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rebel with a cause

In order to be a disruptor in today’s evolving world, you can’t be afraid to take risks. Performer and actress Janelle Monáe doesn’t strike me as one who isn’t afraid of taking risks. A true example of someone who has completely turned her industry on its head, whatever Janelle touches has everything to do with stepping outside the box, from branding herself a human android to her futuristic sound and choice of film roles. Some of the best innovators and disruptors in the world have passion, tenacity and vision. Kara Goldin, CEO and founder of Hint, an unsweetened flavoured water brand, writes, “You have to be ready to follow through after you’ve created a disruption and continue to think within that mindset throughout your entire career.” Inside, we’ve featured some remarkable…

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this month on glamour.co.za

Discover singer, actress and activist Janelle Monáe in ways you’ve never seen her before. From Manthe Ribane to Sho Madjozi, see all the women disrupting the status quo in their industries. Empire, Hidden Figures, Baby Boy… we track some of our favourites films and TV shows featuring Taraji P Henson. Korean beauty trends are taking over our feeds – and our vanities. See all the treatments you need to attempt this year. Embracing your natural hair? Make the transition simple with all the expert tips you need to know first. GlamourSouthAfrica glamour_sa glamour_sa PHOTOGRAPHY: Danielle Levitt, Instagram/Manthe Ribane, Micaiah…

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what’s on our fashion radar?

ASHA ELEVEN Cape Town-based clothing brand Asha Eleven sets out to inspire and be inspired through sustainability and social empowerment. With the use of abstract prints and bold colours, Asha Eleven gives us pieces that really make a statement. VIRTUE SA Designer Zanhri Gertse creates oversized, easy-to-wear silhouettes in fresh, pastel tones made for the gender-neutral generation. LUCY-ROSE CURRIE Tackling the false realities we see on social media through fun illustrations, Lucy-Rose Currie is encouraging a movement to love our bodies for what they are. For more info, follow @lucyrosecurrie on Insta. KOEKSUSTER Koeksuster is not only aiming to sell intimate garments, but also an idea. Being a platform to create and curate content, as well as an online store, Koeksuster is all about celebrating all things feminism. BRONZED BASKET A local brand celebrating the art of African weaving, every…

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how fashion got funny

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Fashion. Yes, the industry that takes itself seriously is shedding the pout in favour of a smile. From communicating via memes and statement shirts to flamingo motifs, the mood is lightening up. Wit, of course, is different to comedy. Unlike Charlie Chaplin slipping on a banana peel, wit is more comfortable with the connection of two previously unjoined dots. Think a practical straw hat with Angry Birds features (Crystal Birch) or built-for-purpose cycling shorts under ballgowns (Saint Laurent). These become a wry commentary on how we consume fashion today – scrolling feeds on screens. Vying for our attention as we scroll, designers are dying for us to be arrested by creations that initially baffle us and then cause us to raise an eyebrow. These are clothes that…

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busy signals

HAIR AND MAKEUP: Shahnaz Cola Wrensch at Supernova Creative Management MODELS: Anoushka Ladewig at Boss Models, Nneoma Anosike at BossModels, Joshua Boulton at Boss Models PHOTOGRAPHER’S ASSISTANT: Stefan Venter FASHION EDITOR: Mira Leibowitz FASHION INTERN: Amber Bierman…

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frill seekers

HAIR: Akki Shirakawa at Art Partner MAKEUP: Dick Page at Statement Artists MODELS: Rianne van Rompaey at DNA Models, Adwoa Aboah at DNA Models WORDS BY: Tumi Moletsane…