along with soft furnishings, rugs and occasional furniture comes this beautiful selection of organically inspired patterned bowls and servers, sleek flatware and linen napery. Prices range from R300 for napery; from R275 for mango wood serveware; R175 for mango wood salad servers; R350 for the marble serving board; from R550 for stainless steel flatware. The Haus collection is available at select Hertex showrooms. Call…

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our contributors

DR JACQUES VISSER Dr Visser is one of our vets of choice, and comes to the rescue with providing pet health advice and tips. “I qualified as a vet 18 years ago and have been working with cats and dogs ever since. My work is my passion; I like interacting with animals and people, and performing surgery. Married with two kids, six dogs and three cats, I basically just enjoy life!” A food trend I’m loving... is anything and everything spicy – Thai, Mexican, Indian... I’m looking forward to going to India at the end of the month. I’m welcoming winter by... spending time in my wine room with my favourite red Burgundies. Hot chocolate or a hot toddy? Neither! I go to Islay off the Scottish coast yearly and so, prefer whisky! MALU LAMBERT Our…

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dear food & home

Heartfelt gifts Thank you for the edible gift ideas in your December issue (pages 68 – 73). We decided to celebrate Christmas simply this year, with no bought gifts. And so, my mom’s famous recipe for chocolate caramel slices was a regular feature on my farm kitchen table in the days leading up to Christmas. Having grown up in Zimbabwe, I’ve come to value handmade gifts: jars of honey or platters of mince pies would be exchanged at church. This year, in a way, was no different – despite being far from home. A smoked gammon, from our very own sounder of swine, was sent over to a friend, and a basket overflowing with veggies and a delicious home-made braai sauce came back our way. I couldn’t help but smile –…

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what we’re loving on

@jannisescott1 She exists: a woman who makes “feeding a house full of hungry boys” look both easy and enjoyable! Torontonian mom, Jannise Scott celebrates family through home-cooked culinary magic. This is proof that, despite busy schedules, demanding work and teenagers with pre-established plans, a sit-down family dinner is possible. @babyfoode Welcome to kids’ food prep 101! If you’ve ever needed a comprehensive game plan for preparing everything from baby purées and muffins, to full family meals, self-proclaimed “control freak” Michele Olivier has you covered. This Colorado-based mom of two girls is the last word when it comes to high-standard lunch box creativity. @leesamantha Malaysian mother, Samantha Lee has two daughters and is determined to make food tell a story, and these plates do: the tale of her artistic aptitude and devotion to unique, entertaining edible…