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Food & Home Entertaining November 2017

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food&home food meander with water corner

Indulge in an evening of delectable wining and dining in the heart of Gauteng. Welcoming warm summer nights, we are heading off to the pristine and upmarket Waterfall Corner this November for a host of diverse culinary excursions – each tailor-made to suit a different menu profile. Come and join us for a fun evening out on the town, exploring our way through four menu selections – one course at a time. It’s going to be delicious! Waterfall Corner, situated on the corners of Woodmead- and Waterfall Drive, is perfectly positioned at the gateway to the Waterfall City precinct in Midrand, Gauteng. Waterfall Corner features a piazza at its heart – a vibrant space buzzing with activity, creating a familyorientated shopping-, gastronomic- and relaxation destination. The centre is anchored by Checkers,…

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come and join us!

DATE: Tuesday, 7 November 2017 TIME: Registration from 5pm; the Food Meander starts at 6pm DRESS: Smart-casual COST: R360 per person, which includes welcome drinks, a palate cleanser, three-course dinner, sweet take-me-home treat, select wines from Boland Cellar and a goodie bag. VENUE: Waterfall Corner Shopping Centre, corner Woodmead- and Waterfall Drive, Midrand. Registration to take place at Life Grand Café. HOW TO BOOK Visit caxtonevents.co.za. When booking, please indicate which menu group (alongside) you would like to join. TERMS AND CONDITIONS Payment to be made within 24 hours of booking. Reservations confirmed only once payment has been received in full. A 30% cancellation fee applies. Tickets are limited (120 in total), cannot be reserved and will be sold on a firstcome, first-serve basis to the first 40 readers who book for each menu group. Travel to and…

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alphabet soup

It occurred to me the other day that November is the only month featured in the phonetic alphabet. In trying to find out why, I discovered that this universal spelling tool originally began not with Alpha and Bravo but Apples and Butter... Well, that was all I needed to start dreaming up the rest of what a culinary phonetic alphabet should be made of! Suffice to say a good part of the next hour was spent grappling with very important decisions like whether peach or plum should win position “P” and if sage or salt was more deserving of the “S” spot. When it came to “V”, however, this particular carnivore surprised herself when “vegan” sprang to mind before “venison”. Yes, whatever your dietary persuasion, veganism is a buzzword that’s getting louder…

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my find of the month

Cape-based Geometric Drinks Company – which derives its name from the duality of structure and nature – has introduced, along with its Cape Dry Gin, the Symmetry Botanical Tonic range. A collection of three varietals, namely Citrus, Spice and Floral, the tonics’ flavour profiles are inspired by the company’s vision of three dominant profiles of gin: citrus for the heavily aromatic, rounder gins; floral for the New World, juniper-shy aromatic gins; and spice for the more traditional earthy, juniper-driven gins. Simply pasteurised, Symmetry Botanical Tonics are produced in their true concentrated form: made from whole botanicals, quinine extracted from cinchona bark, no added preservatives and a quarter of the sugar content of regular tonic water. Not just mixers, each tonic’s recipe is designed to be appreciated on its own as…

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our contributors

BRUCE TUCK A Cape-based photographer, Bruce regularly photographs our restaurant profile features. ''Although I've spent several years shooting almost exclusively - studio-based work, I now specialise mainly in food, lifestyle and interiors, which affords me the exciting opportunities to work in different and interesting locations, and with new faces." Stanford (page 82) is a very relaxed little town with a diverse selection of intriguing eateries and producers. I had a great time on this trip, getting to meet a few of the locals, while exploring. November is the month for planning year-end road trips across the country! KAMANEE GOVENDER Kamanee is a freelance writer whose fingers have tapped across keyboards all over the country. "My passion for food lies in the memories it creates. For me, good food has always been about good times. /love…

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dear food & home

F&HE TO THE RESCUE! At the ripe age of 71, having brought up three children and three grandchildren, I think I’ve become a reasonably accomplished cook, with recipes ranging from the late 1960s to the present. It’s been interesting to see how cooking styles have changed with new and innovative methods. Where, oh where, were TV and all the fabulous cooking demonstrations when I was young? I had to learn (like many others) by turning to my mom and mom in law, who were always there to help. Being South African and not familiar with English staples, my first Yorkshire pudding attempt, requested by my late British husband, resembled a sponge cake much to his amusement, which fortunately for him (and me) he kept to himself at the time. When my…