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Go! Drive & Camp March 2020

A 132-page lifestyle magazine for campers, caravan and 4x4 enthusiasts and adventure travellers.

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the relentless march

Just the other day, I heard someone say that when he thinks back to 20 years ago, the 80s come to mind. It was a bit of a shock when he realised that the new millennium had dawned 20 years ago. You suddenly feel markedly older when you realise the movie Gladiator is 20 years old this year. And it’s also been two decades since the police in India accused Hansie Cronje of fixing cricket matches. Bill Clinton was the US president and Tony Blair the premier of the UK. I don’t know whether or not this will help you feel better, but Russia still has the same president as 20 years ago. Vladimir Putin is clearly not that easy to vote out of office… Time seems to speed up, and that’s why…

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winning letter

Ulrich and Wilna wins a cooler bag worth R220. Whether you’re a camper, fisherman, or sports fan next to a cricket pitch; this cooler bag has room for luch box and a 1,5 ℓ cool drink bottle. The lid also has space for a coffee flask. The interior is lined with PVC, which makes it easy to keep this bag clean and hygenic. The bag has a short strap that reaches over the top and attaches with a Velcro strip, and also a longer shoulder strap if you’re going to carry it over longer distances. It’s an ideal picnic accessory or a padkos bag for a road trip. winkel.weg.co.za…

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Camping is king! Three years ago we decided to bid farewell to holidays in chalets and start camping in tents instead. Today I can say with great confidence that it was the right decision. Everybody gets something else out of camping, and the same goes for my family – my wife, Wilna, and our children, Teagan and Aiden. Communication is one of the major obstacles in marriage. Wilna and I had an ongoing disagreement on how and where the tent should be pitched. One year while we were making camp, our neighbour walked over and gave us his business card. He was a lawyer and probably thought setting up camp was going to break our marriage. Today, though, we pitch the perfect camp with a smile. But the campsite is full of other good…

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SEND YOUR PICTURES and we might publish them here. We’re not looking for traditional “prize winners”, just regular pics that you love. Think of the type of pic you’d use as your Facebook cover photo; or something charming, such as kids warming their hands over a campfire. Whether the pic was taken with an expensive DSLR camera or a run-of-the-mill cellphone, if it’s good enough for your family photo album it’s good enough for us. Anton Truter wins a Drive & Camp camera bag worth R520 with his photo – congratulations, Anton! Send your photos and contact details to leon.botha@media24.com Round and round After he and his family had travelled all the way from Mooinooi to the Cape, Anton Truter wouldn’t let an amazing photo opportunity slip through his fingers. “In October last year we…

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old landies come together

Owners of Land Rover Series 1, 2 and 3 and others with leaf springs are gearing up for the LR Series festival at Rust de Winter’s ATV site in April. Land Rover Series owners will stay in a special Series campsite where like-minded owners can get to know one another, compare vehicles and swap adventure stories around a campfire. The festival starts on Friday and carries on until Monday morning, and activities include rides in old Land Rovers and all manner of games. There will also be food stalls, a swimming pool and playground for children. An exhibition arena will be open all weekend where visitors can view unique products as well as the range of Landie services on offer. Land Rover Series owners who wish to participate pay R500 per vehicle…

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unimog reaches new heights

Mercedes-Benz recently broke a record as the manufacturer that has reached the highest altitude above sea level yet with a motor vehicle. Two Unimog U 5023s reached the crater rim of the Ojos del Salado volcano in Chile – an altitude of 6 694 m above sea level. The main purpose of the expedition, led by Matthias Jeschke, wasn’t to break records, but to bring 10 engineers to the crater’s rim where they could set up four radios to enable improved communication between emergency rescue services. The new record improves upon the previous 6 688 m set by the Chileans Gonzalo Bravo and Eduardo Canales on 21 April 2007 with their modified 1986 Suzuki Samurai, also on the slopes of Ojos Del Salado. This volcano is 800 m higher than Africa’s Mount…