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to your health

DINNERS UNDER 500 CALORIES One More Reason to Get More Sleep A solid night’s sleep could be good for your gut: Researchers from Nova Southeastern University found that study participants who slept well had a healthier mix of gut bacteria. If you can’t always get the recommended eight hours, be sure to eat foods that promote gut health, like the lentil salad on page 73. Eat for Your A recent study from the American Heart Association and the CDC found that for every 5 percent increase in calories a person consumed from ultra-processed foods (like soft drinks and packaged snacks), there was a corresponding decrease in overall cardiovascular health. Eat more fresh produce instead: Check out our special spring veggie section on page 43. Looking Good Get clear glowing skin with…asparagus! It’s packed with vitamin A,…

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star search

We asked the stars: What’s your favorite way to reuse kitchen scraps? Kids Cookbook Giveaway! Our first cookbook for kids is coming—and you could win a free copy. Enter for a chance to win one at foodnetmag.com/kidscookbook or preorder a copy now: It’s just $20, and it’s packed with more than 150 recipes, plus food trivia, tips and tricks, quizzes, coloring pages and more! NO PURCHASE NECESSARYTO ENTER OR WIN. Food Network Magazine Big, Fun Kids Cookbook Sweepstakes. Sponsored by Hearst Magazine Media, Inc. Beginning February 7, 2020, at 12:01 a.m. ET, through April 1, 2020, at 11:59 p.m. ET, go to foodnetmag.com/kidscookbook on a computer or wireless device and complete and submit the entry form pursuant to the on-screen instructions. Twenty-five (25) winners will each receive one (1) Food Network Magazine Big,…

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under cover

it’s sort of an old magazine-industry rule that you’re supposed to keep your cover under wraps until the issue hits the newsstand—one, because you want it to be a surprise to readers, and two, because you don’t want your competitors to know what’s coming. When I was working on the first issue of this magazine in 2008, I shared a floor with editors from Seventeen, and they came to me in a panic one day because the secret winner of America’s Next Top Model was coming in—they were worried I’d find out who she was. Meanwhile, all I could think was, “OMG, get out of my office before you see my first cover!” This sounds ridiculous, but we treated some of our early cover shoots like covert military operations: We once papered…

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the goods

Silicone Tip Stainless Steel Straw Set with Brush, $12.99 Restaurants across the country are going green (see page 106)—and you should, too! Blue Cantina 4-Piece Highball Glass Set, $29.99 These glasses add a pop of color to the table on page 84. And they’re on-trend: Classic Blue is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2020. Digital Conversion Kitchen Scale, $19.99 Every cook needs a good scale. Go to page 32 to see which chefs swear by weighing ingredients. 17-inch Nonstick Roaster with Rack, $39.99 Upgrade your roasting pan before Easter, then use it to make the spring chicken on page 88. Reversible Farmhouse Stripe Placemat, $7.99 Use the striped side for brunch, like we did on page 84, then flip it over and use the patterned side for dinner! Farmhouse Table Runner, $39.99 This rustic fringe runner is the perfect look…

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in the know

Cool Beans Add jelly beans to the list of fun ways to get your CBD. David Klein, who invented Jelly Bellys in the 1970s, has created jelly beans that each contain 10 milligrams of the popular cannabis compound; they’re sold by his new company, Spectrum Confections. The FDA still does not consider CBD safe (in fact, it’s technically illegal in food and drink), but the products keep coming. Look for CBD-infused energy drinks, macaroni and cheese, and cold brew this year, and maybe even a Ben & Jerry’s pint. The company says it’ll consider adding an ice cream with CBD to its lineup as soon as the stuff is approved at the federal level. PHOTO: RALPH SMITH; FOOD STYLING: ADRIENNE ANDERSON.…

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food news

Candy Comeback Good news for fans of Mary Janes: The old-fashioned peanut butter and molasses chews, which have been around (and virtually unchanged) for more than 100 years, were at risk of disappearing forever when the Necco candy factory shut down in 2018. But Texas-based Atkinson Candy Company is relaunching the candy this spring, with an updated wrapper. Even traditionalists will appreciate the new twisted ends: The old wrapper was notoriously difficult to open. HERE TODAY… A new kind of grocery store lets you shop in person for the popular drinks and snacks you see all over Instagram—and like most trendy things, the place will be gone before you know it. Pop Up Grocer is a traveling market, so after a month in one city, the team packs up its ancient grain chips,…