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GLAMOUR South Africa

May/June 2020

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celebrating life

I’m writing this letter on the 11th day of the 21-day national lockdown to help slow down the spread of the coronavirus. even though work’s keeping me busy, days seem to drag and my anxiety’s rising. The world outside my window looks foreign, empty, and life as we know it is changing rapidly. As reported on the news, the COVID-19 body count continues to rise worldwide as leaders grapple with our new reality, saving lives and their free-falling economies. it’ll go down in history as the disease that changed how we interact with each other and technology. coronavirus has forced us to slow down and reset, and somewhat renewed nature. As we ease back into everyday life, let’s carry this devastating outbreak as a reminder of how resilient we are. “Coronavirus has…

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new hue

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the art of beauty

Glamour: Tell us more about your life as a fine artist. How and when did it all begin? Nabeeha Mohamed: I studied at the Michaelis School of Fine Art. After I graduated, I took a break for a few years, during which time I did a variety of different jobs, including waitressing, working at our family business and starting a locally produced clothing line, Meso. I started painting again in my spare time around two years ago and began a relationship with SMITH, participating in a few of their group shows. A little over a year ago, we decided it was time for my first solo show, which opened in February 2020. Glamour: As an artist, what’s your definition of beauty? NM: I often think of a video I watched at a retrospective…

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forever young

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fashion radar?

THE ONE TO WATCH Textile designer Sindiso Khumalo is on the shortlist for the 2020 LVMH prize. Her sustainable collections are hand-designed through collages and watercolours and draw on her Zulu and Ndebele heritage. @sindisokhumalo THE COLLAB Raf Simons joins Prada as co-creative director. He’ll be designing alongside Miuccia Prada. They’ll reveal their work at the Spring/Summer 2020/2021 Womenswear Show in Milan this September. @rafsimons THE APP Fancy yourself as a fashion stylist? Why not try Drest, the new gaming app designed by former Porter editor Lucy Yeomans that allows its users to style avatars. If you happen to love any of the pieces, you can shop for them directly on the e-commerce fashion website, Farfetch. @drest THE COLLECTION The Lalela Scarf’s new 2020 Winter collection blurs the line between fashion and fine art. It’s designed by at-risk youths in…

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industrial revolution

If you were to picture a family-run, sustainably minded fashion business, Alyx mightn’t be the first to come to mind. A streetwear-inflected take on industrial aesthetics, complete with fetishistic hardware and nylon chest-rigs, Matthew Williams’s cult brand has all the signifiers of subcultural cool. And he, dressed in leathers, sutured with piercings and covered in tattoos, surrounded by fans and friends from the Hadids to Skepta, appears its perfect ambassador. But Matthew exists worlds away from icy impenetrability, and through his brand – named after his eldest daughter with wife and business partner Jennifer – he’s built a community-oriented business that’s determinedly inclusive. “I come from streetwear, and that’s what streetwear is: a place where you gravitate towards a like-minded group of people,” says the softly spoken and sweet-natured designer. Matthew’s…