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Go! Drive & Camp August 2019

A 132-page lifestyle magazine for campers, caravan and 4x4 enthusiasts and adventure travellers.

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the importance of a vacation

This small deviation on your life route, even if it happens rarely, makes that home-school-work monotony more than worth it We joined a group of friends on a getaway during the past winter holidays. While waiting for our meal in a restaurant in a coastal village marina, one of them perfectly summed up the value of travelling, without really intending to do so. Mike took a deep sip of his draught, wiped the froth from his upper lip with the back of his hand, and pondered how our lives would look if we were to mark it as GPS coordinates on a map. “For the most part, there are actually only three points you would mark,” he said. “It’s the monotonous route we drive every day. From home to school to…

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winning letter

Danie wins a cooler bag worth R220. Whether you’re a camper, fisherman, or sports fan next to a cricket pitch; this cooler bag has room for a lunch box and a 1,5 ℓ cool drink bottle. The lid also has space for a coffee flask. The interior is lined with PVC, which makes it easy to keep this bag clean and hygenic. The bag has a short strap that reaches over the top and attaches with a Velcro strip, and also a longer shoulder strap if you’re going to carry it over longer distances. It’s an ideal picnic accessory or a padkos bag for a road trip.…

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Keep an eye on the scale... I want to advise fellow travellers to weigh their vehicles, especially to make sure you don’t overload your vehicle. I recently stopped at a weighbridge and was rather disillusioned about how limited you are with the weight you can load. I have a 2013 Toyota Fortuner 4.0 V6, and according to the license disc, the tare weight is 1 850 kg and the gross vehicle mass (GVM) is 2 510 kg. According to these figures (if you subtract them from each other) I can load 660 kg. On the scale, the Fortuner weighs 2 180 kg; it is 330 kg heavier than the license disc says. Included is me (90 kg), a full tank of fuel (80 ℓ, weighing about 62 kg), two extra batteries (about…

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facebook comments

Emile Viljoen Most road caravans have very little space for extra cargo. It’s typically about 150 kg, which is enough for a spare wheel and tent. Anything more than that and the caravan is overloaded. That’s where an off-road camping trailer is better: mine weighs 840 kg and I can load it to 1 600 kg. Ben Visagie We shouldn’t overload our caravans. Take less. Most of the stuff in an overloaded caravan is never used. It is superfluous in any case. As far as possible, buy your meat where you are going on holiday. This way you give something back to the area where you spend your holiday. I think any overloaded vehicle is a danger to the driver and to other road users. Frikkie Botha If I remember correctly, the traffic people sent…

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birds of a feather…

An eye for an eye He earns his bread and butter by taking tourists to places such as the Kruger National Park and the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, and Pieter Venter from Sandton won’t pass up on an opportunity to shoot a raptor next to the road. “This bateleur eagle was sitting next to the road when I shot this pic. It was on the Biyamiti loop between Skukuza and Malelane in the Kruger National Park, and he went to sit in a tree about 20 m from us. We probably watched him for half an hour before leaving. He stayed seated.” You don’t often get the opportunity to view one of the most beautiful raptors in the country up close. Pieter tightens the frame around the bird’s head, and you can only see…

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send us your pictures

and we might publish them here. We’re not looking for traditional “prize winners”, just regular pics that you love. Think of the type of pic you’d use as your Facebook cover photo; or something charming, such as kids warming their hands over a campfire. Whether the pic was taken with an expensive DSLR camera or a run-of-the-mill cellphone, if it’s good enough for your family photo album it’s good enough for us. PIETER VENTER wins a go! Drive & Camp camera bag worth R520 with his photo – congratulations, Pieter! Send your photos and contact details to leon.botha@media24.com…