Giuliana Ricama

No. 44 - January/February 2022

Giuliana Ricama is the richest and most beautiful bimonthly embroidery magazine in Italy. We have an incredible tradition of embroidery. We use many different techniques and stitches but not only for embroidery but also for bobbin lace and needle lace. The magazine promotes everything from the most classic and traditional stitches to modern styles. You will find simple projects but also more complex ones so the magazine has something for everyone. All of this is possible thanks to the Italian Embroidery Schools who constantly work with us. Each issue is dedicated to drawings, patterns and explanations but these are organized differently to what you are used to in the sense that we leave more to your imaginations, we encourage you to be creative and to take a risk. If you try you will see that you may find it more enjoyable to approach embroidery from this different perspective.

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Dear friends, As the New Year ticked on, we stopped to reflect briefly about time, and the cycles that open and close in a constant evolution in which we are protagonists, in our own roles within society. A new year means thinking about new contents, new forms of collaboration, and new paths to take in order to grow. And yet, returning to the ancient philosophical debate, one wonders whether time really corresponds to the interpretative model of cyclical time or that of linear time. Cyclical time is a characteristic conception of ancient thought and is represented as a wheel. Everything that happens is repeated in an incessant circularity in the same way according to some theories, and in an always different way according to others. The linear view, more widespread in the Western world,…

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corporazione delle arti

Curated by: Adriana Armanni President of Corporazione delle Arti And Gisella Tamagno - Vice president FB: corporazionedelleartiYouTube: Corporazione delle Arti #groupvalue Let’s start this article with the hashtag with which we ended our piece on the previous issue of Giuliana Ricama. We don’t want to repeat ourselves and be boring. We are not short of arguments, but as they say, we want to “strike while the iron is hot.” The Corporation’s objectives achieved to date are the result of commitment, perseverance, in-depth analysis of problems, widespread information, contacts, plenty of time dedicated with pleasure and enthusiasm and, why deny it, even effort and anxiety. Everything testifies to the fact that we have been right all along, up to now. We knew that Thread Arts could very soon come to a crossroad. On the one hand, it…

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embroidery time

Take your time… For lovers of herbal teas, barley coffee or American coffee, and those who love to enjoy these drinks in a mug (that is not accompanied by a saucer) and do not want to leave halos on the table, here is a cheerful item that is easy to make. Materials Yellow, acid green and white felt, acid green cotton fabric, bristol cardboard, DMC mouliné thread in orange 970, green 3812, gray 535, thin white thread, needle with tip, carbon paper, pins. Stitches Stem st., whipped chain st., daisy st., knot st., running st., blanket st. Mug Rug 6 new fresh and original projects, the nice Mug rug with the acronyms of new languages, affirmations, neologisms. BFF = BEST FRIENDS FOREVER EMBROIDERY The measurements of the finished work are 14x14 cm. Draw the shapes of the hearts and the…

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white festival

RELEVANT INFORMATION “I Ricami di Mara” Association Ref.: Silvana Macchioni C/o Circolo Albero D’oro, Via Refice 23 41049 Sassuolo (MO) phone.: +39 335 685 0314 web site: Silvana, opened the doors and … the drawers of her house for us so we could admire these wonders, done by her and the students of the Association, who with great constancy and commitment continue to embroider flawlessly under the guidance and advice of Silvana and Lorella. These are all very important jobs which require many hours of work, cilaos threadworks and compound designs, including cutwork and fillings with classic stitches. In this article there are two works, one with a central Cilaos threadwork, the other here aside with a cutwork motif and classic stitches. Below are a pair of curtains with simple threads and a central cutwork motif with embroidered…

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not just punto antico

RELEVANT INFORMATION “Il Punto Antico” Association Via Guardia Nazionale, 17 S. Giovanni in Persiceto (BO) For more information write to: phone: +39 334 1141815 Web site: In the beating heart of San Giovanni in Persiceto, Bologna, this embroidery school offers several formulas for embroidery courses. There are two cycles of courses during the year, which start in January and September. Traditional courses last an average of 20 hours and have different schedules. Weekly courses consist of 10 lessons of two hours each or fortnightly courses of six lessons of 3.5 hours each. They also offer mini-courses in three lessons or intensive courses of one or more days. On the website, you will find the places, dates and times for the courses offered.…

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spool of pulled threads samples

RELEVANT INFORMATION “Il Filo che Conta” Association Ref. Maria Rita Faleri Via Salette 107 Fermo (63900) Phone: +39 338 243 4191 The proposal of Maria Rita combines business with pleasure. The “Sampler” with an unusual shape, uses perhaps leftover scraps of fabric from larger pieces. Imagination is not lacking and with it is collaboration; the wooden spool was specially made by … just to give a new shape and a new life to this embroidered linen strip, which thus becomes an original doily or piece of furnishing.…